31 October 2009

Hey KingCast you are SUCH a racist bastid, you were a racist back in Pittsburgh eating Grey Poupon in 2001!!!

Senor David Kosy (another BMW 2002 devotee) apres another fantastic Cherylann Hawk show at Moondogs Blues Bar! Cherylann writes and performs music that makes the fuzz on the back of your neck stand up and you just smile and say: "Yeeeeeaaahhhh....."

KingCast and iPhone present: Happy Halloween!

Off for a videocam ride through the Fells on the 650R, vids later :)

And what music will carry the day? Well it's the spooky sounds of MRK 1's "The Underworld."

30 October 2009

KingCast says say it ain't so... no mo Pho :(

Pho Republique (Zagat reviews) is going the way of the dinosaur, sometime sooner than any of us would like. This summer we heard about the sale + demise of this lil' fun spot in South End (read: Roxbury) in the fall/winter, and it was like, oh, well fall/winter, that's a long way away.

Sadly, it isn't. The first pic is the viewshed from the front door, tripod on the back seat of the 650R. Dig the parabola of the helmet visor against the window arches. Purely accidental, also totally fun.

29 October 2009

KingCast exclusive video: Boston Police review and Casey Sherman's Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains launch party.

Casey said, inter alia:
"It was sold as bad kid, good cop, hero samaritan saves the day..... but it was anything but that..... and that's what Bad Blood is all about."
The Boston Police video follows and I received that today in response to my Wednesday weekly 5:30p segment at TOUCH Beat 106.1 FM, stream online and listen to the segment here. It is courtesy Joanna Marinova, Co-Director of PresspassTV Programs and Operations. Curry College Department Co-Chairs Jerry Gibbs and Bob McNeill are pictured in the same frame, and Eric Cox, a progressive video stream genius, is pictured with Casey. Sorry for the grain guys, I shot it on video setting in between vids. Also pictured is Oliver Ruff with Marc Lidsky sorry Marc ;) and Yours Truly. Oliver, Marc and I had some very interesting discussions that will be followed by a November Criminal Justice program with Casey, Brad Whipple and me, see below and stay tuned.

At bottom for you newbies, Casey, Brad Whipple and me discuss this case on KingCast YouTube video. It was truly a pleasure to meet all of you, more links coming Friday below the smiley :)
1. Letter to Senators about Kelly Ayotte's deviations from norm.
2. Spent casing placement proves Kelly Ayotte lied.
3. The Windshield bullet proves Kelly Ayotte lied.
4. What Kelly Ayotte hid about Gregory Floyd.
5. What Kelly Ayotte hid about Bruce McKay; Brendlin v. California.
6. More McKay complaint files I received through litigation.
7. Why we are raising $2K for audio analysis of back seat mic.
8. McKay always out of control and violating Constitutional Rights and OC Spraying Sarah.
9. The 7 Pursuit and OC Spray violations McKay violated on 5/11.
10. Officer Pepper makes a stink at Profile High School.
11. The "Missing" Troy Watts Ethics Complaint on Bruce McKay.
12. Kelly Ayotte for Senate? Let's work to defeat her.
Bonus round, Baker's Dozen: The Penis-Shaped Knife.
PS: Watch these videos carefully.

KingCast provides lunch and more proof that Citibank lawyers are lying scumbags: The back of the check.

Yesterday's TOUCH Beat 106.1 MP3 download. Over lunch a few minutes ago (sushi lollipop with cucumber, tobiko tuna, crabstick and spicy mayo, plum wine) I had a great epiphany:

Citibank claims in their Position Statement that they did not know the identity of "the unidentified woman" and my "girlfriend" (quotes used by Respondent) who opened an account whereas I was not allowed to, but guess what:

1. Someone called in from yesterday's TOUCH Beat 106.1 FM radio show to remind me that they needed the same information from her as they did Derrick Gillenwater in order to open an account (picture ID, etc.) so they would have that on file if they just checked the dates and times of our visits, which they have had four months to do.

