07 July 2020

KingCast Sees Judge Wade Padgett Violate First Amendment, Georgia & ADA Law in Bogus VA Whistleblower Criminal Case.

A reporter -- Sandy Hodson and the Augusta Chronicle -- are  being sued for basically being shills for the corrupt VA because she is helping them to criminalize whistleblowers like Jeffrey Blochowicz. 

She never even attempts to contact the whistleblowers while putting at least one of them in a very negative False Light... so much so that police protection was called for him because she helped make it appear that he was a violent white man who harmed a black man in the wake of the Gregory Floyd tragedy. The case never should have even happened for lack of subject matter jurisdiction, lack of proof on the merits, and many other reasons but the punk Defense Lawyer Hank Crane FINALLY --- after much pressure -- filed a Speedy Trial Motion to Dismiss. The kicker is that this case has been sitting like the stale turd that it really is... for years already. Crane didn't do shit until a number of us directly confronted him because his ass is part of La Machine as well. Tsk, Tsk.....

Folks are working on the lawsuit now and I can't wait to see their final product so I can post it here.


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