27 July 2019

How Will the Public and Platform Users Benefit from the Whopping $5B Facebook FTC Settlement?

NPR: Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook got off easy. They never interviewed him, only his lawyers and they never delved deeper into anything. They just took the money and run a la Steve Miller Band, whoo haaaa....

I don't know how the highest-ever FTC Settlement will be spent or exactly what is going to happen on the Platform. I note that it does not appear to address the outright racism running rampant on the Platform however.

Here's what the FTC says about it, and here is the press release

And since Facebook can't or won't complete its Civil Rights Audit as to that particular issue, it is left to me, the lone nigga' of the apocalypse to litigate that as people like Dr. Boyce Watkins sit on the sidelines with popcorn watching.

Correction: Civil Rights Audit update. It came out a few weeks ago but conspicuous by its absence is any discussion over censorship of blacks who show up to discuss Civil Rights. 

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