26 February 2019

Facebook Censorship Taught in Seattle Film Class Parts 1, 2 and 3.

We discussed watching body posture by example of two of the three Facebook lawyers I am facing. We also discussed dedication to purpose and getting the shot you need: Focus.

Facebook actually removed my classroom event for today: "Live Feed Smashing Facebook."

It was an 11:30 a.m. Live Feed from Shoreline Community College film class with Department Director Tony DoupĂ©.  There was absolutely no basis for that whatsoever but of course there was no basis for what Facebook did yesterday too, shutting down a Trump friend of mine who was sharing the event.

So much for "The Platform of Ideas" right.

I can't wait to sue these Corporate Scum in Federal Court. I'm on to their game and my Trump friends are too. Facebook is a nothing more than a corporate pig.

Stay tuned for 5-7 minute short video episodes over the next week. I will host all of them in this journal entry. 

NOTE: Now they tell me that linking to this Journal Page is in violation of Community Standards!!!  

Facebook Faces Lawsuit on C... by on Scribd

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