29 April 2019

A Quick Word to All of My Detractors, Opposing Counsel and Such. Wait for it.

KingCast v. Facebook. It's the lawsuit everyone is reading about (9,600 reads) but no one will share or publicly discuss or interview me about. Even as USA Today runs a scathing and brilliant feature piece about many of the same exact issues countenanced in the lawsuit. Fascinating. 

Tomorrow or Wednesday I will issue a public challenge to debate someone well-established in the Internet Legal Realm about all of this. Let's see w'happens next.

I am well aware of the Internet mafia and how purportedly progressive media treats me in general, and specifically in my Facebook lawsuit. Daily Kos. Firedog Lake. Politico. BLM. Color of Change. And more. All of you have either booted me from your white solipsist chat boards or written yellow-journalism stories about me or looked the Other Way as purveyors of All Things Black on the Internet as you keep on trying to downplay whatever it is I am doing. This even though I have documented successes in suing government for crucial information, winning Jury Trials and settling Mortgage Mediations and challenges. 

I wrote for the Indianapolis Star and a edited a branch of a statewide Ohio Newspaper, the Call & Post. A black-owned newspaper I might add. One of the only black-owned newspapers in the Country, I might add. So suffice it to say I have a decent grip on what constitutes a news story. Same as when I published the fact that one of the professors at Columbia J-School is indeed an International felon who also trashed the CMJ Music Festival ($.5M Court Order) and whose own daughter tweeted is a "Deadbeat Dad." 
Pitchfork wrote me and got info from me but made sure not to mention me in their story, nice. Of course I have proof of this, see above.  Here is the video of me at Columbia alerting the staff to him.

Soon enough you won't be able to keep on ignoring me, and I like that fact. Actually I love that fact.

That's all you need to know for now. I will tell you about one publicly-known project, however:

In the above video, enjoy the clip of Norman Bruce McKay OC spraying the shit out of a young girl (his general modus operandi I might add) in one of my trailers (at 2:50 in) for Circle of Stones: The Liko Kenney Story.  He put innocent children in the hospital by shooting that stuff into open classrooms, fact. He also put a "penis-shaped knife" to an innocent woman's crotch (I got an Affidavit on it) and his wife went to a SAFE HOUSE whilst pregnant with their only child. Sadly, yes Bruce McKay was that kinda cop, unfortunately. As a former LE Attorney, I cringe and I testified twice alongside local community members at State House and Senate Hearings to successfully halt the State from naming a roadway after this creep. Hearing videos.
Anyway I sued to get that police abuse video, by the way. That's Yours Truly, circa 2008 or so holding a blow up photo from the State's own crime lab where they never even addressed or analyzed the windshield bullet hole in Liko Kenney's car while analyzing every single OTHER bullet hole on sight, ahem. On a double homicide that was closed in about 36 hours, ahem.  Just one project I am involved in. You can wait for the rest.  

And oh, my expert witness as a lecturing Police Lieutenant asked me to speak in his classroom 10-11 years ago. That man is now the Chief of Police in Somerset, MA and his quote about me appears right here.  There is another Casey Sherman John Stimpson bullshit enterprise without any consent of the Miller-Kenney family trying to make money on their movie using scab labor and and a some rank-and-file beat cop from RI. Whatever, we are registered with SAG and Doing Things the Right Way, thank you very much.


KingCast Presents: The Ladies!

A nice weekend sojourn in the Wilds of Wenachee. Great pic, overexposed as it is. Substantial work was done to make it presentable. Fortunately the subject matter was On Point :)

26 April 2019

KingCast and USA Today See it Clearly: Facebook is Racist and Hates True Open Dialogue on Racism.

Boom! Just as I told the students in Tony DupĂ©'s film class, right. And just as I am about to notify the Court via Request for Judicial Notice. And no I don't hate to say, "I told you so." 

