30 March 2013

KingCast Sees U.S. Court of Appeals Reading up on Hon Magistrate Landya B. McCafferty as Time Draws Near for Oral Argument in KingCast v. Kelly Ayotte, NH GOP & Nashua PD, First Circuit Ct. App. 12-1891.

Note: It could be the DIstrict Court but I doubt it. Last week we had the Executive Office of the United States reading up so there's nothing shocking about this development. Stay tuned to see what happens to my request for Oral argument on the KingCast v. Kelly Ayotte Free Press/First Amendment Appeal..... you know the case where Magistrate McCafferty slammed me at the TRO argument without disclosing that she and Kelly both used to work underneath BOTH of my opposing counsel, Jack Middleton and Jennifer Parent. 

I'm not stupid.... a little slow on uptake at times, perhaps but I figured it out. Thing is, any first year lawyer will tell you (and my Fed lit experience as Assistant AG and in private practice reminds me) I never should have had to ask. Kelly and her crew basically hand-picked a Judge. Here is my Appellate Brief in 12-1891 and here is my Reply Brief. And by the way, they are not just reading a little bit... they are reading.... a LOT.  Look below the fold to see what they are reading and what pictures they are reviewing: Cerfnet ( [Label IP Address]    1 returning visit

KingCast Sees West Virginia Jackass Judge William Watkins, III Suspended from Bench.

Anyone who has litigated for more than half a year has encountered a jackass judge, either directly or by and through his or her peers. Every now and then, those judges whose conduct besmirches the legal community are brought to Justice, or some approximation thereof. Here is the story of one such Jurist, read more below the fold.

29 March 2013

KingCast and Betty J. King Memorandum in Support of Robert B. Davis Motion to Intervene in Shafer v. Bremby Title XIX Medicaid Lawsuit, 12-CV-00039.

To comprehend the magnitude of this you need to read this journal entry with POTUS, the Department of Justice and Homeland Security checking me out and consider this:

The Court is totally jacking us around... no decisions on our Motion to Intervene or Motion for Rule 11 Sanctions or Motion to Strike Supervisor Affidavit in six months, now the trial is coming.... and the Defendant already admitted the processing delays were their fault and I showed it to the Court..... look at the goddamn 20 July 2012 email from case worker Diane Wood to Yours Truly..... there were more emails like that one that I don't have anymore because of the way that the State issues them they expire if you don't save them, but something told me to save that one.... anyway and now someone else moved to intervene so I supported their last minute application.... let's see what happens next on the road to KingCast Justice.....

27 March 2013

KingCast presents: The Kitchen.

A nice Newton, MA family gets their new kitchen on..... after planning carefully for several years. The results, as lensed through a variety of cameras and telephones, are exemplary.

25 March 2013

KingCast presents: Huskies again and again!

Below are some of the previous Huskies who have graced Chris King's First Amendment Page:

KingCast presents: "Turbo Prop!"

I am glad to report that no arrests were made in the taking of this photograph.

KingCast says wowzers, it is always interesting when Homeland Security and the Executive Office of the United States is (again) reading your journal page because of your mom's Title XIX lawsuit against CT DSS wonk Roderick Bremby, in Shafer v. Bremby 12-Cv-00039.

4 April 2013 Update: Homeland Security is back, reading this journal entry. Read below the fold and watch Floyd lunge at me with a deadly weapon as he was being arrested for being a jackass after his conviction for criminal gun threats toward his elderly female neighbor Alma Jean Boisvert, who wrote to tell me about it.

