09 October 2010

Hey KingCast, are you certain you're going to win when you sue Kelly Ayotte, the GOP and/or the City of Nashua if they arrest you at another campaign event?

Oh,  yes, I certainly like my odds, but you always have to watch out for a judge who hasn't a clue about the  Law, it has been known to happen. But even Judge Robert Lynn, who totally hates me and everything I do, noted that I had a right to run video in his courtroom and to "put it up on blogs or whatever," so as much as he hates me and says "putting up with nonsense is the price of living in a free society" I couldn't care less about his personal opinion, but he knows what the law is, and that my friends..... is all that matters. I don't give a damn about anything else and I don't have to, that's the Law for everyone and I make no apologies for it.

Meanwhile the Nashua Telegraph reported that a jackass judge in Mississippi actually jailed lawyer Danny Lampley over refusing to recite the Pledge of Allegiance....

"I'm speechless. The judge needs a reminder copy of the First Amendment," said Judith Schaeffer, a Washington attorney who, along with Lampley, successfully sued the Pontotoc school district in northern Mississippi in the 1990s to stop students from praying over the intercom. Lampley also was victorious representing a Ku Klux Klan leader when a county in the Mississippi Delta tried to prevent a rally.
"Danny's going to stand up for everybody's principles," she said. "Danny loves the Constitution. He's a staunch defender of constitutional rights."
Lampley was representing a client in a divorce case when he was found in contempt. The judge's order, obtained by The Associated Press, said: "Lampley shall purge himself of said criminal contempt by complying with the order of this Court by standing and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in open court."

Meanwhile I am only slightly surprised to see that Nashua Chief Conley and City Attorney Bennett have ignored my well-crafted complaint about the situation.  Attorney Bennett has abdicated his authority to the Police Chief, according to this Telegraph story, even though I specifically warned him not to do that because he has a statutory duty to inform his officers in the field not to arrest me. But apparently he would rather have a lawsuit so that's what I'll give him, as I told the folks over at Implode-Explode Heavy Industries. They also noted that things look great for me on the law in general but because Kelly Ayotte already recognized me as a journalist when she distributed media packs to everyone on the Franconia shooting tragedy. 

So what, now I'm not a journalist because she doesn't like what I say? That doesn't play in Peoria, and the events are not private, and I am not inciting a riot or disrupting any of the meetings, so they have no defense. I'll send this off to Attorney Conley and the Chief via Certified Mail to Seal the Deal for when the shit hits the fan, and believe me the shit is going to hit the fan. I'll call to see if Conley plans to issue a written response to my complaint or not, then contact my bail bondsman, a man I've known for 35 years as his son and I were friends in prep school, get that piece sorted because the bullshit has got to stop. This Nashua PD officer clearly knows that the GOP was violating my First Amendment Rights at the Crowne Plaza Joe Arpaio GOP love-fest.

Anyway, back to work on the pending Kelly Ayotte movie, "Momma Grizzly Kelly Ayotte Protects Women's Rights."


Christopher King said...

From: dennis hogan
Subject: POPP 1130(10) v 1st Amend
To: "Christopher King"
Date: Thursday, January 11, 2007, 9:26 AM

Mr. King;
The BOE met for a Goal Setting meeting last night.
Since we were all together we were able to arrange an
emergency Policy Committee meeting to take up the
issue of POPP 1130(10). The committee meeting will be
2:00pm at the Administration building. Its open to
the public so you are welcome to come.
I don't have authority to speak for the other members,
however, I am pretty sure we will recommend
eliminating 1130(10). We will then present our
recommendation to the full board on Tuesday. I expect
a vote to eliminate or complete change it so that
people can speak about adminstrative and personnel
(not personal) problems.
With this in mind, I hope that you will at least delay
a court action until next week. If you file suit, the
BOE will have to hire an attorney which will generate
fees for nothing. The result will be the same either
Thanks, if you have any questions, I can be reached at
--- Christopher King

> Dear Mr. Vaughn:
> Please read this post carefully about
> Constitutional protections.
> And here is today's update:
> 09 January 2007 Another Nashua School Board
> member agrees with Christopher King against First
> Amendment restrictions.
> At last night's meeting (see the Ultimatum post) I
> finished explaining the conditions under which I
> would sue the Board for its viewpoint/content-based
> First Amendment Speech restrictions that City
> Attorney Bennett concurs violate the United States
> Constitution. Board member Sandra Ziehm again
> thanked me and agreed that immediate action was
> necessary. Then Board member Michael Cleamons
> challenged me to court and stated that
> Constitutional Law is ever-changing. He cited Plessy
> v. Ferguson/Brown v. Board, prayer in public schools
> and dress code restrictions. I find those arguments
> less-than-compelling because all of the decisional
> law is actually going in my favor, not his. I was
> ready to sue. Then Board member and Attorney Dennis
> Hogan saved the day: "Those are mighty big words
> for someone who's not on the policy
> committee.....I've reviewed the matter and I think
> that Mr. King ends up being right.... I would not
> rush out to test Mr. Cleamons just yet."
> Thereby preventing a lawsuit. I will be involved in
> the upcoming policy meetings this month, and I'm
> applying for readmittance to the Ohio Bar soon as
> well, buoyed by the activity in this case in
> particular. As noted here by my former boss Terry
> Gilbert, and in KingCast.net, this is my calling.

Christopher King said...

But he didn't call or write me back this time, despite my recorded phone call I have preserved on YouTube.

Why not the same courtesy of at least a holler?

Not cool.