2. Her full legal name is written legibly on the back of Respondent's own Exhibit C tab.

Wherefore I openly declare that Attorney Sam Shaulson and Attorney Benjamin Velella are corporate scumbags who are insulting the intelligence of MCAD officials.

I don't say things like this lightly, you can call Porter, Wright's John Stephen and ask him, we disagreed on a case of corporate racism against U.S. Military Veteran Gregory S. Boatwright "I didn't call in here to argue with some nigger....." but we both conducted ourselves respectfully and did not insult anyone's intelligence. I settled that case handsomely, by the way.

-The KingCaster

KingCast receives Citibank Position Statement, it's just a gripe about my lawful use of the First Amendment.

King v. Citibank, MCAD 09BPA02502. Complaining Party hereby Petitions the MCAD to demand production of all relevant audio and video in this matter so that every allegation from both parties be made clear. The Respondent's Position Statement is weak; I issued this response in less than two (2) hours. Ninety Per Cent (90%) of it Respondent sour-griping because I called them racist pigs, which is a fair and lawful use of the First Amendment, the last time I checked. They take exception to the fact that I told them I would take them on a "hell ride," but that's exactly what is going to happen, and that is what is indeed happening. A legal "hell ride," as opposed to the illegal "hell ride" to which I was subjected.
Contrary to the naked assertions of Respondent's own counsel that the employee statements and video would substantiate their position, the Respondent failed to produce any video or employee statements, just naked hearsay assertions -- authored by licensed counsel Sam Shaulson, who should know better -- who was not a witness to any of it. May I remind the Commission of the exact words of Counselor Benjamin Velella and my attorney's response to same:MCAD 09BPA02502.

"Please be advised that we do have video from the South End Branch from March 24 that captures interaction between staff and your clients and have also taken statements from the affected employees."
"Sir, I couldn't care less about the self-serving employee statements. The proof is in the video from that day and all other days that you have maintained and that the court will compel you and your client to produce."

The prima facie case has been met, and as I will show, the proffered legitimate nondiscriminatory rationale is not worthy of credence and is more likely demonstrative of pretext for unlawful discrimination: Respondent opened an account for ____ of ____, a white woman, and did not open one for me, despite my specific request. Respondent pretends that Ms. _____ is not similarly-situated because:

a) she was not disruptive
b) the alleged acts of discrimination did not occur on the same day.

In response to a), there is absolutely no reliable proof -- despite the representations of Attorney Velella or other hearsay commentary by counsel for Defendant -- that Mr. Gillenwater or I were disruptive in the least. If we were, they could have and should have produced the Best Evidence to support that contention, i.e. the audio and video that they still have maintained. In point of fact, I ask that the MCAD compel production of same.

In response to b), the Respondent clearly needs a lesson in Civil Rights Law. A difference of a week between incidents is wholly insignificant when viewing a public accommodations case. If that were the case you could almost never have a public accommodations case, a housing case, an employment case or any other sort of Civil Rights case unless all of the acts of unlawful discrimination occurred on the same day, date and time. But I, as someone whose family was involved in the landmark litigation of Heights Community Congress v. Hilltop Realty 629 F. Supp. 1232; 1983 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 11264 (1983) proves, that is not the law, has never been the law, will never be the law, and there is no Good Faith Basis for the modification, extension or reversal of such law. Wherefore the Responding party should be sanctioned if they make that same argument as we reach Federal Court on a 42 U.S.C. 1981 case.


I have shown that the Respondent has failed to rebut the reasonable inference of unlawful discrimination with any viable, admissible evidence because they know their proffered rationale is bogus, per Texas Dep't. of Community Affairs v. Burdine, 450 U.S. 248 (1981), citing McDonnell Douglas v. Green 411 U.S. 792 (1973) at 804-805.

At one point in the rambling response the Respondent infers that Mr. Gillenwater asking the Complaining Party if he could open an account in a "sarcastic manner" meant that the statement was not to be taken seriously. The sarcasm, however, was being directed at the Respondent for its reneging on its explicit promises -- most assuredly captured on video -- to cash the check in the FIRST PLACE. Moreover, if the 100+ pages of emails and blog entries about this case prove anything, it is that this case was being taken quite seriously, and obviously it is serious when there is a $24,500 check sitting before you that is not being cashed.

