14 June 2010

KingCast presents: Lockstep!

Soooo......I stopped and told this young mother that forty-some years from now, she would love the fact that someone stopped to take a picture of her and her little boy. The little boy in the BW picture is now a grown, slightly cross-eyed, bifocal-wearin'.... LOL :)

Back to work, needed some relief from nonprofit editing. The woman behind my mother with the Thick Rims and the Big Smile makes the whole photo.

KingCast: Reel stuff for real people.


Christopher King said...

I love that top pic.... Rhythm photography is what I'm all about, I tracked my subjects, got their cadence, pulled the trigger once and blam!

Got exactly what I wanted.

Life is great. It's the little things.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...


Of course the new specs didn't have anything to do with the long range vision, it's the close-up stuff that starts giving you fits when you get to a Certain Age, ahem.