04 November 2010

U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte, McLane Graf and Dan Mullen plagued by Ethics questions.

Kelly Ayotte's arrogance will cost her years of Federal litigation on a Constitutional Question headed straight for SCOTUS.

I see McLane was on it by 8:06 a.m. today. These cats are definitely worried about this case, but it's too late now because they didn't compromise now they either settle it or we grind it out as I expose each and every flaw in the New Hampshire legal system to the entire Free World. I've got Ridley on it now and I'll soon be hiring Internet Interns. This is the new media, this is the new journalism, this is KingCast.net, and they have stumbled into my turf, where I will systematically hunt them down, and kill them. No First Amendment Rights, no mercy for them.


Christopher King said...

I'll be seeking full disclosure on the McLane/Ayotte/Judge McCafferty relationship, KingCast v. Ayotte 2010-CV-501

from Christopher King
to bcullen@cullencollimore.com,
Christopher King kingjurisdoctor@gmail.com,

Did you all honestly think it's No Big Deal that Kelly and Her Honor both worked at McLane?

As noted, perhaps I wouldn't ask for recusal, but perhaps I would. Either way that should have been made clear from the get go, instead you all were jumping all over me about whether I laid a foundation for a couple of documents that appeared in a video.

I'll file the Request with my Amended Complaint at the top of the week.

As I warned you, everything that happens in this case will be made public. So few people in America get to see a case develop as an initial filing, watch and read the Memoranda and Orders, and track it all the way to SCOTUS.

Well now they have that opportunity, and we are all going to share in the experience with a World of watchers.

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Christopher King said...

This post begs the question: Is it hyperbole if it's true?