20 November 2010

KingCast weekend update: Mass ACLU to run KingCast Jason Vassell photo for 2011 calendar, U.S. Senate Quorum Call, SCOTUS Justice Elena Kagan following KingCast tweets.

As to Jason Vassell's story, what an example of racism run amok, two white guys with extensive criminal records involving racial attacks and misogyny (pouring beer "on a whore - cunt") break Mr. Vassell's window, racially threaten him with the nigger bombs, then rush into his dorm room foyer and remain there where he defends himself with a box cutter from work. Mr. Vassell, an honor student and community volunteer with no criminal record, was facing 30 years while they didn't even charge one of the white guys. Then the media and the community got involved and things.... changed. Prosecutors Elizabeth Schiebel (a history of racism in prosecution, ask her about Demian Vennell's case) and Michael A. Cahillane are indeed "menaces to society," watch the movie because Cahillane got it twisted.

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As to the other piece, note that Quorum Call sought me out, not the other way around because I wasn't following them yet. I did not seek Her Honor, either. I just post and wait. Anyway, now you see I don't really have to be concerned with local lapdog corporate media shills like WMUR/Union Leader's Adam Harding, what a look of hate on that hater's face, hahahaaa... GOTCHA Boy. Not when I've got SCOTUS Justice Kagan, the U.S. House and Senate following my tweets and reading the Definitive Journal Entry on KingCast v. Friends of Kelly Ayotte, NH GOP and Nashua PD. You NH tools think you're going to keep this case (or Liko Kenney's case that Senator-Elect Kelly Ayotte clearly lied about) under wraps, well you've already lost. It's all downhill from here for you. And you deserve it for refusing to settle with me to allow me to ask Senator-Elect a few questions at publicly-advertised rallies held on commercial property subject to permitting and licensing.

See you here, see you at First Circuit, see you at SCOTUS, all 14 of your lawyers & support staff against me. Heck that makes me about evenly matched as one observer noted.

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Christopher King said...

And former U.S. Marshal Stephen Monier, who threatened to call the police on me as I stood on a public sidewalk, thinks he's oh-so-smart. He's got his rambling descriptions of my puportedly-disruptive behavior, well I've got the drop on that guy all right, fabricating stories and alleged threats about negroes like Ralph Holder who dare to question the NH elite white power establishment.

You guys are gonna learn -- and I'm gonna teach you, for some of you like Senator Ayotte teach you again -- that you cannot just criminalize conduct you don't like, particularly when that conduct is a black man's exercise of First Amendment Rights to question you.

Keep on spending your money to fight me though guys.

Because every day you do more and more people get to see what complete jerks you really are. I'll bet you're wondering about the 2027 Views the first version of the lawsuit garnered on wepapers in the course of the past ten days, not to mention how many people have downloaded it and are passing it around in Word.

The True Final First Amended Complaint will eclipse that by tens of thousands as we head on down the road to SCOTUS.

-The KingCaster.