23 October 2019

"Appalling and Disgusting...." KingCast Applauds as Ohio Congresswoman Joyce Beatty Rips Mark Zuckerberg a New One on Civil Rights and More.

"You work with civil Rights because of the number of lawsuits you've had....."

"Did you review the packet that was sent to you from this Committee.... Obviously that's a no."

"Who's on the Civil Rights Task Force?"
"Sheryl Sandberg is the person who....
"What Civil Rights [chuckle]....We all know Sheryl Sandberg has no background in Civil Rights. I know Sheryl well and there isn't anything about Civil Rights in her background and so you're going to have to come better than THAT."

"Do you not know who the firm is [handling your Civil Rights?]...that you employ for Civil Rights is?

"How could you not know....and this is what's so frustrating to me. It's almost like you think this is a joke. When you have ruined the lives of many people, discriminated against them."

"Do you know what the percentage of African-Americans are on Facebook compared to the majority (repeated)."
"I don't know because we don't collect the races percentages."
"Well I have it right here from the Pew Charitable Trusts report that was sent to you. So maybe you just don't read a lot of things that deal with Civil Rights or African-Americans. I have a lot of questions that I am going to send to you that I can't get through today and I want an answer because this is appalling and disgusting to me, and I yield back."

Unbelievable. One day Babylon a go fall. It must. It's only a matter of time folks.

17 October 2019

Seattle Tourism Board Presents: Homeless in Seattle!

The Seattle Tourism Board might as well keep it real. 
I'm here to help because there's nothing worse than false advertising. 

06 October 2019

KingCast Interview with Bellevue Ducati GM Kevin Davis: Demise of Howard Crow's Seattle Motorcycle Empire in 19-2-25233-2 SEA VW Credit, Inc. v. Bellemoto et al. Part Two.

Part One. Lawsuit direct link. Facebook vid.

Q: What’s the #1 rule in motorcycling?

A:  Don’t look where you don’t want to go.

I have watched the incipient implosion of Howard Crow’s motorcycle empire for several years now with a certain cringe-worthy feeling of impending doom.  Now that I have interviewed former Bellevue Ducati General Manager Kevin Davis I know that my feelings were shared by scores of people much closer to the situation than I was.

Mr. Davis was national sales manager for Ducati Canada for over a decade prior to accepting his position at Ducati Bellevue, a position he held exactly four (4) years incident to Howard Crow/Noble Rush takeovers.  Prior to that his experience included a stint at Lynnwood Yamaha for a decade (1980-1990) and a period as a successful Suzuki district sales manager.

First he gave me a history lesson on the motorcycle industry in Greater Seattle as I am a Midwest/East Coast native where I sold motorcycles for Best Honda/Suzuki for a year a decade ago. Prior to that I have been involved in motorcycling in some fashion or another since 1973 as an 8 year-old when I knew I had a motorcycle problem.

I posed two primary questions to him:

1.       Do you think it’s feasible for someone without substantial motorcycle industry experience to manage what Howard was trying to manage?

2.       There is a 2 ton elephant in the picture and that elephant is known as Internet sales. What role do you see Internet sales affecting this picture vis a vis the motorcycle market and the Business model?

One:            Inexperience.                       

“No.  The industry is so nuanced, and even the best intentions are likely to fail. This is nothing new.  It’s the curse of what we call the wealthy hobbiest. They are driven and successful and ready to go… but it’s the seasonality of stores in North America that they don’t recognize and what they struggle with.”

Years ago there was a young guy who moved a Suzuki store from Federal Way to Milton and changed the name…..  Corporate Suzuki told me “You better help him."

I was given the task to visit him every two weeks. This was highly unusual but we all wanted him to succeed.  I sat down with him with legal pads and tried to go through it, devising strategies….  Within a few more months he had enough and he was just, gone.”

“When Howard started in and bought Ride West I started counting down the days.”

03 October 2019

KingCast Says: Boeing Should be Criminally Indicted for Failure to Warn, Breach of Implied Merchantability and for Fitness to Purpose.

This is a simple question. 
Who among us does not fork over the extra dough?

Also Ford's calculations are skewed because they didn't account for the impact on third parties from losing their loved ones in Loss of Consortium, etc.... as well as from zone of danger claims for people who may have been in the front seat but escaped, only to watch their loved ones incinerated. I think all of us would have paid the $70 dammit. 

Boeing with its 737 Max (whistleblower) are worse than the 1970's Ford Pinto saga. Read more about the current debacle at Vox. Failure to train, is the best of it. Then it gets into failure to properly equip the machine for it's intended purpose, again related in part to training. Pretty basic shit, right. Ethics Workshop video in detail. Here is the cost/benefit analysis in writing. Dave Coad, RIP one of our athletic advisors at Hawken had one and they were decent little cars. Car & Driver ran them at Lime Rock.In '73 another POS car I love (Chevy Vega) "won."  

Anyway I digress.... 

"We could put a simple plastic sleeve over the part of the rear axle/subframe assembly for a couple dollars so this fucking piece of shit doesn't explode on impact...."

"Nah.... fuck it. Let 'em burn we'll just pay it off."  

Now Pinto per capita deaths were not the worst for rear-end collisions. However, there was a smoking gun in Ford's case because the knew that the plastic sleeve for a few bucks would have damn near eliminated much of the risk. Huge.

My Uncle BTW was a Boeing Engineer. Black man in a Euro Ford Cortina in Seattle in the late '60's and early 70's so I had to weigh in on this. Folks were like "who dat negro in a Ford Cortina, listening to Bang & Olufsen speakers?"

"That's my Uncle Otis."

02 October 2019

A KingCast Note on Momma's Birthday. I Got a Blog, and Facebook Can Still Kiss my Black Ass.

Wait a minute Momma…. on your Birthday I didn't know this in 1971 in this picture but..... I’m gonna win Civil Rights Trials. Very few lawyers actually do this. Probably what, 2%….. But I will still get treated like a n____ (can't write that on CIA/DARPA Facebook but at least my lawsuit allowed me to post my blogs again right). 

I will press onward and upward. Here is the Real Deal folks: I get beat down so much I had to stop and realize, to hell with BLM and all of these so-called progressive organizations that are part of the accepted Internet cabal. They can kiss my ass. I played nice with them and even have txt messages from the local folks who wanted to host a forum about my lawsuit against Facebook, then the higher-ups put the kibosh on it, nice.

Who among them have won Jury Trials or helped free a man wrongfully imprisoned and hosted him for a week in their own homes right after his release? Nary one of you niggas have done that shit. If so, prove it.

Yah. I know Mommy hated me cursing but fuck all of you. Yah. Fuck. You. I won't take your corporate beat downs. I will do what I have to do.

KingCast: Every Day in Awe of His Momma, Betty Jean King.

Today is Betty King’s birthday.

But every day to me is a Celebration of her life, her love and her Spirit. Always a leader, in the last 11 months she led her brother Franklin, her sister Cleo and her peers Aunt Margaret, Aunt Marilyn, and Aunt Evon to A Higher Place where I see them all making dinners and playing with our sister Michele and Livi the Wonderdog, laughing and loving every day. 

Her Beauty and her Spirit guide me each and every day that I draw breath on this Earth and I live forever in Gratitude and Honor. For those of you not familiar with frontal lobe dementia I encourage you to take some time to learn of it as a related but separate entity to Alzheimer's. Frankly, no worse a  fate could ever land on a more Precious Woman.

Beyond that I cannot say it any better than I did at her Celebration of Life last fall. 

 I love you Momma.
KingCast: Where'd you get that smile?
Well at least half of it is right here behind my sister.