Sue Facebook 
Wed, May 1, 2:57 PM (18 hours ago) to William, gthole, bcc: 

Great Afternoon Counselors. I like this passage the most. It all sounds so familiar doesn't it. 
Wysinger glared at her phone, but wasn't surprised. She says black people can't talk about racism on Facebook without risking having their posts removed and being locked out of their accounts in a punishment commonly referred to as "Facebook jail." For Wysinger, the Neeson post was just another example of Facebook arbitrarily deciding that talking about racism is racist. "It is exhausting," she says, "and it drains you emotionally." Black activists say hate speech policies and content moderation systems formulated by a company built by and dominated by white men fail the very people Facebook claims it's trying to protect.  
Not only are the voices of marginalized groups disproportionately stifled, Facebook rarely takes action on repeated reports of racial slurs, violent threats and harassment campaigns targeting black users, they say. Many of these users now think twice before posting updates on Facebook or they limit how widely their posts are shared. Yet few can afford to leave the single-largest and most powerful social media platform for sharing information and creating community.
So while Facebook and its Counsel continue the stall game on my issue demanding information on a Defamatory poster under Dendrite v. Doe, I'll be filing this with the Court by way of a Request for Judicial Notice, later today.  You had better believe it. This case is for my Momma, as FB had me wrongfully banned when she left this Earth. She had told me 20 years ago "Son you need to get a blog." My Tribute.

But first: Take a look at how many people that I'm up against with Pepper the Lawyer Dog.

Keker Van Nest et al. says "We take tough cases."  It is the firm you go to when: 

The make or break cases where companies, careers, and reputations are riding on the result. True to our roots as trial lawyers, we relish the courtroom battles. Still, whether we go to trial, settle, or just make the problem go away, what matters is obtaining the best result for our clients.
OK then, Game on. It's not like I haven't won Jury Trials guys. The Truth will win out. 

25 April 2019

Requesting a Rule 26 Discovery Conference with Facebook Counsel at Keker, Van Nest & Peters with an Eye Toward Dendrite v. Does?

Dealing with Facebook lawyer bullshit in yesterday's emails. As you can see by the thumbnail Facebook has no mechanism for Defamation protection in the U.S. Meanwhile, this is the relevant case -- Dendrite -- that I reference in this morning's email to them. I clearly meet that burden. 

Good Day to All, Please be advised that the attached documents were filed in Court and Hand-Delivered to your office this afternoon in accordance with our agreement on Waiver of Summons. I have also attached Plaintiff's First Set of Discovery Requests in the email. I presume we can proceed with email Service on Docs -- if not let me know.

Thank you.
Very Truly Yours,
Christopher King, J.D.

See, he can wait me out for awhile but why wait?
Especially considering the fact that I have scheduled
a Preliminary Injunction Hearing for 5 June.
And who refuses to accept email Service anymore?

Mr. King: Facebook does not agree to service by email. Please serve documents not filed by ECF in accordance with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. In any event, discovery in this case is premature. See FRCP 26(d).

I note moreover that you have yet to pay the $2,505.49 judgment entered by the King County Superior Court stemming from your attempt to take premature discovery in that case. Please confirm that you intend to pay that judgment and provide a date certain by which you intend to do so.

Great Afternoon Counsel, ECF should address our concerns except for Discovery and so I will send those to you via tracked U.S. Mail or other Courier Service. I look forward to scheduling a Rule 26 Conference with you, tomorrow afternoon or early Friday morning is great for me. Please advise.

As you may be aware a Notice of Appeal has been filed in the Washington matter and that is completely off-topic in this forum. I sent a copy of the NOA in that case yesterday to your email address, in fact.

Also, you should note that your client apparently has no third-party recourse on Defamation whatsoever. I look forward to scheduling that Conference immediately. This way we can get on the road toward a full and informed path of litigation with all relevant Discovery on the table. 

Instead of your client trying to bash me over a case on Appeal I would think a better use of our time when we conference would be a Dendrite discussion. As you can clearly see the material in question for my Injunctive Relief clearly rises to Defamation per se, and I have done everything I can do to obtain the information sought. I'm pretty sure His Honor will concur if we need to approach him on this. With such facts and law in mind, I look forward to conferencing with you today or tomorrow then. Very Truly Yours, Christopher King, J.D.