I have personal and direct knowledge of the account being opened for Ms. _____ because she and I shredded the card when it came in the mail, but certainly Respondents have that relevant information in their system, just as they have the relevant videos in their system, but have failed to produce them, because they are lying.

Lastly, Respondent's cited case of Lizardo v. Denny's, Inc., 270 F.3d 94 (2001) is of no worth herein. In that case (involving folks who had come from a bar at 2:30 a.m. and were inebriated and loud and profane throughout) the Court found that the other Asians and African-Americans were indeed being treated fairly : "there were a number of minorities seated throughout the restaurant, including one other Asian American and several African Americans...." Id. at 100, and "We concur in the district court's analysis that the parties seated before them were not similarly situated. As discussed earlier, the groups were smaller in size and there is no evidence that any of these groups were seated at tables that could have accommodated the African American party of six." Id. at 104.

Nobody in this case was allegedly drunk and the ONLY profanity occurred by Respondent's own admission, at the door on the way out.(Fn). Therefore that would only leave loud or disrespectful activity, which again would have been captured on the video that Attorney Velella threatened to produce, but failed to produce, just as Respondent failed to produce any signed Affidavits or employee statements that would buttress their arguments.

As such, this case is much more akin to the Cracker Barrel line of cases. See US DOJ paper 04-288 (attached) in which the U.S. Justice Department settled with Respondent Cracker Barrel after allegations having been posited that they:

- allowed white servers to refuse to wait on African-American customers;

- segregated customer seating by race;

- seated white customers before African-American customers who arrived earlier;

- provided inferior service to African-American customers after they were seated; and

- treated African-Americans who complained about the quality of Cracker Barrel's food or service less favorably than white customers who lodged similar complaints.

For the foregoing reasons I respectfully request a finding of Probable Cause such that Respondent be compelled to provide the audio/video documentation that both Parties claim supports their respective positions.

Respectfully submitted,

Christopher King, J.D.

Fn: Respondent claims that Branch Manager Carlo Caramanna did not threaten to have me arrested and that he did not pick up the telephone to call 911 while I was standing at the teller window. Of course the highly-touted video and some sworn Affidavits would clear all of that up.

28 October 2009

KingCast TOUCH Beat 106.1 FM radio segments from 21 Oct. and 28 Oct.

21 Oct. is here. Topics covered include: S 8013 "Robert Taylor's Law" and the Jason Vassell case.

28 Oct. is here. Topics covered: Citibank's failure to produce videos they claim support their position in refusing to open a bank account for me as they opened one for my Caucasian girlfriend, and Monitoring police abuse in Boston and Franconia, vis a vis Casey Sherman's book "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains."

KingCast and the iPhone present: Dogged Determination part deux.

A nice old Rat Terrier: With his paws splayed like that and blue-eyed cataracts closing in, this little fella' has to have dogged determination just to get down the road, that's for sure. Love ya' dawg!

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Citibank provides no videos to MCAD on case no. 09BPA02502 as KingCast prepares today's TOUCH 106.1 FM radio segment.

UPDATE: Hahahaa....12:52, spoke with MCAD and guess what, NO VIDEOS.

So they brag about the videos they have to my lawyer (in a letter I naturally filed with MCAD) then they fail to deliver any video whatsoever to substantiate their position.

Yep, I knew this would happen when I set up this post two days ago. No videos despite this 29 June 2009 promise from their lying, scumbag corporate counsel Attorney Benjamin Velella:
"What we will do is respond appropriately when you seek the legal redress that you have threatened to pursue."

Benjamin D. Velella
Vice President and Senior Counsel

....they indeed have not responded appropriately because they know they are a bunch of lying, scumbag racist pigs, just as my citibank blog suggests. Here's a hint Counselor: Getting off on the wrong foot with MCAD is deleterious to your client's best interests.

