26 October 2010

Straight-Talk Express: KingCast makes a movie criticizing virulent racism of Niggermania and their support of Kelly Ayotte, and YouTube removes it!

Unbelievable. Good to know that the rights of racists in America are well-preserved on the Internet.... the question remains whether Candidate Kelly Ayotte protects and encourages this sort of racism. It's a valid question, given that John McCain and now Kelly Ayotte have both ejected the only black reporters at their campaign events.

YouTube videos:
1. Stephen Price. (McCain didn't even answer MSNBC)
2. Mexican Standoff, showing all 3 Free Press attacks by Defendant Ayotte.

Wherefore, I am sending this blog entry to YouTube for reconsideration, along with my email noting that I am not encouraging hatred, I've even publicly stated I would be willing to protect Niggermania's First Amendment Rights as a clerk, journalist or lawyer, in the spirit of Brotherhood.

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