25 November 2010

KingCast presents Thanksgiving Journal Entry #1: Roxy Music's "More than this."

Oh I've got a special friends and family and NAACP LDF vs. Kelly Ayotte post coming later tonight or tomorrow, but for now I just have to stop and give some daps to what is arguably a perfect pop song. Minimalist yet evocative lyrics that fade out about 90 seconds before the end of the song give the listener plenty of time to chart exactly what the experience signifies. Though not as rowdy as the early Roxy Music, I loved this song from the minute I heard it, and I will always love it every time I hear it. It's simply sublime.
Honorable Mention: Nirvana, About a Girl, unplugged. The bluesy influence and Mr. Cobain's voice send chills down the spine.

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