To remind everyone of what Citibank claimed and my lawyer's response:
MCAD 09BPA02502.

"Please be advised that we do have video from the South End Branch from March 24 that captures interaction between staff and your clients and have also taken statements from the affected employees."
"Sir, I couldn't care less about the self-serving employee statements. The proof is in the video from that day and all other days that you have maintained and that the court will compel you and your client to produce."

One would think they would have their act together to produce these videos, since they've only had about 4 months to do so since their lawyer wrote mine back on 18 June, 2009 and bragged about them ;)

I'll take these dirtbags for a ride they will never forget.

Glenn Beck endorses Paul Hodes over Kelly Ayotte for Senate, enter Jim Bender

I have it on Good Faith and direct observation that not even Republican henchman Glenn Beck supports current front-runner Kelly Ayotte for Senate, and that he went as far as to endorse Democrat Paul Hodes on Fox News at 5.

Perhaps he read about Kelly Ayotte's deviations from protocol in the Franconia shooting tragedy, or perhaps he knew about how she lied and covered up for Gregory W. Floyd, or perhaps he knew about her legacy in general, including Bad Cop Fred Hoysradt -- and we CANNOT forget the destroyed evidence in the Michael Paulhus case -- but whatever, right on Glenn.

Time to have a chat with Ayotte's fellow Republican Jim Bender.
Bender, 56, becomes the fifth potential GOP candidate. Coming on the heels of the New Hampshire Sunday News exclusive report on the potential candidacy of businessman William Binnie of Rye, Bender's entrance into the mix could be another early indication of GOP uncertainty about front-runner Kelly Ayotte's budding candidacy.

She was a horrible, lying AG and she would be a horrible, lying Senator.

27 October 2009

KingCast presents: Racism alive and well in cyberspace, "nigger this, nigger that...."

Update: What former JAG Attorney Bill Christy, operating under the pseudonym "Lower Slower Delaware" wrote on a Topix forum that shows his racist tendencies. The forum will probably soon be removed like the first two:
Lower Slower Delaware wrote:
Hey KingCast be a man for once in your life. Step up to the plate and drive yourself down here to Delaware, and take me on. I'll hand you your balls and arse on a platter. Big man picking on a white woman.....you coward.

So now I'm supposed to drive down there so this jackass can call the police on me and have me arrested for criminal menacing. Balls and arse on a platter, ewwwww.... sounds like something he likes to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner that's cool that you're gay Bill, the girly girl and I both have gay friends we can hook you up with, especially because you're apparently a bottom LOL ;)


So the other day I posted a nice piece "Fall in New England Part Deux" about a fall ride, and tied it in with a post from 2006 "Fall in New England." I included a picture of my current two-wheeled whip (a Kawi 650R) in the new post, and the old post had a pic of my old Yamaha FZ750 (The Clydesdale, RIP) and my SAAB 900 Turbo Convertible outside my sister's house in a certain city on a certain street in CT.

Here then, is the response, wonder if it was Carlo Carmanna over at Citibank, whose response to MCAD Complaint No 09BPA02502 is due today:
hey nigger what's with ripping off pictures of other peoples bike and Saab
By Anonymous, at 4:03 PM

Nice. But not as nice as this post.
nigger, spear chucker, jungle bunny, jig, spook, o ya dumb fucking black ass bitch....

Whatever, man, I'm headed out for a ride before the rains come in, might need to pick myself up a new pair of winter bike/ski gloves as I've misplaced mine :(

Yes, they let us black folks on the slopes these days, isn't that something? Photo at Wildcat, 2003, working on a Tuckermans, of course!

25 October 2009

KingCast says to Citibank on King v. Citibank, MCAD 09BPA02502: "Time's Up! Show us the videos, guys."

Citibank's response and Position Statement is due on 27 October 2009. In June, this was their response to my lawyer before we filed with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, and his response to them on what is now Docket No. MCAD 09BPA02502.