Sue Facebook 10:54 AM (0 minutes ago) to William, gthole, bcc: 

Query Counselor, How do you want this to go in front of Judge Orrick: 

"Well Your Honor I'm clearly being Defamed in the most personal way possible, and suffering repeated tangible harm, I tried to resolve it with the Defendant and Counsel by way of the 26f Conference and they both told me to go pound sand and tried to shut me down because I appealed a Decision in another Court that wasn't even on the Merits." 

Because that is exactly what I am going to say. 
Very Truly Yours, 
Christopher King, J.D. 

Sue Facebook Attachments 11:36 PM (6 minutes ago) to William, gthole, bcc: 

Great Morning, Counsel. I have attached for you Plaintiff's Draft Initial Disclosures. We can discuss these when we have that Rule 26f conference you reminded me about. It has been a bit since I practiced in Federal Court but yah, it all comes back after a minute. 

We will soon attend to the substantive matters in this case whether your client likes it or not. Also I find your client's refusal to allow email Service is ridiculous, abusive and obfuscatory. Business as usual with Facebook. 

In any event if I don't hear back from you on Friday, 26 April 2019 I will be approaching the Court to make certain we are all in accordance with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. 

Thank you. 
Christopher King, J.D. 

19 April 2019

Will Keker Van Nest Lawyers Defend Facebook Racist and Defamatory Messages Sent to Plaintiff King's Girlfriends?

As to the Proposed ORDER: IDK... Just my $.02 but it makes sense, right?
Regardless of how much the Internet mafia hates my black ass, they know I'm CORRECT.
And you had better believe there is an Internet mafia.
That's OK. I've got other resources they don't even know about. But they will.

I told the Deputy Legal Director of the #ACLU, who has recently tweeted supporting the Facebook law firm. No way can she support their position if they refuse to provide the information. That's foul. Slander per se this is. Conduct involving moral turpitude.
You better believe I know my First Amendment-relate Law folks. 
Like the back of my hand. They are DONE. I can't wait to get before Judge Orrick.
I am chomping at the bit. They.... are not. I guarantee you this.
Then FB banning all of my blog pages as being in violation of community standards?
Momma, this one's for you honey. I got this.

Yep. I sure do
See Zerlie Charles v. Vickie D. Vest, Indiana Ct. App. No. 72A01-1706-SC-01252 (October 24, 2017) and Dial v. Hammond 15-CV-05383 N. Carolina Buncombe Superior (2015). Case settled for $500,000.00.  
65. In spite of all of this, Defendant allowed Defamatory remarks to be published to Plaintiff’s last girlfriend “MH” in 2018 without recourse from Facebook User “Troy.” When Plaintiff asked Defendant for the identity of the poster Facebook directed the attention away to Plaintiff’s girlfriend. 

66. In 2019 Defendant and Counsel in this case again allowed such Defamatory remarks to be leveled against Plaintiff towards his current girlfriend “SW” by two Facebook accounts “Facebook User” and “Lisa Marie” 

67. The comments in 2018 and in 2019 all indicate, with certainty devoid of any speculation, that Plaintiff “cheats on all of his women” and "Every single woman that he as dated he has used and mentally abused."…. and goes on to state that Plaintiff seeks out white women as gullible, to use for money etc. etc. ad nauseam, basically every negative racist stereotype of black men in this Fine Country. (See Appendix ______). 

68. Plaintiff and “SW” attempted to exhaust all administrative appeals within the Platform structure and Facebook continued to ignore Plaintiff’s Defamation issue and offered a link for “SW” to use that was, and is, nonfunctional. 

69. As such, Plaintiff responded: You are playing stupid. Again: I have a VALID CLAIM FOR DEFAMATION ON MY OWN. So you need to give me that goddamn information right now.....

