31 August 2013

KingCast Presents Sweet Pea and Dav: A Boy and His Dog.

Y'all remember my impromptu visit with my pals from '72 Dav and his sister Vez on my cross-country jaunt from earlier this summer. It is simply sublime to hang out now so many miles and so many years from our origins in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

29 August 2013

KingCast Observes: As Boston Primary Approaches, DA Dan Conley and Jake Wark Still Hide From Simple Questions.

Same shit different day with these two. Weeks have passed by while Jake Wark's latest proclamation to "check his calendar" goes stale. See the movies below..... Boston Mayoral Candidate Dan Conley claims to be "as transparent as [he] can be," but in reality the only transparency is that we can see right through him. He can dodge me all he wants to but there will come a day when I catch him in Boston, in a public area, where he cannot hide. Speaking of Primaries, see the primary journal entry.

27 August 2013

KingCast and Mortgage Movies FOIA Demand on Kelly Ayotte: Proof That She Returned the $10K Tainted Taxmasters Senate Campaign Donation.

Note the tracked U.S. Mail envelope, above. Also there is video and audio from each phone call I made to Kelly Ayotte's office, Ryan Williams at the NH Republican Committee and Jack Middleton and Jennifer Parent at the law firm of McLAne, Graf et al.... as they represent Friends of Kelly Ayotte because Kelly used to work there as did U.S. Magistrate Landya B. McCafferty, of course remember the back door Federal Recusal relative thereto.

ABC News reported last year that Taxmasters and scumbag front man Patrick Cox got socked with a $200M Jury Judgment and they have since filed for bankruptcy. Now I lost track of this but KingCast, along with a few other journalists with chutzpah noted three years ago that Kelly Ayotte had taken a $10K campaign contribution from Taxmasters even though they were at the time under investigation by the Texas AG. This is because Senator Kelly Ayotte has been politically pimped like most of her associates and they are all bought and sold by Goldman Sachs, etc. at noted herein (Open Secrets campaign contributor list) the Fab FabriceTourre journal entry and video.

Be that as it may, Kelly Ayotte's campaign wonk Jeff Grappone unequivocally stated as quoted in the Victoria Advocate regarding Taxmasters:
"If they're found to have violated the law, we'll return the contributions immediately," said Ayotte campaign spokesman Jeff Grappone.
Keep in mind that Grappone hates the First Amendment and called the lawsuit over then NH AG Ayotte's deleted emails "an election year stunt." Now as we turn to this situation the charges were serious and that is why the Judgment was so high:
"Texas is seeking restitution for customers harmed by the company's conduct and civil penalties of up to $20,000 for each violation of the state's Deceptive Trade Practices Act. In response to the charges, the company issued a statement reported by the Houston Chronicle saying it and Cox were working with the attorney general's office to "negate any wrongful charges." "While we do charge for the services that we are hired to perform, let me categorically state that TaxMasters is not a scam," Cox said in the statement. 
 "We are not a fraud. We do not cheat people." The Monitor reported that Cox and Clamon have donated large amounts to a number of Republican U.S. senators and Senate candidates besides Ayotte.
Kelly Ayotte talks a mean game about tax reform as noted in this Apple Computer testimony but her history is clearly questionable. Now it is up to the major press to determine who the other dirtbag Senators are and to press for FOIA on them. Heck I'm just the little guy trying to help them out; I can only do so much. And don't look for Firedoglake or Daily Kos to do anything even though I told Firedoglake about this and I believe I mentioned it on NH CCTV.  They are nothing more than paper tigers who kicked me off of their boards for taking Kelly Ayotte to task on other matters because the people who run these sites -- like former CIA operative Markos Moulitsas -- are all part of the Internet mafia. Dirty rotten lying scum just like too many U.S. Senators. For more on Kelly Ayotte being bought and sold by the banking industry watch the trailers from our upcoming Sundance movie "10 Questions: America's Fraudclosure Crisis." 

24 August 2013

KingCast Presents: Hangin' With Peeps in Portland and Seattle!

Gregg Val and the Gals!
(Canon 60D + iPhone)

Another Goren Bash!
(all iPhone)

22 August 2013

KingCast Says Hard to Shoot, Harder to Edit.

I forget exactly what they are calling this hybrid. I should have written it down right when the lady at Tisane told me. Oh, well chalk it up to another Senior Moment.

15 August 2013

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Say Kudos to Earthworks Microphones for Their Assistance in "10 Questions: America's Mortgage Foreclosure Crisis."