"Please be advised that we do have video from the South End Branch from March 24 that captures interaction between staff and your clients and have also taken statements from the affected employees."
"Sir, I couldn't care less about the self-serving employee statements. The proof is in the video from that day and all other days that you have maintained and that the court will compel you and your client to produce."

Y'all git yer popcorn ready. I'm definitely ready because the haterism and lies from Citibank has got to STOP, as I told Governor Deval Patrick on Friday. Here's a radio segment from TOUCH 106.1 FM with me describing the case, linked in para. 2.

KingCast, the iPhone and the Kawasaki 650R present: Fall in New England, part deux.

It was a fine, fine day, basically just riding the 650R around decreasing-radius curves of the Fellsway and through Greater Boston all day. I actually ran into Mayor Menino and his driver, who pulled up beside me and we rapped for a bit about stuff, 'nuff sed about that, no need to tell the tools too much :)

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24 October 2009

23 October 2009

KingCast presents: A Day at the Westin with President Barack Obama supporting Governor Deval Patrick, and DP reading King v. Citibank.

Oh, yah it was a grand event, I love the profile pic I took of our Commander-in-Chief. Not bad without a tripod. YouTube coming later with entertainment and short speeches from the dais. Right now it's time to meet with another lawyer I work for and ride the 650R 'cos the rain it cometh tomorrow!

Yes I personally handed Governor Patrick this MCAD Complaint, MCAD 09BPA02502. By 27 October Citibank will have to provide the videos they claim to have that show why they refused to open a bank account for me to cash a check for Mr. Gillenwater, while they DID open a bank account for my Caucasian girlfriend to do the same. Time's ticking guys, I look forward to discussing the case on Wednesday at 5:30 during my usual "KingCast Cases" slot at TOUCH 106.1 FM, the fabric of Boston's Black Community.

PS: Remember, President Obama sued Citibank for racism.

22 October 2009

KingCast and the iPhone present: These are the brakes!

With President Obama coming to town tomorrow his staff told me to make sure that the brakes on the 650R were all set, in case he needs to make a quick getaway from the paparazzi.

No sweat, I told them I would put the best EBC sintered pads I could find, nothing but the best for the Commander-in-Chief :)

Related KingCast Jam of the Day: Kurtis Blow, duh.

KingCast and the iPhone present.... what the hell is THAT???

Well.... I dunno.... it's the guts of one of those corner communications boxes at a certain intersection in Boston that I won't say, because on further reflection it probably concerns President Obama's visit tomorrow morning ;)

PS: Yah interestingly enough I saw another one this evening.

21 October 2009

Hey KingCast, what will you talk about today on your TOUCH 106.1 FM segment?

See: justiceforjason.org. Here's the teaser about this horrific case:
"In today's KingCast cases segment Mr. King will address legislation designed to protect renters from unsafe living conditions and the UMass altercation in which two white non students harassed and attacked a black student in his own dorm building. One of the white men wasn't even charged with a crime, while the black student is facing up to 30 years for defending himself with a pocket knife."

I might add that today I verified with Jason Vassell's attorney David P. Hoose that:

a) The State never even charged his assailants John Bose and Jonathan Bosse with malicious destruction of property (they broke his window from the outside before they rushed inside the door to attack him) or criminal trespass even though he did not invite them in and they were not UMass students. They were heavily drinking (probably drunk but alas not charged with public intox) and, unlike Vassell, they have criminal records;

b) He agrees that this is a Castle Doctrine case that never should have been brought in the first place. Read MGL 278 8A here. Jason Vassell was sitting at home, minding his business when two drunken, angry white men broke his window and then entered his building and hit him, breaking his nose. He counters with a pocket knife and now faces an assortment of charges that potentially total 30 years in prison.

Judge Carhart ordered several years of racial data released but the Prosecutor appealed that to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court demanded further findings.

I have a call pending to District Attorney Scheibel's office; she is attending meetings in Boston today so I will post up when she returns my call.


