21 November 2010

KingCast informs the U.S. Senate and SCOTUS Justice Kagan: Senator-Elect Kelly Ayotte and Jeff Strelzin lied about the Michael Paulhus shooting documents they had.

I have noticed that several of my journal entries have disappeared, same way that an entire journal about Kelly Ayotte disappeared several months ago as she stepped up her pace toward the Senate, abandoning her explicit promises to finish her term as NH AG. But they can't get it all, and they will never get the Paul Erwin Kish forensic reporting noting the rampant destruction of evidence. And what happened to the trajectory report that never made its way to the Courthouse? 

Read the letter from Attorneys Ayotte and Strelzin to me claiming in a pointedly-ambiguous fashion that they didn't have any responsive documents to my inquiry about the Michael Paulhus shooting that occurred just down the street from my apartment.

But that's clearly a lie because Nashua Telegraph's Andrew Wolfe noted that Senior AG Simon Brown reviewed the matter. At any rate, Kelly Ayotte allowed Nashua PD and/or the Stateys to violate Miranda and to destroy evidence in a police shooting that would cause the Union Leader to note that it was a hush hush settlement in its 19 Oct. 2007 Editorial "Gagged by Nashua." You can trust them, they are a large daily newspaper, right. 

I broke it down on 9 Sept. 2008 in this journal entry:5. You tried to ignore the Michael Paulhus case by writing, “Finally, this office has no documents which are responsive to your request regarding the Nashua PD case you referred to in your September, 4, 2008 e-mail.”

Are you trying to tell me that the paper lied when it wrote the following statements in this 16 October 2007 story:
"Ruling in the criminal case, Hillsborough County Superior Court Judge Bernard Hampsey found that police violated Paulhus' rights by questioning him without reading him his Miranda rights while he was in pain from having been shot and despite his desire to consult a lawyer; and by posing as investigators for the state attorney general's office."The attorney general's office investigated but never issued a report on the incident.”

The state attorney general’s office investigated the incident, as it does all police shootings. Senior Assistant Attorney General Simon Brown said soon after the incident that the shooting appeared to be justified, and said more recently that he does not expect that initial conclusion will change. However, Brown won’t wrap up his report on the incident until after he reviews Fauteux’s testimony in Paulhus’ trial, he told Hillsborough County Superior Court Judge Bernard Hampsey on Monday."

Note that Kelly Ayotte's office 
never sought any punishment against the Nashua PD who, at a minimum, violated Mr. Paulhus' Miranda Rights. I eventually got the documents that Strelzin and Ayotte said they did not have.

I wrote in my 
Telegraph Forum entry of 9 Sept. 2008, ""Kelly Ayotte calls Telegraph's Andy Wolfe a liar on Paulhus." -----

Kelly I'm not joking around with you. Attorney Strelzin and you should both be disbarred for your ongoing pattern of lies and deception and I want access to that file right now. And if you don't give it to me the U.S. House will make you give it to me. Are we clear?

And of course she lied again in the Liko Kenney Bruce McKay Gregory Floyd Franconia shooting tragedy, it is undeniable that she lied. 

Ladies and Gentlemen of the United States Senate, you've got a rogue Senator on your hands with Kelly Ayotte and you need to see if you can open a full investigation and impeach her for conduct unbecoming before she was a senator. Read more about her malfeasance in the KingCast v. Friends of Kelly Ayotte, GOP, Nashua PD Federal Free Press case, NH Dist 2010-CV-501.

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Christopher King said...

And former U.S. Marshal Stephen Monier, who threatened to call the police on me as I stood on a public sidewalk, thinks he's oh-so-smart. He's got his rambling descriptions of my puportedly-disruptive behavior, well I've got the drop on that guy all right, fabricating stories and alleged threats about negroes like Ralph Holder who dare to question the NH elite white power establishment.

You guys are gonna learn -- and I'm gonna teach you, for some of you like Senator Ayotte teach you again -- that you cannot just criminalize conduct you don't like, particularly when that conduct is a black man's exercise of First Amendment Rights to question you.

Keep on spending your money to fight me though guys.

Because every day you do more and more people get to see what complete jerks you really are. I'll bet you're wondering about the 2027 Views the first version of the lawsuit garnered on wepapers in the course of the past ten days, not to mention how many people have downloaded it and are passing it around in Word.

The True Final First Amended Complaint will eclipse that by tens of thousands as we head on down the road to SCOTUS.

-The KingCaster.