Dear Attorney Spencer: I have notified Facebook Counsel that I will be filing a First Amended Complaint today and a Motion for Limited Injunctive Relief this week for Defamation and Invasion of Privacy.
“I’m glad the Court of Appeals recognized that” and chose to reclassify its memorandum decision as a published opinion, Spencer said in a phone interview. While Spencer said he doesn’t use Facebook, he said he believes “defamations occur on Facebook all the time.” 
He said he hopes the COA’s ruling and the subsequent award of damages in Charles’ favor sends a message that “you can’t just say anything you want on Facebook and get personal and make statements about other people that aren’t true without running the possibility of getting sued. “A lay person probably feels they have a First Amendment right to say whatever they want to, but that’s definitely not the case if you’re harming people with what you’re saying,” Spencer said. 
Even though the case was tried before a small claims court where pleading standards are less stringent, Dattilo said he believes he had a winning case in any forum. He said the circumstances of this case made small claims the proper venue. “I still think the facts of this case could have held up anywhere,” he said. “When you get a reversal and a remand for … a damages hearing, you’ve got something on all fours. … You really appreciate having a fact pattern like this that becomes precedent and will probably help the middle class substantially.” 
Coincidentally perhaps, prior to the dawn of the Internet, Plaintiff wrote for the Indianapolis Star immediately prior to admission to, and graduation from, a then top-50 law school, i.e. Case Western Reserve University, where he earned an "A" in Constitutional Law when he studied, under, and clerked for, one Professor Edward Mearns.


I reported the first set of racist and defamatory messages to my last girlfriend last summer by a Facebook user identified as Troy Frasier. Facebook refused to identify the perp In spite of the fact that Defamation on Facebook is indeed actionable per Dial v. Hammond 15-CV-05383 N. Carolina Buncombe Superior (2015). Case settled for $500,000.00.
Next, direct accusations that I use and abuse and take advantage of gullible white women and that I am allegedly always asking for money were repeated again this year by two user profiles (using the same exact language) were leveled at my current girlfriend. Both of these women are white. The writer(s) claim alternately that they were "burned" by Plaintiff and that they warned 3 other girlfriend who were thankful for the warning. I again approached Facebook and got a canned response: 

Hi Christopher, We appreciate you taking the time to contact us. You can help your friend or family member by instructing them to report content to us by using the “Report” links located near the content itself. If your friend is blocked from seeing the content, or is not on Facebook, please provide them with a link (URL) to the violating content so that they can include it when they contact us. Please share the following link with you friend to contact us:https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/597132477126770/?ref=cr 

Once we get this information from them, we can review the content and take the appropriate action. View updates from your Support Inbox: https://fb.me/1GKxTo0pkVUrUZO 

Thanks for understanding, 
In response I said: You are playing stupid. Again: I have a VALID CLAIM FOR DEFAMATION ON MY OWN. So you need to give me that goddamn information right now. 

Further: As I told you, the offending Party -- who will be sued -- removed the content so it is no longer available. And the link that you just sent me is not available, see attached. 

So really there is no channel for either my past or current girlfriend to complain anyway. Please advise. And I have sent this content directly to your lawyers too.

18 April 2019 Re: Ongoing Issues of Defamation on the Facebook “Platform” Vis a vis Christopher King A/K/A KingCast v. Facebook, Inc. 19-CV-1987 

Dear Attorneys Hicks and Thole: 

For reasons noted in today’s communication with the Facebook “Help Desk” I will be adding this information to the pending Federal Complaint against your client, who previously IGNORED my concerns about the exact same sort of Defamation last year. 

This year I can promise you that any and all of the last three (3) girlfriends in my life who were allegedly warned about me by this poster will come forward to state that they were alarmed by this Defamatory Rhetoric and that it did initially have the intended impact: 

It made them leery of me and more accurately feeling vulnerable for prior breaches of trust by OTHER MEN for periods of time ranging from weeks to days to hours. The Rhetoric employed continually references my purportedly predatory acts toward white women, so that is completely racist as well as Defamatory. 

If you do not deliver to me by Close of Business tomorrow 19 April, 2019 a promise to divulge the identifying information on the perpetrators by month’s end I will be folding this matter into the Case at Bar and moving for immediate Injunctive Relief. No one should have to live under this type of racist, defamatory abuse and I will not… nor will any of my past girlfriends or present girlfriend. It’s complete shit. 

In fact, she will send a complaint to Facebook within the next 24 hours and will reply on this email chain immediately to confirm her complete agreement that she is harassed and finds the communication to be Defamatory towards me. And you will note that I am not holding your client responsible for the Defamation as that would of course be outside the purview of 47 USC §230, unlike my pending Claims in the case. 

