02 June 2010

A KingCast Mothers' Day Visit with Ohio Lieutenant Gov. Candidate Yvette McGee Brown explains the Bowfinger quotient.

Soooo.... Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy and Heather Graham got away with what is clearly a subversive flick, because few movies poke as much fun at Hollywood or do it as well as Bowfinger. By the way, Bowfinger's popularity is up 9% this week because dozens of folks are Googling it in part because of Yours Truly. You see, making a movie on The Cheap is one of the most frustrating yet rewarding events known to man. What's even more fun is the fact that your entire life is a movie, if only you could capture it. This is particularly true if you push the envelope politically or legally a ton of interesting things pop up in your life, you got that right. Well the fun of it is that I can, and do, capture it. Take for example today's featured video, which wasn't even meant to be a video, it was just my mother and me, chillin' out at Sunday Service, until I saw a familiar and welcome figure in the pulpit :)

The Bowfinger or Bad Blood concept (videos here) was brewing a long time ago when I was told by several members of the North Country that they trusted me more than anyone else to tell the story of the Franconia shooting tragedy, and it was cemented when I read the 2009 book by Casey Sherman (likened to my idol Mike Royko in this post) "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains" (book launch video here).

p. 203 Sherman also writes
"...one cannot deny that he has had his share of success. King was responsible for uploading the Sarah E. arrest video onto YouTube and he also released many of the Liko-Kenney--McKay case documents on his Web site. He has been spurned by many so-called legitimate reporters, but Chris King has been a tenacious advocate for the Kenney family and a major thorn in the side of New Hampshire law enforcement."

There's no secret that Casey and I disagree that Liko Kenney's car only struck Bruce McKay once, and how bad Bruce McKay really was, and the illegality of his encounters with Liko Kenney. I have the Attorney Sisti investigative files on my desk, however, and I'm confident in my position. But the larger issue that Casey and I agree on is the fact that I'm doing the things that the Big Media Guns don't really want me to do, just like Bobby Bowfinger. Steve Martin is of course a Big Media Gun, but I get the feeling that folks like him (and Murphy and Graham) will never lose their sense of humor or appreciation for those less powerful. Same goes for Yvette McGee Brown, and that's part of the reason why she and Ted Strickland should win the Ohio Governor's race this fall.

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SHE said...

While I do understand why you refer to your blog videos of the Franconia tragedy "subversive"... I may prefer to call what you do here "American".

Our little "rebellion" (as the Brits call it) and our understanding of free press - our American worldview - really are quite subversive, ain't they?

Christopher King said...

5:42 Correct.