22 August 2019

Facebook Lawyers at Keker Van Nest Cannot Answer a Simple Question on Defamation Abusers.

Click here for the update: Motion to Compel is pending.
That's one of many Defamatory comments on the Platform about me.
But before we get to me, let's check on some legal precedent, shall we?

Davyne Dial is another victim of Defamation on the Facebook platform who needs to know this. Ms. Dial -- general manager of VPVM 103.7 Asheville -- was awarded $.5M for a single episode of Defamation on the Platform.   She now needs to know about how Keker, Van Nest can't even answer simple questions for 13 days running about the Defamation I sustained over the course of YEARS.....and further: 

Even then the lawyers won't give me a definite answer as to when they will provide the information I am owed pursuant to Law. Specifically 18 USC §2703(c). Naturally #Facebook notified one of the three accounts on 2 August, meaning that the last of 21 days for them to respond to the Subpoena expires on a Friday so I get to wait until the next business day of Monday to discover who they are. 

That's enough bullshit in and of itself, but then to have the same lawyers who couldn't give me an answer as to the date of notification then fail to promise me the information by Monday after I asked them what the holdup is, constitutes bullshit on top of bullshit and I am not going to stand for it. If I don't have my information by Monday close of business I will serve them a Motion to Compel and have them in front of Judge Orrick so fast it will make their heads spin. 

Tuesday morning 20 August at 9:10 a.m. I asked you a simple question:


It is no secret that I feel getting information from you client regarding my defamer(s) has been tantamount to drawing blood from a stone. 

Wherefore, let's get a few things straight:

1.  Did your client send out information to the defamer Lisa Marie on 2 August, 2019 as indicated by Attorney HICKS and if so can we agree then that the time for production of User Information (or a Motion to Quash, etc) would be no later than Friday, 23 August as the expiration of the 21st day?

2. Does your client maintain its position that it cannot or will not locate information on "Facebook User" or "Troy Frasier?"

That is all for now.
………. I asked this in light of what my app developer shared with me. Again to be crystal clear what he said:

“That’s bullshit. If you delete an account they can go right back and activate it. That’s because they keep records.”

“They can identify any of their users from their IP Addresses. Even if the abuser bought a VPN they could probably track it.”

I then corrected a name typo yesterday (HICKS) as noted above.

Guys: There are three of you working the Federal Case at Keker. Surely one of you has some answers for me given that tomorrow appears to be the deadline on the Lisa Marie issue, and I say appears to be because the firmest answer I have received on the matter from Attorney Hicks despite numerous inquiry was

“….on or about August 2.” 

Please allow me to run through the timeline on this for absolute clarity:

6 August
G'Day Counselor,

I would appreciate an update sometime this week as to:

*Notification of the first ass-clown.
*Identification of the second ass-clown.

Thank you in advance,


7 August
OK so the identified User has an active account?

On what day was Notice sent so I have my calendaring straight?

Thank you.


8 August
Also, I had asked on what day was the Notice sent?


9 August:

Dear Attorney Hicks:

OK so I remind you that I had asked what day the Notice was sent and I still need to know that. I believe I am entitled to know that. Please advise if you disagree.

9 August
I believe it was on or about August 2, but I’ll need to confirm.


With all due respect y’all have now had thirteen (13) days to confirm even the notice on the one account, not to mention the pending possibility of my filing a Motion to Compel on the others. 

So I am going to ask you one last time before I approach the Court: 
What day did Facebook send the notice and are you holding firm that Facebook cannot obtain the information on the other two accounts?

Thank you.


Notice was provided to the account associated with Lisa Marie on August 2. Absent an objection from the user, Facebook will promptly produce the available BSI. I do not anticipate making a production tomorrow, which is the last day of the notice period. 

As to the other accounts, I do not know how I could be more clear. As I’ve said multiple times, Facebook was unable to identify a user account associated with the display name “Facebook User.” The third account was deleted by the user; therefore, there is no BSI to produce for that account. **********************************************
Sue Facebook <suefacebook007@gmail.com>
9:49 AM (3 minutes ago)
to William, Gavin, Matan, Paven

I am going to return your clarity with more of my own then.

1. Since you have finally confirmed 2 August as notification day then what is the holdup getting that information to me immediately and when exactly do you intend to get it to me?

If tomorrow is the last day of the notification period then what’s wrong with Saturday, Sunday or Monday?

2. I will get back to you on any potential Motion on receipt of the User information.


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