27 November 2010

KingCast First Amendment wins again on YouTube Review of Niggermania support of Senator Kelly Ayotte: No violation, Mr. King.

And I'm going to keep on winning, watch it Right Here.


Unknown said...


It`s mike the cabbie from that time with the T.V. Listen..having 4,000 pages indexed in google on a blogger site is great. Now how about making a little jingle off of it? Sign up for adsense and make enough to..hell give it to a defense fund for all i care. It`s just insane to have this much content and not monetize it.


SHE said...

Your claims about and presentation of that site were Reasonable, and anyone who hears you out will recognize the fact.

Same as your case against Ayotte. Reasonable.

And not especially complex.

Christopher King said...

Southie Cabbie -- Yah, I applied but with a couple hundred hits a day it will buy me a tank of gas -- for the bike, not car -- a month :)

SHE -- Correct.