05 February 2019

KingCast and Gil Scott Heron Present: Lawsuit Slams Facebook Censorship Under DCA §230. Hearing on 15 February 2019 to be Televised.

The final edit. Beyond the racism we are all being reduced to social and economic rank and used as mere chattel by "private" entities with powers they should not have. Facebook as it exists today is one of the most insidious, abusive entities the World has ever seen. Government regulation per First Amendment Standards in America is imperative. Period.
I am warning the American People today about Facebook. We have largely abdicated our inalienable First Amendment Rights to a greedy monopolistic corporate juggernaut that cares nothing about those Rights and that only serves to serve itself greater and greater corporate gain.

Link: Two more Goliath boutique lawyers sign on to fight David KingCast. That's at least, say 6 v. 1. And think about how much money, power and influence is fighting me. They've already built up a buttress for the 9 Cir. Ct. App.

This video will be hosted this week on my ROKU TV show "Corruption Meets Camera." 
VH2 Networks.

I am exposing this situation in a legal setting as no other Plaintiff ever has. I know this because I scour the Pacer website and the Internet for other cases.

And they know it too, and that’s why they hired yet two more corporate attorneys from a boutique law firm to try to shut me down. That’s 3 lawyers and at least 3 support staff versus little ol’ me and Pepper the Lawyer Dog.

All I’ve got going in my favor is a briefcase full of the Truth.

Move fast and break things Mark? We’ll see about that. You’ve broken enough as it is. Now it is time for us to take our Rights back and to help make America Great again without YOU getting in the way.

Move Fast and Break Things…… Move Fast…. And Break Things.

That is still the mantra of Defendant and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg Your Honor and that is precisely why we are gathered here today.

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