Folks, Racism is not part of the Franconia shooting tragedy (YouTube video), in my estimation. Similarly, racism is not part of the abuses sustained by the tenants in Gloucester who lived in that uninspected, unlawful building, prompting me to conceive S 8013 "Robert Taylor's Law" legislation (YouTube video) forwarded by Bruce Tarr (r).

But racism sure is at play here. Lieutenant Thrasher (his real name) opined of Vassell on the night in question "I think he is a drug dealer... you gonna get a story out of this asshole... what does this donkey say?" but at least Sergeant Moore was rational enough to say "There's more to this.... There's a hate crime involved." In any event, Jason Vassell was not a drug dealer, he was a tutor and community volunteer.

It will be interesting to see the election challenge for County DA, with the Republican racist incumbent (in my opinion) Elizabeth "Betsy" Scheibel, facing a challenge from Hampshire County Probate Chief David E. Sullivan, a staunch supporter of President Barack Obama -- who will be in Boston on Friday. I'll say this: If the situation were reversed and two black men did what these white men did they would have both been vigorously charged and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and had the book thrown at them.

KingCast and TOUCH 106.1 FM: We'll tell you what mass media won't.

20 October 2009

KingCast waits for Boston Cop Internal Affairs investigation of Officer Morrison; Denver gets serious on racial profiling.

KingCast note: Remember the MassCops forum in which they called the NAACP the "National Association of Asshole Colored People" and I caught them then they shut it down?

Here's a USA Today feature on a progressive effort from Denver that I heartily applaud.

Moreover, in light of the court decision allowing Jason Vassell to obtain racial records, and in light of the fact that the Boston area PD give more tickets to minority males than anyone else, and in light of the fact that a certain white police officer acted like a complete jackass to me back in March, prompting a public records request, I thought it would be an appropriate time to share the results of my public citizen inquiry into Officer Morrison's on-the-job reprimands.

I got notice last week, paid my $53.80 yesterday in person (rode the 650R down to the Station, yah) so if I'm lucky I can retrieve the 119 page investigation and result today, but whether it be today, tomorrow or the next day it will go right here in this post.

Update: In a 12:03 minute conversation with Legal staff that ended at 12:36 pm. I was told that my FOIA Fun-Pak was mailed out today, huzzah!!!

I got the facts on a horrible cop exactly three years ago too, read about Martin Dunn.

Anyway, I told Boston PD this guy wouldn't have spoken to a professional white person the way he spoke to me, and he certainly wouldn't have spoken to me the way he did if he knew I was a former Assistant Attorney General over a minor speeding ticket when I was completely polite with him and merely asked "is there a problem, officer?"

I was on a job assignment in Atlanta for the trial and just paid the ticket (my first in nearly 8 years) but the real issue was this cop's attitude and demeanor, so I'll bet the other complaint is similar. If he is a bad apple he needs the heave-ho and I'll put him out on Main Street in my upcoming radio segments at 5:30 p.m. on TOUCH 106.1 FM's new show, "TOUCH Beat." Listen in. Police have a tough enough job as it is without jerks like him (or Franconia's Bruce McKay who can't get a road named after him, unlike Good Cop Michael Briggs, RIP) soiling their reputations. Therefore it's time to start policing the police.

Next up: The five (5) cases that are supposed to be re-investigated in Boston. Here's the Globe Story link with the full 2008 Official Report and Official Report excerpts.

Update: At 11:58 a.m. today I just received a call from Community Ombudsman Oversight Panel Executive Secretary Yola Cabrillana who tells me I -- along with the other press -- will receive an advance copy of the 2009 report that has updates on all the cases I seek. If I have further questions at that point I may simply file my FOIA request, probably no need to sue, as I had to in New Hampshire. Nice. In Boston, as opposed to New Hampshire, there actually is a Civilian Review Board, something I argued for in New Hampshire, only to have legislators like Martha McLeod ignore my phone calls and letter supporting HB 58.

19 October 2009

KingCast says the Jason Vassell/John Bowes/Jonathan Bosse UMass case raises questions of prosecutorial, institutionalised racism.

