25 October 2010

KingCast v. Ayotte, GOP & Nashua Police Viewpoint Discrimination Joe McQuaid-Niggermania-Nonsense Brief.

Joe_McQuaid_and_Chris_King_are_BOTH_opinionated_journalists_who_deserve_equal_access_to_the_GOP_in_public_rallies.Your Honor, I ask that that Court take Judicial Notice of the fact that Joe McQuaid is most certainly allowed in to all of the Kelly Ayotte/GOP rallies. And take further Notice, Your Honor, of the fact that Joe McQuaid is most definitely an opinionated journalist, as am I. In fact, one of his opinions about me was so caustic and teeming with thinly-veiled racism that it could pass for a writing from the Niggermania blog that supports Kelly Ayotte. Attachment 1.

[1] Niggermania is a Constitutionally-protected website dedicated to “Bashing the filthy niggers since 2003.” They follow KingCast’s Constitutionally-protected website and publicly state that they support Kelly Ayotte, that this case “smells like nigger” and that Defendant Ayotte was justified to “throw his nigger ass out.” They make no claim to be Journalists and it is not known if anyone at the GOP would recognize them as Journalists or Reporters, unlike KingCast, whom GOP Nashua Chair Dennis Hogan recognized as a journalist, on video as he and Di Lothrop initially accepted him into the Joe Arpaio rally: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzSOAgmhydE
When Plaintiff regains his Bar License he vows to zealously represent the First Amendment interests of Niggermania should they ever need themselves a good nigger lawyer.

In sum, KingCast submits that Union Leader Publisher Joe McQuaid is nonsense. He thinks KingCast is nonsense and a "clumsy.....shake-down artist," and you have publicly stated that you think KingCast is nonsense as well. In turn I have expressed my opinions and concerns about your objectivity in this case. Opinions are opinions, and in America those opinions, and the avenues of expression for those opinions, must be protected. This is particularly true when the expression involves news reporting from someone whom the Defendants have already acknowledged as a reporter, even if he is at times a "trouble-maker" reporter.

Respectfully submitted......

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