Update: Now the U.S. Department of Justice is in on the game....President Obama and staff sign in here often. This time they are reviewing Magistrate Judge Landya B. McCafferty, who in my opinion did a great thing last month to expose sexual harassment in NH Courthouses, but who also in my opinion did a bad thing some time before that, in my First Circuit Appellate First Amendment Free Press case against Senator Kelly Ayotte. You may recall that Her Honor never advised me that Kelly worked at the same law firm within a year of her, and that Jennifer Parent and Jack Middleton supervised both of them. Jack and Jenn are my opposing counsel, whoops.
Now as far as Homeland Security goes, who and what prompted them to run a Google search for "Christopher King + Medicaid?" Why are they so concerned about little ol' me.... methinks their time would be better spent investigating the lies of Defendant Bremby. So why are they checking in on me while I am still waiting for Judge Alvin W. Thompson to slam CT DSS wonk Roderick Bremby for lying about my mother's Title XIX Medicaid application..... All I can say folks is that I am not violent, and I haven't violated any laws nor do I intend to become violent or violate any laws. Just want Justice. See my latest journal entry on Betty J. King Motion to Intervene in Shafer v. Bremby, 12-CV-00039. Recently yet another Motion to Intervene was filed by Sheldon Toubman on behalf of Robert B. Davis, with the same set of operative facts.... endless delays with no explanation. Here's part of the Affidavit of his daughter. Now as to why Attorney Toubman has not trumpeted my Mother's claim, that probably has to do with politics and as we know, politics should have no place in our legal system, ahem.

BTW I have tried to help the Department by notifying them of Greg Floyd's ongoing violation of 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) but they didn't give a damn even though he publicly admitted to me that he murdered Liko Kenney. Look at this guy in action. Hell, I even talked to VP Joe Biden about it, and he made promises that never came to fruition.

Executive Office Of The President (
Department Of Homeland Security (

24 March 2013

KingCast says stay tuned for a heavy Cody Eller/Eugene Stahl motorcycle road rage/Laurie list hearing tomorrow at Hillsborough South!

Photo courtesy Jennifer Wolf

Here are two key recent videos, including one where the Court, by and through Judge Jacklyn Colburn, acknowledges that the State has not provided all of the relevant information as they were, and are, statutorily required to do. As you can see there's a lot of time invested in this. Whatever happens it is going to send a minor shock wave across the State. Here is the conviction and general update journal entry.

Here is what happened this morning, via my KingCast correspondent Monica Flux and video/stills crew, more on that forthcoming. KingCast: I'm still there even when I'm 3,000 miles away!

Our phone conference reveals:

Sentencing is still pending amidst Motions to Set Aside the Verdict and for New Trial. The courtroom was closed for portions dealing with the Laurie list issue. If the Court sets aside the Verdict then the State will have to face Double Jeopardy arguments if and when they move to try him again. Watch for the Court to work something where the Verdict is set aside and a Plea Deal is reached.

KingCast note: I am aware that the Court has denied my request to unseal the Laurie list portion of the case, but did it in such a way that didn't really address my arguments, surprise, surprise. I'll share a copy of that Order soon.

There were recent communications between Court and Def. Attorney Jeffrey Kaye regarding either sentencing New Trial Motions or Laurie list information.

[Attorney Kaye] stated during the public portion of the hearing:

"This officer has a history of excessive force and lying that is pertinent for the public to know about."

There were three subpoenas issued... the State continues to maintain it was an innocent mistake that information was not provided. The State downplayed the nondisclosures even though they failed to do what the Court explicitly told them to do in the first place, i.e. provide all of the information. Her Honor stated that she has now reviewed the entire file.

"It's not the liar list, it's the Laurie list," said Prosecutor Kent Smith.

"How can they all determine was is relevant to the case?" said Attorney Kaye.

That Judge..... I don't even think she can wrap her brain around it but [Attorney Kay] kept hammering at it....... it's clear she doesn't want this coming out because she is part of the establishment, law enforcement..... as a layperson it seems to me that it's even above the prosecuting attorney's head or that they want to believe it will just go away. She looked so vacant, but maybe they just have good poker faces..... The hearing was continued for a date not certain. Says Flux, "Boy that Judge just did not have time for this... she did not want to hear it.... The prosecuting attorney got frazzled... she was very shaken."

