20 December 2012

KingCast and Briggs v. Bremby 12-CV-00324 say "Connecticut DSS wonk Roderick Bremby is up shit creek without a paddle."

CT DSS Roderick Bremby tries to buy time on Rule 11 Motion for Sanction in Title XIX lawsuit

There is a huge delay in Title XIX programs in Connecticut. DSS Commissioner Roderick Bremby and his lawyers are flat out liars, claiming that we did not complete our Title XIX application on behalf of our mother on 15 Dec. 2011 last year, but we did. Anyway in a companion case Briggs v. Bremby 12-CV-324 he got slammed on his Motion to Dismiss and on the legal theory itself, i.e. the Court found that there is an independent legal right under 42 U.S.C. §1983 how about that.

This movie is the same as the top movie but without the Rule 11 Sanctions.
Roderick Bremby up shit creek without a paddle pt. 1 -- Shafer v. Bremby 2012-CV-0039 Supplemental Memo Con... You remember how I've been telling Connecticut Federal Court Judge Alvin W. Thompson in Shafer v. Bremby, 2012-CV-00039 that Roderick Bremby was full of shit, right? You know, he and his lawyers are facing Rule 11 Sanctions for claiming that we did not complete our Title XIX Medicaid application for our mother on 15 December, 2011 when in point of fact all of the emails and logical inferences support our contention. Monsieur Bremby and lawyer Jennifer Callahan, having sold us down the river, declined to respond to the Rule 11 Safe Harbor notice so I filed our Motion two days ago. 

But meanwhile the shit is rising from a companion tributary: In Briggs v. Bremby, 2012-CV-00324 the Court firmly rejected his contention that the Statutory timelines to complete food stamp applications were merely guidelines and that they did not grant a private remedy. So now at this point we may not have res judicata but we do clearly have stare decisis, enough so that lead counsel in Shafer v. Bremby cited Briggs as supplemental authority. Meanwhile we are still awaiting a final determination on the fact that we are entitled to Intervene in this case because we have suffered palpable harms as a result of the malfeasance running rampant within the Bremby Administration. As a former government lawyer I tend to know when they are full of shit; I can smell it a mile away. This case stinks to high hell, but thus far instead of everyone owning up to it I got banned from attending a settlement conference and told that I could not run video on a public sidewalk. 
Sorry folks but I know my rights, and we are talking about my mother here so I'm just not going to back down from any of you. I will go where I go and say what I say because I know that I'm right. And that my friends, is all that matters. If more citizens knew their rights and stood firm perhaps our beloved Country wouldn't be in the shambles it is in right now. And with that, watch for the movie soon. Happy Holidays to All. 

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Christopher King said...

"Up shit creek without a paddle? .... Really Mr. King, you expect us to take you seriously when you write like that?"

In a word, yes. And here's why:

One thing I pride myself on is the fact that I help remove the mystery of the legal process for the common person. I remember as a journo I was always interviewing lawyers in one capacity or another, be it in City Council, in the courtrooms or what have you.

And I remember being mystified by the whole thing, as if it were larger than life or something.

Let me tell you, it is not. Lawyers and Judges are just ordinary folks who have learned a trade and a set of language, just as a musician or a mechanic learns his or her trade.

And believe it or not, most lawyers speak behind closed doors exactly the same way I speak on this journal page, and oftentimes worse, LOL.

So to those who criticize me you can take your HuffPost etiquette and stick it where the sun don't shine. I mean really, you don't see any of them making courthouse movies, do you?

Nope. They deal in the abstract, ethereal realms while I'm busy breaking it down and taking you right into the Courtrooms.

I rest my case.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

Briggs v. Bremby 12-CV-000324 leaves Commissioner Bremby up shit creek without a paddle.

Christopher King
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Just remember Roderick:

I didn't ask for any of this shit. All I asked for was for your department was to timely process the goddamn application, and then when you didn't, I asked for you not to lie about it.
This is all your fault, brother.