06 June 2010

When we were KingCast: Jason Vassell dismissal video almost didn't get made as the Tsunami rolled in.

Sooooo...... the video is here and the blog post is here so I made it, but I was chillin' on the back porch and luckily looked up just in time to watch it run in on me across the parking lot, came in just as quick as one of those patented Ali jabs and almost blew the MacBook. It was raining almost horizontally :)

Here's your background about the Rumble in the Jungle, complete with in flight video, German Shepherd entourage and everything. The Chubby Rain reference goes to my Bad Blood or Bowfinger series of short films dealing with Casey Sherman's book and forthcoming feature documentary on the Franconia shooting tragedy and former NH AG Kelly Ayotte's coverup.

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