01 March 2020

KingCast Watches Bozgoz VA Whistleblower Defendants Scatter Like Cockroaches: Is Robert Wilkie Next?

More background on Amy Berman Jackson vis a vis Big Pharma and Prince Harry, etc.

We start with my last post and video about the Voncelle James Courtroom Debacle for which I still owe the Judge a former Bar Complaint for trying to protect the VA from exposure of its dirt. It's coming. Meanwhile Y'all remember Whistleblower Jamie Fox from my early posts about the Robert Bozgoz Whistleblower situation right? Back when I told you that the VA must fire Robert Bozgoz's boss Voncelle James I told you that the VA, operating under Robert Wilkie's predecessor James Shulkin and his predecessor Bob McDonald gaslighted her and tried to have her involuntarily committed and criminalized her. Says Fox:

"My privacy violations started in July 2017 when Wilkie took over. I was involuntarily committed for 46 hours starting on Oct 24 2018." 
Well they lost their attack and her case settled. This week she just wrote a global email referencing the Bozgoz Family and me. Further, as it turns out there is an active lawsuit (Direct link to American Oversight and Democracy Forward Foundation v. U.S. V.A. & Robert Wilkie, DC List  19-CV-2519) for failing to turn over Shulkin emails to and from the "Mar-a-Lago" Crowd and yet we wonder why the newly-established Whistleblower Office within the VA is actually a filter to spot, net and fire Whistleblowers under the Trump - #45 Administration.
What does the VA do when Whistleblowers expose the corrupt? The Corrupt get scattering like cockroaches, that's what happens.

Deputy Secretary James Byrne got the hook a month ago. On 5 Feb Wilkie fired James Byrne. They asked him to resign. He said no. They had to get security to walk him out of the building. Wilkie said he simply lost confidence in him. Byrne is the same person who ordered Voncelle to order Robert back to work against his dr orders. He also run ORM retaliatory game. He is the strategic planner. 

Alan Burch's Supervising Attorney Jessie Liu took a hike.

Voncelle James took a powder and is now stationed in Operations as of 21 Jan after it is reported that she was shredding papers a month earlier. Too late honey must of that stuff is indelibly-placed on computer files anyway. Nobody knows what the hell she is doing.
And last but not least Scuttlebutt has it that Robert Wilkie is on his way out as well, potentially because of the above-referenced lawsuit. At least he would have just about quadrupled Shulkin's reign of five -- count 'em -- 5 months. The VA is fundamentally flawed internally and on the client side as this 2014 Editorial "How Veterans Can Fight Back Against VA Abuse."

But now keep in mind it's not just partisan politics here. Remember Democrat Judge Amy Berman Jackson is in bed with Big Pharma and Prince Harry and the Invictus Games, etc. They are getting tax dollars by using veterans and wounded warriors. They exploit them through the wounded warrior and Invictus games. The main sponsors are hidden, such as JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, and of course The Good Judge and her pals have hidden stock as I have noted in this post and video to Tucker Carlson.

  Washington, DC— Today, Democracy Forward and American Oversight sued Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie for failing to recover and preserve emails his predecessor, David Shulkin, sent from a personal account used to conduct government business with outside advisors. Shulkin specifically created this private email account to shield his discussions of VA business with the “Mar-a-Lago Crowd”— three individuals tied to President Donald Trump’s private Florida club who have advised the VA in violation of federal law as the suit alleges. 

The Federal Records Act requires the preservation of all agency records, and failure to do so violates the law. In April and May, respectively, Democracy Forward and American Oversight issued letters to Secretary Wilkie putting him on notice of these violations and demanding that he take action to comply with the law. Today’s filingcomes after Secretary Wilkie failed to act. 

 “The Trump administration can’t hide how deep the Mar-a-Lago Crowd’s influence ran at the top levels of the VA by ignoring the law,” said Democracy Forward Executive Director Anne Harkavy. “Business done in the name of the American people is government business, and has to be preserved by the government, even if it’s conducted through private email.”  “Members of the Trump administration have routinely used private email and backchannels to conceal their work from scrutiny,” said Executive Director of American Oversight, Austin Evers. “The VA has an obligation to recover Secretary Shulkin’s emails to determine what he tried to keep out of the public eye.”

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