30 September 2012

KingCast and Kraftwerk present a morgenspaziergang.

KingCast and Mortgage Movies present Gregory Mackler and Kyle Lagow Qui Tam cases, unsealed and crying out for legislative reform.

1:11-cv-03270-SLT-RER (Full Complaint) New York Eastern Division United States of America v. Bank of America, NA et al. -- Brought by contractor Gregory Mackler and alleging through firsthand knowledge and observation that BoA forced homeowners away from Home Affordable Mortgage Program (HAMP, here's a nice Huffpost story) as it was more profitable to bring them into foreclosure. United States intervened and case was settled for who knows how much money and dismissed. It should be illegal for banks to keep the settlement terms private when taxpayer monies are involved in the underlying fraud and qui tam action. That is where our legislators are letting us down because most of them are part of the problem.

1:09-cv-02040-RJD-JMA (Full Complaint) United States of America v. Countrywide Financial Corporation et al. -- Brought by appraiser Kyle Lagow and alleging the widespread use of false appraisals, what a shocker.  He received $14.5M Whistleblower award as part of the $25B National Settlement. His particular case settled at $75M but all of this is of course a drop in the bucket for the banksters, just the cost of doing business. That is why in Iceland the citizens are not sheeple; they come and put these thieves and the judges who protect them in jail where they belong. Of course it's all smoke and mirrors in a way because it's like when cops go after a street hustler selling nickel bags of crack when the king pin is a banker or lawyer like Frederick Tokars, remember the scumbag who had his wife murdered in front of their children? I do. 

29 September 2012

KingCast says: "Hey... buy a Moto Guzzi V7 Cafe Racer from Kevin at Seacoast Sport Cycle!"

Or at least get yourself a new rear tyre, which is what I did today LOL. Yah the usual Dunlop Sportmax Q2.... I don't know what the best motorcycle in the World is, but today for me it is a freshly shod 2002 Triumph Sprint ST named Bessie. Here's a good Moto Guzzi V7 Cafe Racer gallery. And here's a video link to a fast 'Guzzi and several others that make a cameos at the Larz Anderson 2012 European bike show and British Iron Association's 2012 show and swap. Anyway, it's beautiful. It's slow. It handles like a dream. Well, slow is relative. Any motorcycle can go quickly enough to raise the hair on the back of your neck if you know what you're doing. And did I forget to mention it's beautiful? Damn, it sure is. Day in day out I like the Breva though. Ain't it right purdy though? Wow. Whacky Italians and their wonderful machines right.

KingCast asks: Is YouTube censoring the Civil Rights channel of a former state attorney?

As noted in yesterday's journal entry showing how Michael Holman is shaming Connecticut DCF for putting his children in harm's way with a drug-addicted mother with an extensive criminal history, I have a hard time understanding why I cannot upload videos to my primary channel.  As such, I conducted some Lexis research and located some of YouTube's primary counsel to engage them in open discussion about the matter such that we could determine the issues. Excerpt: 
I post a lot of movies about foreclosure fraud that is crippling this Country (at Mortgage Movies Journal). Many of my 500,000 views come from those movies, showing my testimony before the NH House Committee on Redress and Grievances as well as face-to-face inquiry with foreclosure attorneys and sometimes even a judge or two. It is safe to say that there is no other YouTube channel like it, and it must be protected.  
I value the First Amendment more than all others because it is what I call the gateway Amendment: You need it in order to exercise all the others. To the extent that a private corporation serves as assistant talisman in this process it has an obligation to be fair and impartial beyond the ordinary “terms of the contract” issues. Think of it as Hudgens v. NLRB (424 U.S. 507 1974) in the air, if you will. 
Prior to law school I edited the Ohio Call & Post and wrote for the Indianapolis Star. I was a First Amendment scholar at a top-50 law school, where I wrote substantial portions of a successful Supreme Court First Amendment appeal in State v Lessin, 67 Ohio St. 3d 487 (1993) I recently used the power of YouTube video to advocate for my mother to receive her Title XIX Medicaid benefits in Connecticut, where her nursing home and members of a statewide nursing home providers association have directly congratulated me on my advocacy........ Frankly I am quite certain I “piss off” a lot of bankers, judges and some of corporate America, which is all the more reason why your client, as the largest publicly-accessed shopping mall in the World, must endeavor to protect my channel, which is appropriately named: Save the First Amendment. http://www.youtube.com/user/KingCast65?feature=mhee
Now who knows, it could be a glitch, but it sure would be an oddly-selective glitch, going across two browsers, i.e. Google Chrome and Safari...... meanwhile just a bit more about what I do that merits First Amendment protection from the son of fire victim Robert Taylor:

