09 November 2019

A Veterans' Day Open Letter to Tucker Carlson on Veterans Abuse by Corrupt Judge Amy Berman Jackson.

Dear Messrs Carlson and Hoft:

I read your coverage with rapt interest.

Amy Berman Jackson (and two other Judges) have all been complicit in covering up VA Whistleblower abuse to an extent that it violates any and all notions of fairness. She held pecuniary interests that may have required for recusal and still refuses to be forthright about those, as some of our videos and the Bozgoz family Court filings have clearly shown. But she refuses to deny them or to say what her current financials are. She just stated "those are old and unverified."

Meanwhile, a whistleblower who has survived and settled her case with the VA after being gaslighted (Jamie Fox) will be reaching out to you along with the Bozgoz family shortly.

I am a former government lawyer and the Bozgoz family ADA Advocate, and I am appalled.

It all sort of started, or at least heated up when Voncelle James, a black supervisor, denied overtime assignments to a white former JAG Attorney Robert Bozgoz in an act of unlawful Reverse Discrimination. After he questioned that his life got turned upside down and she ordered him back to work despite the recommendations of his board-certified attending physician. Attorney Bozgoz had a stroke. His brother died of a stroke. But the VA doesn't care, not one bit. The abuse continues unabated.

The VA started leaking personal information about Robert and his wife Lieutenant Colonel Margaret Sue Bozgoz.  She is Mr. Bozgoz' ADA Advocate and both of them have sustained incredible levels of retaliation and the cornerstone of all of it is a bunch of fake criminal charges brought against them relating to their lawful attempts to effectuate Legal Service of Process against Voncelle James using their son Lance.  James lied and said that Ms. Bozgoz was present (she was not) and that she had weapons in her car (she does not). Since then the government and two other judges Zuberri Williams and Debra L. Dwyer have been complicit in more transgressions.

After yet another criminal hearing before her, she did not allow Lt. Colonel Bozgoz to read into the record in her first objection as to why lawful Service of Process can NEVER constitute a criminal act. You can see by the videos that everything was lawful about the attempted Service of Process that Ms. Bozgoz rejected. 
Publication is verboten!

Then after she finally read the law into the case the Court clerk produce an audio that failed to contain the objections and stamped them as nonpublic. I promptly told the Court director I am going to be posting that audio at my discretion because that is a First Amendment violation. There's not government police exception or trade secret or rape victim involved in this case, other than the raping of Lady Justice that is patently evident. 

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