31 October 2010

KingCast exposes another Kelly Ayotte supporter as a wife-beating, child-beating, JAG Attorney-posing jackass.

Read it and weep Billy Boy. Boo-Yah! Journalism at its finest.

Regarding your 1:17p voicemail.
1. I am sorry to hear of your loss. I had a sister die as well so there's no need to trash talk me on that.
2. You said my online journalism "sucks" because you have two biological children, which I knew already because I spoke with the son of your girly, J___, whom you lost custody of. This was some time after you fucked his mother (your neighbor) while she was married, class act you are.
3. You threatened me yet again with opening up a can of worms if I don't back off of you, well that's quite the statement given your proved history of Defamatory statements about me involving threats of violence, sexual and otherwise.
4. You said you hope the same thing happens to my family, a class act.
5. Then you went on and called me a pig.
6. I wasn't avoiding your call Sir, I was out for an inline skate, now I'm going to ride the 650R for a bit, it is a beautiful fall day. And again, while I am truly sorry for your loss -- I wish you the best in your recovery, the same way I did when you had your prior medical issues and I have that preserved in an email -- that has nothing to do with you Defaming me and being a complete dick for more than 2 years running.  So you and Lynn/Snowy and Quiet Man, and Ditmar Kopf/Canaris, Wowzer, Sam Colt and all your little Topix troll friends can go piss in the wind.

PS: You didn't give a damn what my family members were going through when you and your pals created and maintained "King Bash Here" and all of your other hate forums did you? Hell no. So that's your legacy pal, you will have to think about that as you move forward and ask yourself about the karma involved that I would meet J___.


Christopher King said...

Dude just got so OWNED.



-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

Now I've got your phone number, 302.430.0309 and now that I know you are a goddamn phony, and that you have publicly stated that I have sexually-threatened and physically-threatened people, you can sit back and wait for me to file a claim of Internet stalking on YOU.

You sorry-assed sack of shit.

Nigger-Motherfucker THAT, beyotch.

Christopher King said...

In a response, Bill Christy claims that he was not specifically foreclosed on because it was J____ mother, and does not deny losing jobs.

He doesn't address his misrepresentations about being from North Country or being a licensed JAG Attorney.

He does not specifically deny punching J____ in the face.

We have not discussed J____'s allegations regarding drug use.

I told him this:

Christopher King to ccsplumislandm.
show details 3:36 AM (5 minutes ago)
Do not further contact me.

You have told so many lies and spread so many false and defamatory statements about me it shocks me to hear you accuse me of hate mongering.

Your sense of reality is so twisted that you, like your new BFF Greg Floyd, actually tell other people material lies about military achievement, and you even impersonated a JAG Officer, a potential crime. And you [had sexual relations with] a married woman, knowingly a married woman.

If you think you have a case, bring it and I will be more than happy to file a countersuit.

Christopher King, J.D.
http://KingCast.net -- Reel News for Real People.