Robert Taylor Law

28 September 2012

Video: Michael Holman slams Connecticut DCF - but YouTube upload button broken for KingCast65 (503,000 views)... but not for KingCast Franconia (49 views) how 'bout them bananers?

Fox News is covering the underlying issue and the proposed legislation on the November ballot.

I have a short film I am trying to upload showing how Michael Holman debunked each and every false allegation against him made by Connecticut DCF. They had found him to be guilty of child neglect after he reported issues of child neglect by the drug addict mother who got custody of his children in NH. NH AG Kelly Ayotte looked on while eight (8) squad cars took the children from his beautiful home in the Washington State and brought them back to the mother, who allowed one of them to ride a bike without a helmet (she had never even bought one) and he wound up IN A COMA. Kelly Ayotte, now a U.S. Senator, had the power to intervene yet did nothing as these children were taken from a good black man and given to a drug-addled white woman. 

Mr. Holman would later discover her criminal history, including a crashed car and a drug raid at the house that the courts and DCF covered up. He is keeping his cool for certain, because a lesser man would have taken a criminal route and then he would be blamed for everything, that's how the system works almost every time because the woman is basically a ward of the State. More on that later but at least some responsible NH State Reps at the Committee for Redress and Grievances are helping out.
So this week at his appeal hearing DCF testified that he had kidnapped his children and was domestically violent. He slammed them but good, with a letter from the mother authorizing him to take the children to Canada, and he pointed out the fact that he has never even been charged with Domestic Violence, much less convicted. Meanwhile the mother's sister had worked for the courts in Meriden, CT where Wendy (the mother) now resides and they won't even put his issues on the docket. This whole thing is so damn corrupt it stinks to high hell.

It is also interesting whatever is going on with YouTube... now I have no more custom thumbnail application and no recognition using my KingCast Franconia account.... hell including this one, there's only two videos there and 49 video views compared to 503,000!

Will Middlesex Probate Judge Dorothy Gibson find yet another reason to jail good dad Rick Peralta, using an allegedly canceled docket event?

Judge Dorothy Gibson does not particularly care for Rick Peralta, even though he is a fit father exposing likely abuse of his autistic son. She definitely doesn't care for me too much either and I have a court transcript to prove it but I'll save that for another day I deem appropriate. In this particular instance she had ordered Mr. Peralta to pay sanctions to a certain attorney because she didn't care for something he wrote. But Mr. Peralta insists, with documentation, that when he attempted to pay the sanctions the attorney instructed his staff not to accept payment. He presented this information to Her Honor who issued an order of incarceration anyway. 

So there was to be a hearing scheduled on the matter today, and for the past week he was telling me he had checked the docket sheet and it was marked "canceled." But to be on the safe side he went in today and lo and behold the docket reflected not only that it was still scheduled, but that it had actually been held.... at 2:40p. The problem is, he read that before the event even happened. Note my picture, above. heck this journal entry will date itself at 11:30 PST..... So now he is sitting in the hallway, waiting patiently.... still trying to figure out this jigsaw puzzle... before it rains, anymore. They need to flush the whole courthouse down the toilet, John Buonomo's theft in office was the tip of the iceberg. Too bad he still collects a pension. Your tax dollars hard at work. 

27 September 2012

KingCast prevails on CT Title XIX Medicaid application, still files lawsuit amicus brief to benefit others.

I am filing today in response to the irreparable harm comments from Commissioner Roderick Bremby in the underlying case of Shafer v. Bremby, as noted herein. I will post the entire Memorandum today in Word but for now here is my email commentary.

