28 December 2012

KingCast Sees Flamenco Dancer & Seattle Slumlord Savannah Fuentes Notice of Non Service Documented by King County Sheriff.

WHEREAS affordable housing is a basic Human Right, and;

WHEREAS the prevailing economy in 2013 remains depressed, and; 

WHEREAS citizens who don't own their own homes have the right to responsive landlords and clean, safe living environments; 

WE THE PEOPLE of Seattle, Washington hereby proclaim: 

That a landlord's failure to respond to a Service of Process by Sheriff, coupled with a failure to respond to same by Regular and Certified U.S. Mail shall immediately, on a showing of non-compliance, vest with all tenants the right to escrow rent monies with the City Treasury until said landlord files a Notice of Appearance in the applicable court. 

The Escrow Department shall maintain a list of noncompliant landlords on a public website to be updated daily, all interest bearing on such account is to be distributed to area homeless shelters... 

Back story here. Public Craigslist posting, check. Bad landlord, check. Fire Code violations, check. Internet off twice in two months for days on end, check. LL knowledge that Internet was essential for the tenants' workload, check. Broken kitchen appliances and repeated attempts to make YouTube remove the dirt from the Internet, check. Failure to return rent monies owed, no check. The first attempt to remove this information from YouTube was granted but that is under appeal. The second video remains for the reasons noted herein, and this new video, imploring legislation, will remain as well. Here is some back story on legislative attempts that reached the Massachusetts Senate floor in Robert Taylor's Law.

Meanwhile read the Sheriff's notice: Lights on, no answer. Calls made, no answer. Card left, no answer. Whatever the case you will be exposed and another attempt at service will be made via Certified and Regular U.S. Mail pursuant to Washington Rules of Service, then a Judgment will be had against you in Court and all of it will be thoroughly documented online to protect other innocent victims who move to Seattle based on your online misrepresentations. Dance away the heartache my friend. 

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