Trailer #2 with Kit, Kelly Ayotte and former Senator and Executive Councilor Dave Wheeler. States Wheeler:
"I have 6 years in Executive Council and 6 years Senate before that..... I had called Kelly's office three times to get her to work with my constituents on this issue and ummm even as executive councilor I couldn't get an appointment with her..... My problem with the settlement issue is the money is not being used to help those who were defrauded, it's really being used for foreclosure counseling in the future....... Given that there was fraud on people the money should go to the people and not the State."
But wait folks that's not all: As to meritorious lawsuits against BoA recall the pending George case and the completed McCarthy cases? Well Rob Somerton and his attorneys are gathering empirical pattern and practice evidence from all 50 States. We will be coordinating our efforts so that the World public may more readily appreciate the legally and morally aberrant behavior that defines America's Fraudclosure Crisis.

Our attorneys are exploring a new lawsuit against Bank of America over mortgage fraud, they've ask me to handle the initial intake because of my extensive online social network. They're asking for a ONE page description/timeline of YOUR Countrywide/BoA Modclosure (modification/foreclosure) experiences. We are taking in stories from all 50 states, still working out the parameters/details.
Folks can pm me here on fb or e-mail
Rob - rpsomerton@gmail.com
 — with Lainey Hashorva and 50 others inUnited States.

Trailer #1 with Cynthia.

Focus on this NH journal entry. Making a good documentary requires optimal sound. And boy do they ever provide it; we sound better than NPR!

I'm waiting on former Executive Counselor Dave Wheeler for my next interview. This is going to be a scathing indictment of the banking industry and our elected representatives and the actual impact that foreclosure fraud has had in New Hampshire.... the State that votes first.

Earthworks website; Stevie Wonder might be blind as a bat but he knows how he likes his music to sound and he depends on Earthworks to get it right.

09 August 2013

KingCast and Blackstonian and the Entire Boston Black Community Say Hell No to DA Dan Conley for Mayor: Arrogant, Disrespectful and Racist First Amendment Hater.

That's what you get for being an asshole Dan, you and Jake Wark. You could have been more than a contender but in the end you're just a pretender and you can kiss my black ass, the both of you. You newbies watch the videos and get your background here.

Conley: "You know something... I don't have to talk to anybody...."  

KingCast: "Guess what Dan: The voters don't have to vote for anybody in particular either, particularly not you."

The man said "I'm as transparent as I can be...." and the voters indeed saw right through him.
Now with respect to the so-called all black debate (Felix Arroyo is not black to my knowledge) I am of mixed mind. Boston Firefighter Dispatcher and general do-goodnik (and journalism school graduate) Frank Sullivan telephoned me today to ask my opinion.....because he values my contributions on this matter. Much more on that come Tuesday morning; watch this space. Meanwhile Boston Globe reporter Joan Vennochi has thus far declined comment, much like Jake Wark and Dan Conley.

PS: My girlfriend was on that Orange Line train when Frank went after the perp. I started telling her the story and she perks up: "OMG was that on the Orange Line?" "Yes." Small World indeed.

Dear Reporter Vennochi:

Re: Your Column on "Short Sighted All Black Mayoral Debate."

I have been a reporter or predominately First Amendment/Civil Rights lawyer for quite some time now, like a quarter of a century. A Boston area columnist by the name of Frank Sullivan just interviewed me regarding the matter and I told him that while I may not have done it that way I can certainly see why it was arranged that way: You have people like DA Dan Conley pretty much refusing to fully answer any questions about minority retention for weeks on end, then flatly proclaiming that his office is a shining star of Diversity.

Ma'am the facts tell a different story, going all the way back to the Dan Talbot murder trial where Dan and Jake Wark were COMPLETELY UNPROFESSIONAL toward me and are continuing to be so as they avoid talking with me, even after I ran video in their office. I was polite professional and respectful each and every time yet still disrespected by these white men of privilege who seem to believe that I don't matter either because I am now small press or because I am black, either way that's a poisonous, bigoted approach I am certain you'll agree. The videos don't lie:

So having been in touch with Mr. Crawford I told him I do ultimately support the event, even though he is NOT an organizer and HAS NOT usurped anything from anyone involved:

He told me that you were very reluctant to address his concerns about the way your story portrayed him. 

In the interests of fairness before I go into production with a video addressing this matter I thought it only fair to offer you the opportunity to speak. You may address me in writing here or telephone me at the number below, thank you.

And when I say production, I don't mean a full scale professional setup like the NH Mortgage Movies event but still something very insightful.


Christopher King, J.D.
http://KingCast.net -- Reel News for Real People
http://MortgageMovies.blogspot.com -- Documenting Deceit

PS: Felix Arroyo clearly identifies as Hispanic to my knowledge. If you have other knowledge please advise.

Same shit different day with these two. Weeks have passed by while Jake Wark's latest proclamation to "check his calendar" goes stale. See the movies below..... Boston Mayoral Candidate Dan Conley claims to be "as transparent as [he] can be," but in reality the only transparency is that we can see right through him. He can dodge me all he wants to but there will come a day when I catch him in Boston, in a public area, where he cannot hide.