Christopher King kingjurisdoctor@gmail.com 8:21 AM (13 minutes ago) to .....Roderick, harp, toni.walker, gerratana.....

To all: Please note the revisions to the Memorandum of Law including, inter alia, the addition of a preamble and the deletion of fn 1. I can speak for the family in noting that we are appreciative of the Title XIX approval yesterday but I can also speak for the family in noting that my mother would definitely want this Motion and Memorandum filed for the benefit of everyone else still waiting. 

And how do I know that? Because she was my Best Friend in law school, and she saved clippings of ever Civil Rights case or issue I won. And not only that, she was one of the first people to suggest that I start on Twitter and she always, always always encouraged me to blog. In fact she encouraged me to do it back when I thought blogs were stupid. 

"Son, you fight for the people.... they need to have a voice." 

This is part of my mother's legacy. I will be filing these documents today. 

Note: As you can see, I came, I saw, I did what I had to do. There is a wealth of information about CT social services funding at this web page, and the back story to my family's heartache is here. Look for an update video today. I did not return to DSS to ask for Mr. Bremby directly because I am sure he wouldn't come down and I am not here to antagonize him. In point of fact I am told that he is taking strides to alleviate the situation. However, I am not going to allow him to misrepresent material facts in a Court of Law, and I most definitely need the Court to understand the impact this has on real people every day. That may help the Court fashion a proper remedy.

PS: You might want to check up on the appeal in Connecticut Association of Healthcare Facilities v. Rell, 3:10-CV-136 holding that the healthcare facilities do not have a property interest in pending Medicaid disbursements. This is huge because the Association had argued that forcing them to cover all of these expenses is so burdensome that it amounts to a taking under the Fifth Amendment to the United States (and presumably Connecticut's) Constitutions.  

Be that as it may, the real deal is that the State's malfeasance puts the financial whammy on the facilities such that they don't have extra money for capital improvements or raises. So just as I said, the situation does indeed have an impact on morale and therefore a derivative affect on the level of care because stress weakens everything, in much the same way as a binding brake caliper slows your car down but you don't realize it until it is fixed and then your car runs better. I used that analogy in the pleading and will post it today. As for me, having my mother finally covered is like the weight of the World has been lifted from my shoulders. Seriously, I am in post traumatic stress mode right now and pinching myself to make sure the nightmare is finally over.

I never publicly discussed this situation until this summer when an old friend of mine from Hawken School (another tennis player actually) shared with me his mother's struggles and I just flat decided the World needs to know about this, and how to fix it. That reminds me... one of my first movies on YouTube is "KingCast protects civil liberties using Hawken education." Hawken in turn wrote (or actually had already written "The little guys have a big friend in Christopher King.")
I am Christopher King, I make online movies about real people and I try to help them, and I tell my naysayers to go straight to hell, each and every one of you, including the phony First Amendment poseurs and dilettantes. And I approve this message.

26 September 2012

Martha's Vineyard & Lowell, MA corruption: Massachusetts father cannot discover result of child abuse investigation he initiated.

One fellow has some ideas about how and why this happens. I do not necessarily disagree with him. Here is some back story.

25 September 2012

Carlos Pena files false criminal complaint against Sandy Chadee and KingCast at Brooklyn's 72nd Precinct.

Oh yes he did..... you can watch the video or you can cut right to the chase in my Affidavit paras. 15-16: 

15. I maintained the same professional distance from Mr. Pena as I did with the police officers seen at Exhibit 1, a copy of the YouTube video documenting the exchange; 

16. At no point in time did Mr. Pena request the assistance from the Police with regard to me, or to Ms. Chadee even though they were standing no more than thirty (30) feet away....

Now I don't know if this guy is aware that the filing of a false criminal complaint is a crime in and of itself with civil ramifications, but I will help him discover that fact, oh yes I will. Newbies get your back story here.

KingCast presents: Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet amazing jazz at Johnny D's.

KingCast says "Good lord.... I believe there is an Australian Border Collie in my future!"