Well they are both going to hear it because I, and perhaps Attorney Kaye will be filing Petitions with the Supreme Court. And in New Hampshire you can file Supreme Court briefs on Constitutional issues at any point in time, so I will get to it soon.

First movie

Second movie

2 years pass.... More movies:

KingCast and Syd Barrett say "Shine on You Crazy Diamond!"

I just stuck this here so I can find it quickly when I go for a ride later this morning, perfect. There is just so much history behind this song.

Related: Goodnight Syd Barrett.

22 March 2013

KingCast and Ol' Yaller Say "Don't Fire Till Ya See the Whites of His Eyes!"

Breaker one-niner we got us a nigger done past us on a yella Triumph so fast...
 all I could see was the whites of his eyes.... And that big nigga' smile lol !!!!!

24 March update:
A young black man (mid 20's) walks into a local gas station at 2:05 a.m....
"Is that your bike running out there?"
"My father, he has the same exact bike."

20 March 2013

Revere MA Slumlord Gerry Leggiero Gets a Courthouse Shocker as YouTube protects a slumlord and his slandering friends.

OK so here's an update to the latest bullshit from YouTube: Just because someone appears in a YouTube video who doesn't want to be in it, they can make YouTube strike your video.... which is complete and utter bullshit, particularly when you are covering a  public court event, right. So what I did was, I went into the video and made some gross edits that addressed their purported concerns, and put it right back up there. 

Keep in mind that even though I am a YouTube partner there have been times when I could not post videos from my primary KingCast65 or Christopher King account, for no reason whatsoever.... in addition to the Supertramp fiasco (see more at Pink Floyd Network) in which I was twice cleared by the record company but still got my videos yanked from YouTube. The only reason I changed the video is that I just don't have time to litigate this shit but they are completely in violation of the Hudgens/Pruneyard analysis and I may one day come back and sue them, but right now I am too busy for their little games.

YouTube actually removed the original video so I made a new one. 

Here is your back story. Don't worry there will be litigation and it will be restored, and there will be more videos on this very subject. To date I have had now two video taken down out of nearly 700 posted. This is complete and absolute bullshit. Here is one woman's story about how she won.

YouTube has a habit of making it impossible to reply to them when someone issues a privacy complaint so your video gets a strike and a take down even though the person who issued the complaint in this case clearly defamed the tenant who is being unlawfully evicted. They can go to hell because I wrote their attorneys before on another censorship issue and I am putting this video right back up and going right back at them, and I will indeed sue them over this nonsense and sent them a Hudgens warning before: 

The subject of this video concerns a PUBLIC COURT CASE with public allegations..... meanwhile the complaining party uttered comments on the video that accused the tenant of being promiscuous and a drunkard and using public money to buy booze and illicit drugs. Eventually there will be a lawsuit over this and YouTube had goddamn better be ready to turn over the original files or there will be some heat like they can't believe because I won't stand for this bullshit.

Uh-oh.... a channel closed down.....somebody running scared after Defaming Ms. Surface:

Dear YouTube Staff Attorneys and Reviewing Support Staff:

I have received notice of an alleged privacy violation. It is completely bogus.

These are people leaving a public courthouse after a public hearing and my reporting has absolutely nothing to do with their personal lives. I have never once lost a First Amendment case on defense, and I win most of them on the offense. This is a frivolous argument that must be summarily denied.