Look at Jake Wark laughing as Dan Conley gives me the Royal snub. Then listen to our phone call with his little "I'll check my schedule" routine. With all due respect Jake the time to check your schedule would have been two days earlier when I walked my blass ass into your office, camera rolling and specifically stating mty concerns and questions while you were sitting there on the goddamn phone listening. You guys really are showing your true cowardly and racist colors and I will tell it to your face, which is exacly why you won't grant me an interview. Sadly, disrespect of the media is nothing new for Jake Wark, as Boston's David S. Bernstein noted four (4) years ago in his Boston Phoenix "Letter to Jake Wark and His Boss."  So maybe they're not just racist, but are jerks in general. There, whew not THAT'S a comforting thought.

Put your Big Boy pants on an man up boys. Being a public officer means you have to field questions from journos for whom you have little regard. But if you're not men enough for that I'll just fill in the blanks myself.

It's one thing to be an ass. It's completely another to be a dishonest ass. In addition to what is noted in this video, other media and I have raised the issue of his receipt and retention of money from his subordinate's families..... just like Bill Albrecht, another jackass DA I smoked back in the Day....   
"Allegations included Albrecht displaying intimidating behavior with certain employees, breaking into tirades, belittling employees and asking employees to use county equipment and time to drum up support for his campaign...among other things." 
 Now I flew in from the West Coast in part to address this man's bullshit:
Commonwealth checking in with KingCast, as they are wont to do. 
I love the Internet; I can stay up close and personal with DA Dan 
even when I'm 3,200 miles away.

Cocaine? Of Course cocaine is implicated. Just watch.

"I don't have to talk to anybody!"
Bellows Dirty DA Dan Conley.... with a patent air of haughty insouciance as his 
Pee Wee Herman sidekick Jake Wark looks on and laughs like a hyena on coke. 
They laughed at, and muzzled African-American Studies Professor Tony Van Der Meer too. Read Dan Kennedy's Boston Phoenix Muzzle Awards. Now Dan and I have an interesting relationship. He can't be too close to me but he knows damn well I am right and he should have hosted me at his classroom but that sort of thing will never happen in Boston, right. The sad thing is by not giving me more air time over events like this Kennedy is giving negative reinforcement to Dan Conley by underexposing his true nature under pressure. And see, I gave Dirty DA Dan plenty of pressure because I have it on substantial belief from trusted sources that those Revere Cops were blowing rails that night when Dan Talbot was shot and killed. I called him on it but he hid behind the privacy statue on the toxicology reports watch the video.

As to my credibility on cocaine and other drug allegations I'm dead on. I was the only media source to publicly display the police report in the Quincy Road Rage Jennifer Bynarowicz - Robert O'Connell -- Joey Fasano saga. Watch the Courtroom video (still above LOL) where I openly question Fasano's lawyers about the "recreational cocaine" that Firefighter Fasano never was charged with. Oh DA Dan how we could have used you then!

So then here's Dirty Dan some 3 years after his altercation with me:

"I'm as transparent as I could be....."
Really? You don't look too transparent in the first video do you Dan?
Some people are making apologies for Dan Conley by saying he was being baited during this week's dust up at Flames. Poppycock. All I did was move to ask him a delicate but important question at the Dan Talbot murder trial and he completely disrespected me in spite of the fact that I was an assistant state attorney and wrote for major press and had court clearance from the Presiding Judge.  Watch my prior coverage. So I've got a little something special for him coming. I'm about to edit several video clips to show the real Dirty Dan, who clings to the appointment of one high level black woman who left his office eight (8) years ago as indicia of a diversity program. He shouldn't even make the primary.

Blackstonian "Implosion of Dan Conley Saga of Dirty Dan."

Boston Magazine "Dan Conley Didn't Have a Great Monday."

Boston Globe Coverage "Conley Loses Temper and Respect of Voters."

Credentials Dan? I'll show you some credentials, boy.

PS: As a side note, Casey Sherman and I go a ways back... to the Franconia shooting tragedy -- but I bore no compunction to tell him that DA Dan is an asshole even if he did good on Casey's seminal work in the Boston Strangler case. Casey looks good. He's lost weight and the fu manchu works well on him. Watch all of the videos with Casey, Franconia PD Bradford Whipple and Yours Truly right here and right here. You see Casey gave me the cover art for Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains before anyone else, and I in turn did a more thorough job investigating Kelly Ayotte's coverup than anyone else. The facts are all on the Internet but I don't want to take too much away from the issue at hand, which is of course the fact that DA Dan Conley is an asshole.
From Casey Sherman's book,
"Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains."

