22 October 2010

NH Banking Commissioner to grill Kelly Ayotte on FRM after KingCast grills her on the First Amendment, Free Press lawsuit.

She's a busy lady, on her way to Washington. 

Remember folks: FRM is just the tip of the iceberg.

NH lawmakers found that Kelly Ayotte's policies were FAILED with respect to the FRM Ponzi scam, check the Nashua Telegraph Kevin Landrigan podcast:
The 84-page report found state prosecutors, banking and security officials were jointly to blame for failing to follow through on 15 consumer complaints brought against FRM since 2000.The report affirmed many findings of Attorney General Michael Delaney who said several months ago that lapses among the three state agencies contributed to FRM getting away with its practices.This was the first report to fault the management style of Ayotte, who was attorney general from 2004 until July 2009.

Ayotte can call it partisan politics all day long but it doesn't add up given her proved track record of dereliction of duty when it comes to Right-to-Know (RSA 91-A), the Unconstitutional DNA testing of NH Youth, a loss of $110M in the Tuttle/JUA insurance cases (08-E-148 & 08-E-151) and continued pattern of ineffective policing of the bad police in the Michael Paulhus and Liko Kenney cases, where evidence was intentionally destroyed or not analysed as proved in the Casey Sherman "Bad Blood" book launch post.

Here's more about the 27 October 2010 Free Press hearing in KingCast v. Ayotte et al.
Here's more about how she lets Law Enforcement treat women and children:

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