14 November 2010

Mayor Menino takes the cue from KingCast, uses new laws to clean up Boston's Communities from deadbeat landlords..

The Boston Herald every now and then actually writes something worth reading, as opposed to purely Defamatory and racist diatribe. Today Jessica Fargen wrote:

Mayor vows to clean up blighted neighborhoods, track deadbeat owners.

As noted in my Clean Sweep Post, and in the short film we had condoms, we had sharps, vacuum cleaners, truck differentials...... all kinds of nasty things on our block and when my landlord couldn't get any response, she called me, I put up a video and emailed it to the City and Hizzhonor had that cleaning crew over to our community within 2 hours. Harness the power of KingCast Communications for your Community. Wait for the emails in the comments, I have to locate them.

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