01 December 2010

KingCast presents faces of consternation as the Boston Civil Rights Community vows: "We will keep Chuck Turner's fight for Justice and Equality alive!"

Chuck Turner is the 2007 winner of the Community Church of Boston Sacco and Vanzetti Social Justice Award 
.KingCast65 video regarding the expulsion vote, which was cast without any clear authority to do so, as will be duly noted shortly by the eloquent presentation of Councilor Yancey, the Councilor with more experience than anyone else in the entire room. If you want to start talking about expansion of plenary powers to take such a grand action then so be it, but Common Sense says that if the Charter intended for the Council to have such power it would be clearly enumerated. 

And oh, yah Attorney Sullivan, have your day of Glory, you spent $30K of our money to
trick a guy used to spending his own money on community projects to pick up $1,000.00. A guy with zero history of corruption or selfishness who worked for everyone in his community regardless of age, race, sex, orientation, religion or color. Even your own witness was disgusted by you and your racism and he openly said as much. And what's with all the niggers going out when somebody black is in trouble? You don't see me calling white people "honkey" or "cracker" unless or until they lead first with nigger and I stoop to their level. 

That in and of itself proves that Boston is still racist because the very same people who never see racism and say blacks are playing the race card..... are the very same people who will be the first to drop a nigger-bomb.

Sincerely, the KingCaster.......the HNIC.

But here's the thing, Counselor: You just made Chuck Turner bigger than he already was, because the Community is going to begin and sustain a vigilant, directed missive toward the Goal of Justice, and I will be right there to document it. Thanks for lighting the Fire, you threw down the Gauntlet now we will pick it up and smote you right 'cross your noggin with it.


SHE said...

Lotta white faces in that crowd...

Anonymous said...

Sad your boy lost, eh? Looks like he let his guard down...too old maybe, not spry enough to roll in today's game?

Why don't you run youngblood?

Christopher King said...

6:45 Yep

5:27 No sad at all, bro but thanks for your concern. I will run when the time is right, thanks for the vote of encouragement.

-The KingCaster.