19 January 2012

KingCast Presents: Busted -- Harrisburg PD Protects Domestic Violence.

The twelve-minute short film should post and fully process for viewing by 1am. I am going to bed so I can get up early to post tonights police drug bust. Here is your back story.
LE can be funny. As a former LE Attorney I can safely say that.

"What are you doing," 
"I'm running video."
As if he couldn't see that.
Anyway let me say this, as you will see in the next movie that should be up by noon: I'll be teaching more tennis this spring with an LE here in C-6, and the LE in last night's bust and the one two years ago were pretty cool and on the lenient side toward the suspects, even if the one two years ago in Somerville was kind of silly toward me, "Let's move it along," as if he had any lawful reason to tell me that. Also the LE in Nashua, NH are often completely out of control, they have too many rogues. Read about the Somerville experience, Simon Glik v. Boston, Mike Gannon, Dave Ridley and Pam Reynolds in NH in this journal entry.


Christopher King said...

My Public Information Request Email:

Christopher King to MBrownsweiger, Lisa, tonya, Tom
show details 7:02 AM (0 minutes ago)

If I don't have a response by next week you are likely to wind up in Federal Court. I've got Diversity and Subject Matter Jurisdiction and I will take you there the same way I took Senator Kelly Ayotte there.

As a former Government Lawyer I hate statespeople who bullshit me, so don't try it, just answer my questions and we will get along just fine. Otherwise you better lawyer up.

Are we clear?

Busted: Harrisburg PA Police Protect Domestic Violence.


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PS: Oh, yah, I forgot:

<a href='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqHecDEG5D8">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqHecDEG5D8</a>

Christopher King said...

PS: White balance (for stills at least, not so much for video) is a real PITA at night time with the police lights. Time for a photoshop course :)

-The Editor.

Michael Holman said...

I have got Meriden CT PD refusing to answer to any of my Internal Affairs or FOIA, so toady I have approached the Mayor as they answer to him. I spoke with the FBI who I think made a call on my behalf. They believe they can work against the citizens they are hired to protect. Man, this world need an attitude adjustment. Where are you DOJ?