They say you tend to like the doggies you had growing up, and so that would be a Collie Husky Shepherd mix..... three great breeds, one nutty guy.

23 September 2012

KingCast and Boston Cup Classic Car Show remember when cars were cool.


Quickie video coming soon. This whole thing was impromptu and I didn't have a VIP 
so I didn't get inside stills or footage, so just a quick collage.

KingCast takes a yoga and run break!

KingCast & Mortgage Movies see a 9th Circuit split on Irreparable Harm in fraudulent foreclosure cases in Tandiama v. Novastar Mortg. Inc vs. Tabb v. One West Bank.

Interestingly enough the trend seems to be that the Courts are giving homeowners less and less protection, even though almost every foreclosure these days involves an element of fraud. Query, if getting thrown out of your home -- particularly if you have a family -- does not constitute irreparable harm (emotional and psychological and financial harms all rolled into one) then what does? That's why I encouraged U.S. AG Eric Holder, NY AG Eric Schneiderman and HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan to redouble their efforts to fight the Good Fight in the comprehensive journal entry. Well it was comprehensive then, but I have more to post about Bank of America and their fraudulent ways as noted herein. Hint: That forensic loan audit relative to Cecilia May's mortgage is going to get ugly. Very ugly. Look for it in the next day or so.

Tabb v. One West Bank, 2010 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 89049 2010 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 89049

This matter comes before the Court on Plaintiffs' Emergency Motion (#22) for Temporary Restraining Order and Temporary Injunction and Motion (#23) for Evidentiary Hearing and Order to Show Cause. For the reasons that follow, the Court concludes oral argument would not be helpful and DENIES Plaintiffs' Motions.

KingCast sees 9th Circuit approve $9.5M Facebook invasion of privacy settlement; it helps preserve First Amendment elitism in America.

Ahhhh Facebook... the necessary evil settlement link. What is even more evil is that after the $3M in attorney fees what will happen is that more of the established new old First Amendment guard will get the money. 
The settlement requires Facebook to pay more than $3 million in attorney fees, court costs, and administrative expenses, with the remainder of the money to be used to fund education about online privacy issues. This cy pres portion of the settlement is being administered by a new entity called the Digital Trust Fund, whose board consists of Chris Jay Hoofnagle, who heads the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology; Tim Sparapani, Facebook’s public policy director; and writer Larry Magid.....
Senior Judge Andrew Kleinfeld dissented. “The most we could say for the cy pres award is that in exchange for giving up any claims they may have, the exposed Facebook users get the satisfaction of contributing to a charity to be funded by Facebook, partially controlled by Facebook, and advised by a legal team consisting of Facebook’s counsel and their own purported counsel whom they did not hire and have never met. Facebook deprived its users of their privacy. And now they are deprived of a remedy.” The case is McCall v. Facebook, Inc., 10-16380.  
The Berkeley Center, like the First Amendment Center, is another one of those think tanks that is a repository of information on First Amendment and intellectual property matters.... It doesn't get down and dirty with the common folk on the streets. Similarly, some of you may remember Harvard's Berkman Center and Citizen Media Project. They are the same folks who pretend I don't exist ever since I publicly announced I was Boston Bob when I was in the process of embarrassing Harvard alum Jeffrey Denner after he got the Courts to violate former client Derrick Gillenwater's First Amendment Rights. Mr. GIllenwater brought a legal malpractice case that settled after the Court found that Denner had provided ineffective assistance of counsel. What you have in America is basically a bunch of largely (read: almost exclusively) white First Amendment elitists who run the show. I've got into it with Dan Kennedy (I will ask for inclusion to his new Boston Media Tweeters and see what happens) about this and I'm about to make a movie about it, including the fact that I have asked to be a guest speaker at his class, asked him to lunch and asked to be included in his associated clique and never got anywhere. Update: He did include me in Boston Media Tweeters and I appreciate that, thanks Dan, and no worries about your issue we discussed.
You see the truth of the matter is that people like Kennedy will always win awards like the CBS Boston's Most Valuable Blogger, while the people who are actually out here in the streets and in the Courtrooms and on the "wrong side" of the fence (regardless of educational pedigree or trial experience) will be ignored whenever possible, unless or until we make a mistake. But I don't make mistakes because I know what the hell I am doing. They have to step lightly because they are part of the machine, whereas I am smart enough to recognize that I will never be part of that machine, so I can really lay it on the line, and I take no prisoners. That's what the First Amendment is supposed to be about, remember?
I have been making my clippings along the way to prove my point. Now mind you I am not saying these folks don't do any good. Of course they do. But the larger point is that the ACLU, the First Amendment Center and all matter of purported First Amendment champions pick and play favorites and if you are not in the cadre they will ignore you to the best of their abilities. It is not strictly racial, it is also in substantial part reflective of ideology and how hard you press the establishment. For example I know they tend to ignore my brother Freeman Z (Jeffrey Manzelli) as well and he's white as the day is long, LOL. All of this is interesting because the First Amendment should not be about political bed buddies and all of that crap. The simple fact of the matter is that there are few citizens in the Country who do what I do as effectively as I do, going into courtrooms, confronting counsel on thorny issues and providing legal citation to relevant case law, all at no cost to the general public. I am the first area blogger to be registered with the SJC under Rule 1:19. I am the first area blogger who has actually won First Amendment criminal trials as an attorney. I am the first area blogger to run video of an ongoing police homicide case (the Dan Talbot Murder Trial). Hell, I help people I don't even know exercise their First Amendment Rights, remember Alderman Teeboom and me working together to change Nashua NH law and the Izzy Figueroa sweater issue in Lawrence, MA? She eventually prevailed in her issue and her mother wrote me to congratulate me for helping people to speak up about injustice. In NH that earned me a Mayoral Commendation, and in MA I told you Superintendent Wilfredo T. Laboy was bad news and I was right, he's since been FIRED in the aftermath of fraud and embezzlement charges.

