23 October 2010

A KingCast short film for my cowardly, anonymous friends at Niggermania :)

Quick go get some beer and popcorn and share it with your friends Jeff Grappone and Kelly Ayotte.

Well I shouldn't say that because I'm certain that Jeff and Kelly are about to disavow any votes from people like you because to do otherwise would be to condone racism...... and speaking of which, Bill Christy of the Bill Christy Project -- Mr. Retired JAG attorney who never won a public Civil Rights case -- asked me to point to a post where he called me a nigger, so like a good nigger I'll do as I'm told Massuh.' So you got your nigger there and your motherfucker here on YouTube, a nice offering from the Counselor. If it's not you Bill, file suit or shut your big dumb yapper.

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Christopher King said...

Is this you Billy Boy?


I was forced out by a dirty cop and a dirty police department, because I feared for my safety and my families.

As far as the complaints against McKay there were many made before the Liko Kenney incident, and before McKay was cop in NH. Just because the man had a badge doesn't make him above reproach.

"The information I have about McKay before he moved to NH is verified."

Lower Slower Delaware
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There is a picture of the murder suspect Gregory Floyd at the crime scene, a convicted 2 time felon who just shot and killed Liko Kenney and he is not in handcuffs.

What information do you have about Bruce McKay?

Please enlighten us.