Now that I have made myself clear, I look forward to hearing from you in the next 24 hours. 

Very Truly Yours,

Christopher King, J.D.

17 April 2019

KingCast Explains Why People are Helping to Fund Litigation Against Facebook for Fraud, Breach of Contract, False and Deceptive Business Practices, Racism and Bogus Censorship.

So here's the thing to remember about my GoFundMe campaign to sue Facebook: 

Prologue: Many of my friends cannot even see the GoFundMe post I put up yesterday, fact....... 

First of all, Facebook has now -- after 10 years -- determined that my personal blog "Chris King's First Amendment Page" is "in violation of community standards" and so links cannot be shared on "the platform." Really.  I have had this blog for fourteen -- 14 -- years. 

Second, they did this only after I pointed out that their ban on my "How to Sue Facebook" blog was underinclusive because everything on THAT blog was also on my personal blog, right?  I have pending Discovery Requests on the timing and rationale behind all of this.

Third, when I ask for money I'm actually out the expenses. 

As Jimmy Berlo -- the Boston Fire Captain in the video who fought racism noted in his donation yesterday:

“I donated because of Mr. King's relentless pursuit for Justice for the those who suffered injustice usually at the hands of corrupt Government Officials that can overwhelm and harm their Victims at will without worry of recourse. Mr. King has no fear taking on these miscreants . he fights for the unheard , the hopeless and the beaten down. He has on 3 occasions traveled over 3,000 miles across this Nation to help me ( and others) at his own expense.”
This is unlike, say, some bloke or some sally killing your dog and raising money through a GoFundMe account when their homeowner's insurance actually covers the expense. That would be fraudulent conduct from a POS person, just like Facebook is also a fraudulent POS and I can't wait to get in front of Federal Judge Orrick and break it down at the Motion to Dismiss Hearing. 

They try to hide behind the Communications Decency Act but basically what is going on here is that the ToS bind only the user but not them. It's like what we lawyers call a unilateral or illusory contract and so they can violate the rules with impunity. 

Furthermore nothing in the ToS gives them the right to ban people out of retaliation when they know full well that the user has not actually violated ToS by any objective measure.

It's fucking bullshit is what it is. 

 Oh, I mean, Your Honor it is patently disingenuous, Sir.

12 April 2019

Facebook Facing Federal Lawsuit for Fraudulent Business Practices, Racism and Breach of Contract: Christopher King, J.D. v. Facebook, Inc. CV19-1987 WHO.


1.  Breach of Contract, Promissory Estoppel, Violation of 42 U.S.C. §1981, Fraud (Fraudulent Inducement, Fraud in the Factum), Breach of the Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing, False and Deceptive Business Practices pursuant to CA Bus & Prof. Code §17203.


Plaintiff has been materially harmed by the egregious Breach of Contract, Fraudulent practices and the ongoing pernicious effects of Institutionalized Racism in this case. Wherefore he seeks the following:

1. Compensatory Damages in excess of $75,000 in an amount to be determined by a Jury;

2. Punitive Damages in an amount to be determined by a Jury;

3. Injunctive Relief with a specific Court Order and Finding of Fact and Conclusion of Law that Plaintiff has not used the term “nigger” in a way that violates Defendant’s Terms of Service;
4.        4.  A Public Apology;

5.        5.  Costs of Suit with pre and/or post Judgment Interest as 

           contemplated by applicable Governing Law.

Respectfully submitted in Good Faith and subject to the Pains and Penalties of Perjury as to all factual allegations,

Christopher King, J.D.


Plaintiff hereby Demands this Cause to be heard by a duly-empaneled Jury.


[1] Again, with the caveat that Facebook Amicus Counsel has expressly stated that Contractual and Civil Rights cases should never be dismissed without full Discovery and Trial.   This Notion is supported by Darnaa, LLC v. Google, Inc. et al even though Plaintiff in that case could not meet the requisite thresholds. Plaintiff can meet and surpass those thresholds in the Case at Bar.

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