15 November 2010

KingCast sends a shout out to Andre Agassi, one chill pup.

Sooo... I like to peruse Cousin Mike's rag every now and then for tennis because he doesn't cover it, and today I found Liz Clarke's wonderful short feature on Andre Agassi. I own a copy of the Mike Agassi story, and let's just say it is one of the most inspiring reads you can find, as I noted in this 2006 Agassi retirement post in which I wrote of Papa Mike: 
How he got over on the Shah of Iran to slip his passport out from the Boxing Federation makes Da Vinci Code seem like so much child's play.
As to Andre, here's a guy who revolutionized tennis, grabbed eight majors and did it all without massive power, just good clean striking, much of it on the rise.  Good stuff and yah, I had the Agassi Nikes in '90 look below I found a pic, LOL :) I am saddened to hear of his physical decline at age 40, he's a Good Guy doing lots of Good Things and really giving back to the community at-large with Steffi. We do what we can for children here in Boston, children are all that matters, by the time you get to be an adult you're an idiot, anyway. Thanks for all the memories Andre, hang in there even though I was pissed you beat McEnroe in '92 Wimbledon Semis, ahem. Nobody should have football level pain from playing tennis. In a word, that sucks.

PS: I think Tennis Channel had it all wrong, they blamed Andre for that Haitian benefit altercation with Pete, but Pete was making fun of an immutable characteristic -- the way Andre walks -- as I noted in this journal entry.  That's not cool because I believe he walks that way because of his condition. So Andre made fun of Pete being a poor tipper, that's something you can change, pardon the pun.

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