15 June 2010

KingCast asks Boston Herald lawyers Brown, Rudnick, "Why you sniffin' up my behind... just shut up and ride your fleet of 650R's"

They know I have shown how their scumbag client and Channel 7 totally Defamed Joanna Marinova (lawsuit filed and discussed on Beat the Press with Emily Rooney) so now they are fascinated about me, going back five (5) years into the archives to read about an ill-conceived prosecution against me by FRM-Ponzi overlookin' dirtbag NH AG Kelly Ayotte when I was Southern NH NAACP Legal Committee Chair. What a hoot. I just wonder if they bought their staff attorneys and support staff a fleet of Kawasaki 650Rs yet, 'cos earlier they were fairly interested in that, with video :)


Christopher King said...

So they showed up later and boy they got an eyeful when they ran a word search for "Union Leader."

Take a look.


Christopher King said...

And then there was another comment too lewd to mention, even on this blog....

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

And to be clear lewd is not a Bad Thing just too much for this space.

The KingCaster