I sit back as people call and email me from all over the Country thanking me for my efforts at Mortgage Movies Journal (BoA on the hook for foreclosure fraud) while all of Boston's First Amendment elite turn a cold shoulder. And that's a shame on them, not me. It's all kind of funny, because I used to worry about my lack of inclusion, then it all became clear. 

cc: Freeman Z.

21 September 2012

KingCast and Mortgage Movies welcome the U.S. Senate, again. This time they are looking into that farcical NH AG cum U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte.

United States Senate (

KingCast and Mortgage Movies salute Robert Maduri: To hell with Ferrari and any other company that thinks they can just shit on people, like Verizon or corrupt foreclosure attorneys.

Read the story below the fold. It has been retracted because of retribution and fear of litigation. Well I don't give a shit, it was public domain, I got it and I'm not giving it up. Blogger won't take it down either (I have never lost a blogger battle on publication, recall I whipped "Superlawyer" Jeffrey Denner on that when I was Boston Bob then made sure he paid his client for malpractice) and Ferrari would make a bigger stink going after a little guy like me than it's worth, so LOL guys you reap what you sow.

Unlike accomplished entrepreneur Robert Maduri I am not a gamer. Never have been never will be. I am not a Ferrari guy, never will be. I dig them, especially the vintage models, but I am more a German & Swedish guy when it comes to performance cars and my personal realistic-performance cars LOL. I am not a multimillionaire, never have been and probably will not be. But what I am is someone with a passion for motorcycles, a fading passion for cars and a permanent passion for Justice. So when I saw this young man's story about his aborted decision to purchase his second (read: back up, additional) Ferrari on Jalopnik I had to alternately frown and smile. Frowning at Ferrari and smiling at his end-around: He basically said "fuck you Ferrari," and bought himself a McLaren. Good Man. Here is how us financial mortals fight it out:

Verizon pigs who give you a refurbished phone when your Droid crashes.
Mortgage foreclosure fraud with a name partner who can't remember where he works
How Ferrari Is Losing A Generation Of Buyers

Robert Maduri, Double Clutch (Robert Maduri is looking for a new car to add to his stable, but the stodgy and stuffy Ferrari buying experience is making him look at a newcomer to the scene. — T.O.)

