28 May 2010

KingCast asks, "Did Dan Conley and the Jury wrongfully convict Robert Iacoviello for the murder of Revere Officer Dan Talbot?"

Sooooo.....As to Michael Racca's proferred testimony that Derek Lodie may have shot Dan Talbot, it speaks for itself. But let me help you out anyway: Racca said that Derek Lodie implied that he shot Officer Daniel Talbot during the telephone conversations that evening shortly after the tragedy when Lodie telephoned him.

Racca stated in the top video that Lodie told him: "[Lodie] had first related to me that the kids had a gun, we thought they were kids but we all know now that they were officers. They had flashed a gun to him at first, and that's when he said he showed them what it really meant to have a gun."

As to Billy Soto's testimony, Think people THINK:

You could stand there and fire all day long and never have that happen, plus the bottle would have been burned, who do they think they are fooling?
As the media group with the most coverage on the Dan Talbot murder trial (video and legal analysis) I have shown the entire Free World how shaky that case was, no examples being clearer than the phantom Gatorade bullet that allegedly landed in the crevice of that bottle

The testimony of Officer Soto clearly put the gun in Derek Lodie's hands, but somehow that was lost on the Jury, probably because he was such a liar about everything else. One Juror wrote me and specifically told me that. Was that part of the Prosecution's plan I wonder. Be that as it may, look at the similarities between the Robert Iacoviello/Dan Talbot case and the new case in which Lodi is charged with attempted murder that went down three (3) days earlier!!!! Read the comments and here is my buddy Seth Daniel's coverage. They ran some of my trial pics. Anyway, note that Michael Picardi -- who was the mastermind in disassembling the alleged murder weapon in the Talbot case -- turned out to be a complete liar who framed an innocent man, William “Billy” Bagner.

There's Dan and me having a chit-chat after the Dan Talbot murder trial because he didn't like the fact that the Court gave me press credentials before NENPA did. He no wanna talkie-to-me, he wanna' walkie away 'cos the last time I met him I asked why Michael Picardi wasn't charged and he told me "Prosecutorial Discretion." I call it too many Deals with the Devil. Watch the video.

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KingCast: Reel news for real people, and that means you, too Mr. PeeWee Herman Jake Wark, I got you on video, too pal.


Christopher King said...

The alleged facts in the case against Lodie are quite foreboding,
considering that the Talbot murder happened but three days later.

On Sept. 26, 2007, three young men were walking on Cooledge Street in Revere
when Lodie allegedly began to approach them.

“What are you doing in my projects?” he allegedly yelled at them as he
walked closer.

Once he was next to them, Lodie is alleged to have lunged at one of the

A second of the three youths jumped in front of the attack, and began to
fight with Lodie.

The third youth also joined in the fray.

Eventually, Lodie ran off into the Cooledge Street development.

Simultaneously, the second youth realized that he had been stabbed three
times in the chest and abdomen area – pretty serious injuries.

The third youth had a sizable slice on his thumb.

Witnesses called 9-1-1 and the injured youths were rushed off to the

When police arrived on the scene, that’s when Picardi became involved.

Picardi allegedly told police that he witnessed the incident and that it was
William “Billy” Bagnera who had stabbed the youths.

However, it turned out that Picardi’s information was a lie. Yet another
foreboding situation given what would transpire in the Talbot case just a
few days later.

Revere Police immediately put out a warrant for Bagnera – who had a sizable
record and a lot of criminal contact with police in the past.

Lodie and Picardi escaped to a mutual friend’s house, where they discussed
what had just happened while others overheard.

Two days later, Bagnera was arrested and charged in the stabbings.

Despite his innocence, he was held in custody for more than two months
before police were able to point the crime at Lodie and Picardi.

One day after police arrested Bagnera, Officer Talbot was murdered behind
the high school after starting an argument with Lodie as he walked by.

Lodie is represented by Attorney Jay Carney, who also represented him in the
Talbot case. Carney had no comment on the upcoming trial, which is scheduled
for a July 20 start in Boston’s Suffolk Superior Court.

Christopher King said...

Derek Lodie, a central figure in the Talbot trial, faces attempted murder
Wednesday, May 26, 2010
By seth.daniel
Two central figures from the murder trial of Officer Dan Talbot have
re-surfaced with more skullduggery and one of them will be on trial for
attempted murder this July.

Derek Lodie, 20, will face attempted murder charges, assault charges and a
variety of weapons charges this summer for a stabbing incident in 2007 that
happened on Cooledge Street just three days before the Talbot murder behind
Revere High School.

It was a crime that was originally blamed on an innocent man – causing that
man to remain behind bars for more than two months until the investigation
revealed new information in the wake of Talbot.

Once again, as in the Talbot case, Michael Picardi offered up information
that got the innocent man arrested. Picardi always seems to be at the scene
of a crime, but frequently has gotten a pass on being held accountable for
any perceived criminal activity. However, this time Picardi will face
charges of accessory after the fact and lying to a police officer (under the
witness intimidation statute).

Lodie took a plea deal just before trial in the Talbot murder for a serious
charge of Accessory before the Fact of Murder. Lodie was the man who was
provoked into an initial argument with Talbot and other police officers that
were drinking alcohol and socializing behind Revere High School. Lodie’s
friends later showed up and fired the shots that killed Talbot.

He was sentenced to 8-12 years in Cedar Junction State Prison.

According to prosecutors and several witnesses, Picardi was heavily involved
in destroying and disposing the Talbot murder weapon. However, he was never
charged in that case and also never served as a witness to offer testimony
in the case.

Picardi not being charged was chalked up to a “prosecutorial decision.”

No decision like that is being made now, though, as Picardi will more than
likely face a jury in a few months.

Christopher King said...

From the Shady Soto post:

Anonymous said...
Soto is the one who should have been on trial. Remember what Iacoviello's lawyer said, keep in mind the way he fell and then tell me those boys shot him!

3:01 PM

Christopher King said...
I know, right.

And to the extent that they allowed Officer Talbot to engage in conduct they know often leads to violence and death just about implies civil or criminal liability if not moral liability.


7:30 AM