07 November 2010

Republican Senator-Elect Kelly Ayotte attacked by Dangerous Black Man, from NAACP, schooled on the First Amendment. Again.

More innocent white wimminz at a Kelly Ayotte/John McCain rally, terrorized by Dangerous Black Man Christopher King, J.D. Stay tuned later today for the Objections to the Report and Recommendations filed 2 Nov. 2010. Note to Defense Counsel: Your impliedly racist schtick is getting old, better try a New Game.

And while you're at it, take time to re-read the 5 Oct. 2006 Decision Denying Summary Judgment in State (Ayotte) v. King, 2005-E-430 that mysteriously disappeared from the Internet last week, but I had a copy, I always have copies. And my copy shows how incompetent Kelly Ayotte really was as an Attorney General, she couldn't even follow simple rules of Civil Procedure she was so rabid to attack a strong black Civil Rights activist. Y'all keep files on me...... and I keep files on YOU.



SHE said...

I am reluctant to bring in race. But I do see racial discrimination in the white bearded security guy's general, undefined discomfort with you.

It's not what you say, nor how close you are to Ayotte, because you're no where near. You're at the sidewalk, chatting about tennis.

YET his discomfort continues FULL FORCE, to the point of threatening arrest.

I really do believe that he experiences you as foreign, threatening, and discomforting due to the combination of you being both aggressive and black.

Christopher King said...

Well I would say "assertive and black" but the distinction is kind of immaterial given how rabid he was, even long after I was on the sidewalk.

Same sort of rabid desire that led Kelly Ayotte to attack me in 2005-E-430 so hard she violated the Rules of Civil Procedure.

I found the Decision at my apartment that had mysteriously disappeared from the web last week.


-The KingCaster.