10 November 2010

KingCast First Amended Free Press Complaint in 2010-CV-501 and New Movie: U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte is a bigot who hates blacks, gays, women and the NAACP..

KingCast_v._Ayotte_True_Final_First_Amended_Cpt_Senator_Kelly_Ayotte_is_a_Racist_Free_Press_hater.Wait for it. 
See also: Ridley Report series.
This is part of my closing argument at Summary Judgment and before a Jury. It's going to look funny if this case doesn't reach a Jury given the relevant NAACP v. Thompson case law and all of the facts, not to mention Public Policy arguments.

And most of this, including the commentary, is going to survive a Motion in Limine because I get to argue my opinion in Oral Argument and in Closing Statements.

I've never lost a First Amendment Jury Trial, and I don't plan to start now.

Good Day to All,

The KingCaster.


Christopher King said...

Unless of course the Court will start censoring what I argue in a Summary Judgment offering or Closing Statements, when everything I say is a matter of opinion based on my observations, relevant to the claims at hand and documented HISTORY.


Christopher King said...

McLane Graf -- the law firm of Kelly Ayotte, Defense Attorneys Jack Middleton and Jennifer Parent and Judge McCafferty (in the 90's) are reading late into the evening:

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