14 November 2019

KingCast Sees New York Life Slammed on Racism Lawsuit in Boston Federal Court Today: I Told You So.

New York Life is appealing this. Wow. Anything they can do to fight this guy and the others, they will do. The primary issue is that they used Fraudulent documents to fight Ketler Bossé's EEOC/Civil Rights Complaint. And there is more. Much More. Federal Mediation Hearing 2 January 2019. I just might be there. Stay tuned.
Just the facts:

Ketler Bossé (EEOC #6D-2016-00110) 
Jon Sugick, 2017-CV-10211 (ED Mich)
Eugene Mitchell 2017-CV-1200 (SDNY) 
Clifford Marks 18-cv-00327 Burns v. NY Life 97-CV-04559 
Bent v. NYLife 98-CV-00887 

Sugick ordered to Arbitration. 
Mitchell settled. 
Marks in settlement 18 Nov. 

Ketler Bossé EEOC #6D-2016-00110, 1:19-cv-00016 (2019). 
I'll post the full Decision soon or you can pay for it yourself right here

Wednesday, November 13, 2019 
23 pgs order 
Order on Motion to Dismiss Wed 4:08 PM ORDER denying 9 Motion to Dismiss or, in the Alternative, Stay Proceedings and Compel Arbitration. For the foregoing reasons, as well as those stated in plaintiff's briefing, defendants' motion to compel arbitration, and stay these proceedings (document no. 9) is DENIED, and defendants' motion to dismiss (document no. 9) is DENIED. 
So Ordered by Judge Steven J. McAuliffe. Answer Follow Up on 11/27/2019. (lw)

Here's your back story about the Moulinyan Moment that this man had to deal with. 

These racists took a beat down today and I love it. Many years ago I was a Plaintiff against American Tower Corporation and an European white girl and I fought for Justice in a neighboring New England Courthouse. I can't speak to the outcome but I can tell you that the DOL socked them for some decent pocket change because of a letter that I personally wrote on behalf of my trainees... and most of them were white, BTW so there was plenty of corporate abuse to go around. 

As usual, I was the only one this case for YEARS. Eugene Mitchell's case settled last year, fact. And let's not forget about Jon Sugick and Clifford Marks' cases either. Read the lawsuit I'll update you soon.

Racist and otherwise abusive corporate entities such as Facebook are not good for this Country.  I can't wait for the Jury Trial if NYLife dares to go there because I will be planted up outside that Courthouse with my favorite Zeiss lens and my trusty old Canon to ask a few questions of Counsel and witnesses that's much is certain.

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