26 October 2010

KingCast explains winning and losing to Nashua PD's Brian Cullen and to GOP Kelly Ayotte counsel Mary Tenn.

The Union Leader -- a paper that called KingCast a clumsy Jesse Jackson wannabe -- has hailed Mary Tenn as someone who is "fiercely intelligent with common sense to go with it."

Smart this: If her client "wins" she will have won the right to exclude someone recognized by award-winning journalists as a journalist, without a single journalistic Ethics claim against him and without any finding of defamatory conduct or event interruptions, to be banned from covering publicly-advertised GOP events.

All because of Kelly Ayotte and GOP viewpoint-based discrimination. Is that the way America really operates?
Also, why is it that as of 4:03 pm on the eve of a hearing, the Defendants cannot tell me whether they are filing a damn Removal to Federal Court when they ALL have had figurative and Actual knowledge of this lawsuit for about a week.

Just stop and think about all of that while I finish my Offer of Proof video, noting inter alia that Nashua GOP Chair Dennis Hogan welcomed me to the Joe Arpaio event with the express understanding that I was there as a reporter. The video will appear in this space later this evening.


SHE said...

The Union Leader probably called you a Jesse Jackson wanna be because over there in ultra conservative land, Jesse and Michael are the only black men whose name they actually remembered.

Christopher King said...


And Buckwheat.