31 May 2010

KingCast reminder: Racist Jason Vassell case will probably conclude tomorrow.

UPDATE: KingCast field correspondents report that they came through the pouring rain but they will have to come back again, and when they come back on Friday, I may be with them. It is the constant and unrelenting coverage of this case that was initiated and maintained by Justice for Jason and followed with even more hard core raw video and dozens of pictures of concerned citizens holding puppies and raising hands from KingCast.net that has the racist white prosecutor Elizabeth Scheibel on her heels, viva the First Amendment, viva the Fourth Estate. I've been through this before folks, run a search for "Dunn" or "Albrecht" or "Jaffrey" on this blog.
Funny, some tool wrote in to tell me what I already knew, which is that Jason Vassell may plead guilty to some reduced charge tomorrow, after the racist white prosecutor Elizabeth Scheibel threw the book at him for defending himself with a work knife after two drunken white boys broke his window, taunted him with "nigger" threats and rushed into the foyer of his dorm room and broke his nose.

Now run along son and go on back and throw some beer on a "cunt" or "bitch" or whatever you call your women. And let me make this clear to you, punk: You come up on me like those boys did to Jason Vassell and you'll get more than cut fool, I'll show you the purpose of a hearse.

KingCast: Reel news for real people.


Anonymous said...

All that nonsense about the "racist" prosecution and the "racist" victims and "fight the power." All for naught.

Rant away...you lose.

Christopher King said...


I lose?

Not hardly. You don't even know what he's pleading to but whatever it may be it's nothing like what he was charged with.

And even if he pleads you seem to have a problem with post hoc ergo propter hoc, as if that somehow means the prosecution wasn't racist, when one of them white boys wasn't even charged with ANYTHING and they both have massive criminal histories and CONVICTIONS whereas Mr. Vassell has NONE.

And they were both DRUNK and not even charged.

I lose?

No, America loses.

-The KingCaster.

PS: I don't lose my criminal cases, I stood firm and told the corrupt LE and Prosecutors to go to hell and THEY DID, cases DISMISSED.

Git yer facts straight, boy.

Christopher King said...

The "mentality" of this jackass is too rich, he prolly fancies the Salem Witch Trials as fair Justice.

Float and you're a witch so we kill you, sink and you're innocent.

What a stupid racist jackass, such a coward he won't even identify himself.


SHE said...

What excuse does the state give for not charging the other men?

Christopher King said...

PS jackass you lose:




For Immediate Release on: Tuesday, June 1


Contact: Joe Mirkin            (502) 445-0589                        Website: www.justiceforjason.com

               Jasmin Torrejon             (857) 919-2313            Email: j4jmedia@gmail.com


Significant Legal Developments in Vassell Case

More than two years later, Justice might well be served


NORTHAMPTON, MA – In what is being billed as potentially the final pre-trial hearing in the case of Commonwealth v Jason Vassell, members of the Committee for Justice for Jason have worked hard to ensure a strong turnout of supporters at the Hampshire County courthouse on Tuesday. There have been commitments from campaign supporters as far away as Boston to attend the hearing tomorrow as well as a follow-up community discussion at a nearby church.


A document dated from around March 26 – the date of the last pre-trial hearing that was cancelled – revealed that talks had begun between defense attorneys for Jason and Deputy First Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth Dunphy Farris. As of Tuesday there is still no word on the outcome of these talks. It is safe to say that the 2pm hearing will shed some light on the matter.


“Hopefully it will bring an end to this racist charade that’s gone two years too long,” said long-time Justice for Jason organizer Will Syldor. Aside from the appearance of the March document regarding negotiations, additional evidence that June 1 could be the last hearing comes from the seeming urgency with which Judge Carhart moved to call the hearing.


In past pre-trial hearings, Carhart has proved favorable to the evidence and arguments put forth that this prosecution is racist. Take, for example, Carhart’s February 2009 finding that the defense had made a prima facie case showing that “a reasonable inference could be drawn” that Jason was the subject of a selective prosecution based on race, and was therefore entitled to certain requested files in the Commonwealth’s possession. Upon Dunphy Farris’s appeal of Carhart’s decision to the Supreme Judicial Court, Justice Judith Cowin requested a more in-depth finding from Carhart regarding the prima facie judgment. In October of that year, Carhart reaffirmed his decision in a lengthy memo concluding that the items requested by the defense were “material and relevant to his claim of race-based selective prosecution.” In November 2009 Justice Cowin also seemed to favor the defense’s argument of race-based selective prosecution as outlined in the Motion for Discovery by denying Dunphy Farris’s appeal.


“We have some momentum going into this hearing. Not just legally, but also in terms of the grassroots campaign. The DA may think that stalling this case into the summer might decrease the participation of student supporters, but we’re really strong in the community off-campus as well,” said Joe Mirkin, another longtime organizer with Justice for Jason.



SHE said...

I'm going.

Christopher King said...

10:21/6:37 SHE

They haven't given an excuse and I haven't got close enough to the dirtbag Prosecutor to ask.


Good, glad you're going, if you have one of my cards flash it at the bailiff and take pics of the Prosecutor, make them as unflattering as possible which is not very difficult. Tell them you are a KingCast field correspondent, it's All Good.

Our men and women are dying over in Afghanistan for these Freedoms we hold so dear.


-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

Not so fast dude.

Friday 10:00 I'm out of town but I'll try to make it especially if you'll be a man (or woman) and identify yourself to me and sing kum bay yah.

Bring Kelly Ayotte, Chief Montmuny and The McLeods with you.

The KingCaster.

joebaby said...

thanks for all the coverage on this case, dude! and for tellin all the haters what's what

see you in court on friday.

Christopher King said...


Dig it.

Wait until you see the KingCast wrap up video ;)

Till then,

-Your Brother.

Malcolm said...

Thanks for the great coverage Chris. AS you may know there are a few different resolutions that could take place. While a plea bargain is one, there is also "continuance w/o finding" and "pre-trial probation 27687." Remember the DA has NO leverage in this case, and every lawyer we talk to is dumbfounded that the facts are as clear and racist as they are! Don't be surprised if a final resolution is not a plea bargain after all.

See you tomorrow!