Furthermore, I am 99% certain that the originator of the complaint is the same person who created a YouTube video page with the sole purpose to fight this video. That individual slandered Ms. Surface (who is of course a private figure) by publicly stating that she was promiscuous, buying alcohol with government assistance money and doing drugs in her apartment. You can see the responses from others to the comment:

Clifford Pisano
Bella,you have no clue, you are either related to Gerry,work for the City,or are just some ass that doesn't like people in general, what you say is slander against Stephanie,I have known her for years, i used to cross her kids at a school in Revere.I have never seen her under the influence of alcohol , besides it is legal, you should shut your PIEHOLE and unless you have the facts on this case you need not apply your comments to this.Chris is a good friend of mine whom gets the facts out.
 ·  in reply to bella83078 (Show the comment)
  • Really??? Drunk?? Drugs?? Promiscuous?? Where's the proof??? You don't have any cause it DOESN"T EXIST!!!! BTW Isn't that defamation...??? Gerrardo is a SLUMLOD, and a PERVERT! IF in fact I WAS promiscuous, .I wouldn't be going through an EVICTION!
     ·  in reply to Christopher King (Show the comment)
Christopher King
And not only that, if some of your allegations were true then they should have been on the goddamn Notice to Quit, right. You Madame, are the CLUELESS one, but I subbed to your channel that you just created today just so I can keep a watch on you.
You know, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.... the Art of War, that sorta thing.
 ·  in reply to bella83078 (Show the comment)

I told this person that if and when the landlord alleged those facts in Court I would report it, otherwise shut the hell up.

Come today the comments were removed, but you have them on your server and I would like to have you produce them immediately. If not now it will happen soon because Ms. Surface has an Attorney so wait for the subpoena.

The movie stays up.

Thank you.


Christopher King 5:23 PM (0 minutes ago) to tml, dcp, ejb, jjf, jlh, reg, staci, sjccountyclerk, SJCReporter, Elizabeth.Bouv., joan.kenney, RMeketon, scorcoran, Clifford, stephanie, kalila, dkrassnoff, seth, gene, Lee, Jodi, richieireton, abenson, sinman, wgould 

And another thing Miles: I am on the west coast for about a month, but I will return on or about 20 April, 2013. If I don't see that the repairs have been done by her, or at a minimum that they have been written up and documented by Inspectional Services I am going to be at your office again, and I will not be alone. And it will not be pretty. You won't have enough cops to get rid of us and my cameras are going to be rolling hard. Your move. 

The movie speaks for itself.

Note: The City of Revere is to blame. She contacted housing inspectional services and they didn't do anything. This is their history, Google Clifford Pisano + Revere 525 Beach Street and CERCLA + EPA. Councilor Ira Novoselsky might as well be on the take, that's why he shoved my camera and yes man Miles Kennedy and the Mayor's Office called the police on me. These people are a joke, or a crying shame. That's all right boys, I've got your number, but good.

Ms. Surface has her own YouTube page with a movie that I re-shot and added for segments of today's fiasco at Chelsea District Court. Basically the landlord is up shit creek without a paddle, the place is foul and in desperate need of repair but the corrupt City of Revere lets it all slide. I don't, nor do you.... that's why you're watching it all go down right here at KingCast.net and Chris King's First Amendment Page!

Christopher King 8:57 AM (0 minutes ago) to tml, dcp, ejb, jjf, jlh, reg, staci, sjccountyclerk, SJCReporter, Elizabeth.Bouv., joan.kenney, RMeketon, scorcoran, Clifford, stephanie, kalila, dkrassnoff, seth, gene, Lee, Jodi, richieireton, abenson, sinman, wgould 

 Good morning Miles... Mr. Yes Man. Explain this one away will you. Remember, I was a zoning and regulatory manager in New England and in the South, so I know damn well that your code inspectors might as well be on the take. To hell with the lot of you. You can call the cops on me every day but I've still got the drops on you. Wait until Clifford Pisano gets a lawyer on his wrongful termination case where Tommy Ambrosino and his gang fired him after he engaged in protected activity and started a union for the crossing guards. Tommy Boy contrived a bogus criminal complaint against him and you and the current administration affirmed it last week because you're a Yes Man, how high boss. 

Have a nice day, LOL you creeps.

19 March 2013

KingCast says "Presto.... New Girlfriend!"


KingCast visits Judge's chambers in CT Eldercare/Title XIX lawsuit of Shafer v. Bremby lawsuit 12-CV-00039.