KingCast Presents: Bikes and Berries on Bainbridge..... and More!

Hey, she's thinking about a smile.
When you're stuck with me it can be rough!

KingCast and Leonard Webb Present: Ethnic Online Quarterly Magazine Reception August 2013.

I edited a montage in anticipation of the Quarterly Launch 
at Sculler's Jazz Club, 13 August 2013.

About Ethnic Online

Ethnic Online is New England’s Magazine for and about Ethnic Professionals in the New England area.

Our readers are guaranteed to be motivatedinspired, and educated by the various articles on HealthFinance,FashionHomeEthnics in Politics and a variety of intriguing stories, while being virtually connected to “like-minded people” and events throughout New England.

In addition to the quarterly features mentioned above, Ethnic Online will showcase its signature pieces, “Ethnic Gems” and “Ethnic Gems in the Making,” which profile the accomplishments and contributions of establishedEthnic professionals as well as those of the many students excelling in their studies in New England’s colleges and universities.

07 August 2013

KingCast v. Tricky Dick.

CW has it you cannot trust a man who wears shoes on a beach. 
At least I have an excuse.

KingCast iPhone Drive By: On Set With Bryan Campbell's The Bond.

An iPhone drive by at one of this season's most highly-anticipated indie films.
These are some cool cats; I look forward to the screening!
The Bond Kickstarter.

06 August 2013

KingCast Presents: Dinner's Up!

The $5 Lobster Tails are back!  And the World's
 simplest cole slaw.... red cabbage, carrot shavings, shredded spinach, some lemon, a sprinkle of brown sugar, some phony safflower mayo.

05 August 2013

KingCast Presents: Growing Up Cleveland Heights Style!

Not a shade of racism in sight. At least not in our homes.
Shade of racism, LOL.

01 August 2013

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Celebrate as Goldman Sachs' Fabulous Fab Fabrice Tourre Found Liable for Mortgage Securities Fraud, but what about Sex Trafficking and Everything Else?

From the L.A. Times. Of course we all know that this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. After all, Goldman Sachs even got booed at last years NYC Civil Rights HRC gala. And they didn't give a shit about sex trafficking, and everyone knows that Citibank launders Mexican drug money. They couldn't get away with this stuff without government complicity. And by government complicity I mean people like U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte:
On April 1 2012 I specifically warned reporter Nicholas Kristof to delve into the relationship between Kelly Ayotte, Northern Leasing, Goldman Sachs and several ongoing bundles securities scams, including Vericomm and Northern Leasing and Lease Finance Group after she ignored reports of fraud against small merchants all throughout New Hampshire. This in addition to her bogus mortgage foreclosure fraud task force and such.

A former Goldman Sachs trader who earned the nickname "Fabulous Fab" was found liable Thursday in a fraud case brought by federal regulators in response to the 2007 mortgage crisis that helped push the country into recession.
A jury reached the verdict at the civil trial in Manhattan federal court of Fabrice Tourre — a French-born Stanford graduate described by Securities and Exchange Commission lawyers as the face of "Wall Street greed." Tourre's attorneys portrayed him as a scapegoat in a downturn caused by larger economic forces.
Tourre, 34, was found liable in six of seven SEC fraud claims. He faces potential fines and a possible ban from the financial industry. The exact punishment will be determined at a future proceeding.
The SEC had accused Tourre of misleading institutional investors about subprime mortgage securities that he knew were doomed to fail, setting the stage for a valued Goldman Sachs hedge fund client, Paulson & Co., to secretly bet against the investment.
The maneuver ended up making $1 billion for the hedge fund and its president, John A. Paulson, and millions of dollars in fees for Goldman. The SEC also sought to show that it helped earn Tourre a bonus that boosted his salary to $1.7 million in 2007.
On the witness stand, SEC lawyers confronted Tourre with a January 2007 email that they said deliberately misled another institutional investor about Paulson's short position in the investment called Abacus 2007-AC1.
Asked repeatedly if the information in the email was "false," Tourre responded, "It was not accurate."
He added: "I wasn't trying to confuse anybody; it just wasn't accurate at the time."
Leaving the courtroom Thursday, SEC lawyer Matthew Martens said, "We're obviously gratified by the jury's verdict and appreciate their hard work."
Tourre left the courthouse without speaking to reporters. His attorney also had no immediate comment.

KingCast Presents Ataraxia Design's Boone, my Favorite Living Doggie!

Of course my favorite doggie is Keje (RIP) however this little fella is da bomb! Stay tuned for a short vid on the dogs of Bellevue Arts Fair 2013 (video). Here is Ataraxia Designs FB. And the fella walking Boone sells the best soap I've ever used, I'll have to look him up so I can share his info. He is wearing an Ataraxia shirt by the way.