Time. Many people view it as an enemy, ready to snatch every person, thing and object at some point or another. Others view time as a companion, making sure we cherish each moment. I view time as a constant, something you can use to learn from and adapt. History has a tendency to repeat itself. The foolish are the ones who feel the rules no longer apply to them. One lesson learned, most successful businesses eventually fail. The most unstoppable juggernauts come to a halt. Empires fall. It's a natural progression in life. Arrogance can be one of your biggest faults in this battle.

19 September 2012

KingCast Triumph Sprint 955i daily bike check maintenance tip: Watch for grasshoppers!

I have never encountered this quasi-phenomenon amongst any of my other motorcycles but they love Bessie, a 2002 Triumph Sprint ST. Four times this season I come out to find them chillin... I have no idea why grasshoppers love this bike so much but they are there all the time and it has never happened with any other bike I've owned. Lucky for this guy I was checking my tryes as they are on the way out. Today I could say maybe it was the rainfall (you can see the front disc has rust patina) but that doesn't explain all the other ones. Kind of fun, movie later.

18 September 2012

KingCast portraits of this American life.

Two super-cool folks I happen to know and respect. Well three, actually.

Marthas Vineyard & Lowell corruption continues against good dad Peter Coleman as Josh Tucker/Lighthouse Taxi fire him with nothing in writing.

20 Sept 2012 Update: Lighthouse owner Josh Tucker did telephone me and we discussed the matter at length. From what I gleaned from the conversation he values Mr. Coleman and his work ethic but there is a potential hotbed of trouble that cannot be resolved immediately and Mr. Coleman's presence is in fact jeopardizing the operation because of a police complaint against him, be it ultimately valid or not. 

I neglected to note in the movie that yesterday was a great day for a bike ride so I stopped in to Lowell District Court yesterday to order a copy of the Affidavit in the latest TRO fiasco. Will also order the transcript. Now then, how did we get to the point where the jerk in the above video was telling me to leave the courthouse? Well first Mr. Coleman's wife issued materially conflicting statements (read: lies in my opinion) about him sexually abusing their children and hitting her. Then he goes to get the audio transcripts showing the lies and they stall him on production of these tapes all summer long (I know, I was there here is more back story with video) until she has a hearing in Lowell and gets a restraining order extended on him that was bogus in the first place. Now his employer Josh Tucker/Lighthouse Taxi is telling him he's got to fire him or they will lose their taxicab license. Apparently there is some sort of investigation going on and Mr. Coleman may be indicted.... for what I wonder? He was there to help start that company two years ago, so much for loyalty right. Meanwhile fellow cabbie Curvy Ann has driven carelessly in an argument with her boyfriend and had her license revoked on part of the island but she is still employed. Smells like a nice sexual discrimination complaint to me, especially if the stated reason for Mr. Coleman's termination is found to be pretextual, or false.

Watch the first video below when he asks the DA's office when in the hell they will be addressing his allegation that his children told him they are being struck inappropriately by a friend of the mother, Luz Liriano. That was a month ago, still nothing. The Lowell PD ran us out of town and refused to meet with him or even to accept his written complaint in any way shape or form, and I filed a complaint with Internal Affairs. I have telephoned on that matter and heard nothing. Then the DA told him not to bring cameras whenever they finally arrange for him to visit their office regarding this touching. He told them unless or until they start doing their job KingCast cameras will most certainly be present. Something is not right here, and I don't believe it is Mr. Coleman's fault.

17 September 2012

KingCast & Mortgage Movies recall the one-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street.

Yes, I was there.

KingCast congratulates Nicole Nelson on her ascension to stardom on The Voice.

I knew she was bad back in the Day (personal interviews and some video) when I met her and Dwight hanging flyers and attended some of their shows.... I was just learning how to film and post videos almost 3 years ago now. This is awesome, just awesome and it couldn't happen to a nicer person!

The Voice web page.

16 September 2012

KingCast stars as Easy Rider.

Always a fan of affordable pretzels at a good price.