24 October 2010

Are racist white supremacist groups like Niggermania propelling Kelly Ayotte to victory?

So..... I'm sure this is just an ephemeral type of post because Kelly Ayotte will soon publicly state that she is not dependent on, nor does she desire, the votes from any devoutly racist white supremacist groups like Niggermania.


Anonymous said...

I am a member of Niggermania, and let me put it to you this way. I'm not White, nor is this site a White supremacist site either. This is a site, whose sole purpose, is to inform the human masses of the Black Plague that drains all human societies world wide. Check your stats, from the DOJ, DCD, and even regular news.....the truth is out there, just remove all the bs in between, clear a few spots, and you will see the light. This site, isn't run by some bucktoothed, hillbillies either, nor are any of its members. We are well informed individuals that will not accept, groids, for what they are. They are not human, and they hate anything White, Hispanic, or Asian.

Christopher King said...

Check stats.... what black people have run this Country right into the goddamn ground?

Bernie Madoff ring a bell.

What about the FRM Ponzi scam, or all these folks white niggermania candidates? Do you call them niggers?


I know full well you are not all buck-toothed

And as far as your analysis of my Free Press case "smelling like a nigger" you are quite wrong there as well, or do you not care about the evil acts that Kelly Ayotte bestowed upon the Good White Folks of New Hampshire.

My white brother-in-law isn't buck-toothed either, and he thinks you all are scum of the Earth, so to each their own opinions.


PS: So you do accept my invitation to come on down to Dorchester to meet with the nigger school children and their nigger sympathizer teachers and extoll the virtues of your position, solid.

Anonymous said...

Mr. King, Do you have a job? If not are you looking for a job, trying to get an education if you don't have one, support your kids if you have kids, do you steal, do drugs, harass non blacks just because they are non black, date white women just because they are white women, commit murder, sell drugs, are you on welfare and do you blame the white man for all the problems you created for yourself? Do you think the white man owes you a living and must support your kids, pay for their education beyond high school, pay for your health insurance, dental care, eye care, buy you a phone and provide you with phone service? Put gas in your car? Buy you the latest style tennis shoes? Hate whites just because they are white? Slow the grocery checkout line down because all those behind are white and you want to irritate them? Buy hamburger to feed to your dog because food stamps won't pay for dog food. Grunt at ball games when cheering your team on? Grab your penis in public? Swat air like an angry gorilla? Talk about your penis all the time and attempt to put the make on all women whether that woman is married or not? Commit rape...etc? And much, much, much more...

That is what niggermania site is about. They are pointing out that even though black people are only 13% of the population in the USA, they commit more crimes, to include violent crimes against each other and against whites than any other race in this country. Because your president is allowing illegals into this country, Hispanics are right behind you but closing the gap fast.

Those figures are disproportionate in relation to the overall demographics in the USA.

Rather than defend those kinds of people, Mr. King, do something to change it.

Lotta white scum out there too. AKA white trash. Yes, there are plenty of sites on the internet bashing them too.

I think the reason non minority people get so angry with black people is that there are so many programs out there developed to assist minorities that are not provided to the average white person that it chaps their butt to see blacks not taking advantage of them.. i.e. they are envious of what you are being given and pizzed that you're not taking advantage of it but gripe and want more free stuff all the time.

Not all of the black people do that. Just the niggers do that. There really is a difference.

Christopher King said...

I don't have children, I work incessantly to protect homeowners of all races and religion who are facing wrongful foreclosure because of fat cat bankers who are largely white.

I put blame where blame belongs regardless of race. I have Caucasian, Asian and Puerto Rican folks in my family it's all good because none of us are scum.

We have never discriminated against folks but boy have we as black people been discriminated against.... even through law school I dealt with dummies.

But anyway, pieces of shit are pieces of shit, and Kelly Ayotte is a bought and sold piece of shit when it comes to protecting her own white people of New Hampshire, just Google:

FRM Ponzi scam for starters.

So for Niggermania to take her side when she's busy stroking white folks was just fucking retarded.

And she's just another Goldman-Sachs shill of a Senator.

Peace my brother or sister!