29 April 2019

A Quick Word to All of My Detractors, Opposing Counsel and Such. Wait for it.

KingCast v. Facebook. It's the lawsuit everyone is reading about (9,600 reads) but no one will share or publicly discuss or interview me about. Even as USA Today runs a scathing and brilliant feature piece about many of the same exact issues countenanced in the lawsuit. Fascinating. 

Tomorrow or Wednesday I will issue a public challenge to debate someone well-established in the Internet Legal Realm about all of this. Let's see w'happens next.

I am well aware of the Internet mafia and how purportedly progressive media treats me in general, and specifically in my Facebook lawsuit. Daily Kos. Firedog Lake. Politico. BLM. Color of Change. And more. All of you have either booted me from your white solipsist chat boards or written yellow-journalism stories about me or looked the Other Way as purveyors of All Things Black on the Internet as you keep on trying to downplay whatever it is I am doing. This even though I have documented successes in suing government for crucial information, winning Jury Trials and settling Mortgage Mediations and challenges. 

I wrote for the Indianapolis Star and a edited a branch of a statewide Ohio Newspaper, the Call & Post. A black-owned newspaper I might add. One of the only black-owned newspapers in the Country, I might add. So suffice it to say I have a decent grip on what constitutes a news story. Same as when I published the fact that one of the professors at Columbia J-School is indeed an International felon who also trashed the CMJ Music Festival ($.5M Court Order) and whose own daughter tweeted is a "Deadbeat Dad." 
Pitchfork wrote me and got info from me but made sure not to mention me in their story, nice. Of course I have proof of this, see above.  Here is the video of me at Columbia alerting the staff to him.

Soon enough you won't be able to keep on ignoring me, and I like that fact. Actually I love that fact.

That's all you need to know for now. I will tell you about one publicly-known project, however:

In the above video, enjoy the clip of Norman Bruce McKay OC spraying the shit out of a young girl (his general modus operandi I might add) in one of my trailers (at 2:50 in) for Circle of Stones: The Liko Kenney Story.  He put innocent children in the hospital by shooting that stuff into open classrooms, fact. He also put a "penis-shaped knife" to an innocent woman's crotch (I got an Affidavit on it) and his wife went to a SAFE HOUSE whilst pregnant with their only child. Sadly, yes Bruce McKay was that kinda cop, unfortunately. As a former LE Attorney, I cringe and I testified twice alongside local community members at State House and Senate Hearings to successfully halt the State from naming a roadway after this creep. Hearing videos.
Anyway I sued to get that police abuse video, by the way. That's Yours Truly, circa 2008 or so holding a blow up photo from the State's own crime lab where they never even addressed or analyzed the windshield bullet hole in Liko Kenney's car while analyzing every single OTHER bullet hole on sight, ahem. On a double homicide that was closed in about 36 hours, ahem.  Just one project I am involved in. You can wait for the rest.  

And oh, my expert witness as a lecturing Police Lieutenant asked me to speak in his classroom 10-11 years ago. That man is now the Chief of Police in Somerset, MA and his quote about me appears right here.  There is another Casey Sherman John Stimpson bullshit enterprise without any consent of the Miller-Kenney family trying to make money on their movie using scab labor and and a some rank-and-file beat cop from RI. Whatever, we are registered with SAG and Doing Things the Right Way, thank you very much.


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