22 May 2020

KingCast Says Jeffrey Blochowicz is Yet Another Falsely Criminalized VA Whistleblower.

Scapegoated and Gaslighted.... Just like Robert and Margaret Sue Bozgoz (in litigation) and Jamie Fox (litigation settled). More on this over the weekend but for now I find it interesting that Mr. Blochowicz's own lawyer allegedly has not filed a formal Motion to Dismiss these bogus charges. 

Then when I called him he refused to call me back but did spent some time checking on my blog, fascinating. Meanwhile the Talk of the Town is that they are going to "Dead Docket" it, which is basically a nolle prosequi, meaning the State could theoretically come back after him with this bogus patient abuse case indefinitely. I have a similar bullshit thing in my background too. The cop and the prosecutor were both dirty AF and got shit-canned, fact. It's like a badge of honor. Or just a bullshit abuse of power and a waste of taxpayer and judicial resources, not to mention a relentless tool of oppression.

Curiously, his attorney -- see below -- reportedly has a penchant for telling Mr. Blochowicz that he has to get his wife in check or else he will quit representing him. She's no dummy though, in fact I believe she is a Doctor or holds a Doctorate Degree right. And more importantly on this case her opinions are spot on.

And from what I understand, said lawyer never filed a Motion to Dismiss of any kind. A lawyer has a duty to zealously represent a client within the bounds of the law, and a minimal thing to do in this situation would be to file some type of Dispositive Motion.  I'll check to see what they call such a Motion in Georgia. Wait for it.

Anyway I made some calls, taped some calls. 
The American Public is the benefactor, I guess. More like the fleeced. Folks in VA are are watching. The first hit seems to have originated from Attorney Hank Crane. He promises to fight for you. Really.

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