17 June 2010

KingCast says "Thank goodness New England LE fess up to malfeasance and indict Amy Bishop."

NH and MA Law Enforcement do some good things and they do some bad things. Allowing Amy Bishop to get away with the murder of her brother (IMO) was a Bad Thing, but at least now they did a Good Thing and set it before a Grand Jury that returned a True Bill for Murder, here is today's Boston Globe Coverage.
Norfolk District Attorney William R. Keating, announcing the indictment during a press conference, said law enforcement authorities in Massachusetts failed decades ago.

“Jobs weren’t done, responsibilities weren’t met, justice wasn’t served,’’ Keating said.

No shit, Sherlock. Here is a little KingCast history on the matter, as well as other incredible derelictions of duy.

I doubt this one ends up like Lizzie Borden's case.

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