Note: iPhone movie forthcoming. I ventured down to Hartford, CT yesterday on Ol' Yaller, checking on some tuning issues before spring hits here in New England (if that ever happens, right). My original purpose was to take my mother for a hand procedure to address her muscle spasms attendant to her Alzheimer's. But then several interesting things developed:

First, my old Hawken School friend and tennis pal and current FB friend David Feingold turned out to be the treating physician, so we got caught up a bit.

Second, he showed me how to upgrade my mother's wheelchair through a certain program that takes three (3) months because you have to work with the government, ahem. So now Mom and I will have matching Acidic Yellow hotrods, neat. She can still walk with assistance and will also maintain a regular wheelchair that she can paddle about in to maintain leg activity but for eating and lounging about this model will be much better for her posture.

Third, I decided that I would visit chambers of Judge Alvin Thompson, who has been issuing final pretrial orders but not yet addressing the Betty King Motion to Intervene or for Rule 11 Sanctions that I issued. I made it clear that I was not there for any sort of ex parte communications but that I was concerned because here we are with final pretrial matters being set by the Court and we're still left in the dark. I filed these because it is patently clear that DSS Commissioner Roderick Bremby and his staff and lawyers -- including CT AG George Jepsen -- completely lied when trying to claim that our Title XIX Application was not timely filed as of 15 December, 2011. Watch the movie and read everything in this journal page entry to see that case manager Diane Wood even admitted in July, 2012 that the problems were all on THEIR END.

Be that as it may, as we all recall, I was locked out of any and all court proceedings without explanation even though I am right and even though Connecticut law makes it clear that I am entitled to stand in her shoes as Power of Attorney and Attorney-in-Fact because of her incapacity.

Fourth, I am pretty sure that I opened the door on my way out for Judge Thompson's law clerk, Jennifer Sykes as pictured. Small World, indeed.

You see as I note in the iPhone movie I am certain I am pissing off a bunch of people but I don't care because I am not doing anything wrong. The Defendants, on the other hand, are doing plenty wrong. It's just up to the Court to do the Right Thing. I am told that an Opinion and Order should be going out soon, so stay tuned.

Note: Some folks were following and taking a keen interest in the Jennifer Sykes photo:

Comcast Business Communications ( [Label IP Address]    11 returning visits
United States FlagWest Hartford, Connecticut, United States    
24 Mar18:13:42
24 Mar18:16:21
24 Mar18:16:26


16 March 2013

KingCast sees Triumph recall a shit-tonne of 675 Motorcycles for Regulator/Rectifier failures.

I have spoken of this issue before in the Hinckley 955i buyer's guide. Here it is they finally admitted the problem in fall of last year. NHTSA #12V445000. Don't get me wrong, these are some of the sweetest motorcycles on the planet, I'm just saying nothing is perfect and when you have a serious issue you need to admit it so that folks can continue to get on down the road and spread the company's overall Goodwill.

KingCast says "Congratulations to Bojan Markovic and Sandy Chadee on their marriage!" .... now how will Child Law Guardian Rita Kaufman and bad dad Carlos Pena attempt to use this against them is the question.

As noted in my last journal entry on this matter, everyone knows that the child wants to be with his mother, and that the child thinks Rita Kaufman is stupid. I heard him say so myself. So as to why lesbian activist Judge Debra Silber got together with Carlos Pena's mother (also reportedly a lesbian activist) and Rita Kaufman to remove the child from a fit mother and award custody to a jailbird father who had to be ORDERED to pay for child support is anyone's guess. 

Is it all about the Title IV money or is it just reverse discrimination against a straight woman?

Because whatever it is, it isn't legal and it isn't fair. And when that child gets a little older he and I are going to be doing some serious KingCast videos and he's going to have some very damning things to say about all of these people.... that will be 8-10 years from now but they will be coming. In the meantime, video forthcoming.... and congrats guys it couldn't have happened to a nicer couple!