Honestly, what's it going to be folks? Stop your racial violence and your set-trippin' and start uniting against oppression, which knows no color. Damn people, THINK!

One of my readers (an alumnus of a very highly-esteemed school in the Eastern Seabord) pulled my coat tail to this case, in which two white youth with multiple criminal backgrounds and known substance abuse issues got off easy for starting a fight. Meanwhile the black UMass student who defended himself with a pocket knife after getting his nose broken is being charged with assault with a deadly weapon & facing 30 years in prison. Vassell has no known criminal record, zip, zero zilch.

Here is an excerpt from 8 October 2009 story from Smith College:
As recounted by two witnesses in Vassell's room on the night of the altercation, John Bowes and Jonathan Bosse had been shouting racial slurs at Vassell and soon after broke his window. Vassell fled his room and called two friends for support, in addition to notifying Campus Security. The attackers forced entry into the dorm lobby and punched him numerous times, eventually giving Vassell a concussion.

Vassell's defense has attempted to show through video camera footage and testimony by numerous witnesses that he had told his attackers he did not want to fight them, but after being hit was forced to use a pocketknife in self-defense.

The prosecutor soft-pedaled a broken nose clearly motivated out of racial animus into a disorderly conduct conviction against Bose, while Bosse wasn't even charged.

Thing is, however, the victim Jason Vassell has now secured the right to review prior related cases for symptoms of racial bias in terms of prosecutorial discretion. See the Daily Hampshire Gazette story of 3 March, 2009.


PS: Before folks come and start accusing me of race hating, I don't tolerate racial insensitivity from anybody, read this post on Yick Wo v. Hopkins and this post on Caucasian & Jewish, and this post to see me called a spear-chucker. Then read this post about a bad cop named Marty Dunn, who failed to make blacks feel safe in Jaffrey, NH. He got fired (and his prosecutor Bill Albrecht got run out of town under an ethics investigation) and former NH AG John Arnold, acting as Chesire County Judge, affirmed the Decision. Hope you enjoy the KingCast corporate logo in this post, and most definitely read the comments.

18 October 2009

KingCast presents: The 650R at top speed and 0-60/0-100 mph.

Nope, not mine. No Statements Against Penal Interest here, pal :)
0-60 in 3.6, 0-100 in 10.3. And the roll-on is even better.

17 October 2009

KingCast schools a tool and reminds folks of his eloquent testimony in helping to defeat SB 154, Bruce McKay Highway II.

Bada-Bing, Bada-Boom! Thanks to the tool for reminding me about this situation by writing some hateful comments in about how s/he was trying to defeat S 8013, Robert Taylor's Law. Here is some of my testimony on that from earlier this week.

Robert Taylor deserves a bill in his honor. Bruce McKay does not deserve a road named in his.

Did you know that in Boston, they are actually reviewing 5 police cases? Did you know that in NH I wrote this letter (thankfully former) State Rep. Martha McLeod about Civilian Review boards and HB 58 but she never wrote back and hid out with the NH AG's office and trash-talked me with Senior AG Jeffrey Strelzin. Read the emails between them right here. I'll definitely discuss this on my radio show this week or next.

PS: Did you know that while the major media focused on Bode getting a ticket for 83 in a 40 or 50, the bigger issue is that Bruce McKay once tried to serve him a ticket for speeding based on hearsay, and he also caused the Tamarack vans to be title-searched as if they were stolen. He hated all things Miller and Kenney, so when you add that to the 7 Pursuit and OC Spray violations documented herein of course Liko was scared of him, freaked-out and shot him. It's sad and tragic, but hardly rocket-science.

Speaking of rockets, I spoke with Davey last night and he says Chelone is on top of the snow boarding World, and I am happy for him, he's a great kid, animated and just a barrel of laughs. Check him out at Arbor's website. And here's Liko on YouTube talking about him in this 5/11/2009 post: "Cha-lone-eeeee...."

16 October 2009

KingCast and the iPhone present: His and Hers, circa 2009.

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BTW Tom Tinlin said that he ordered no more "no angle parking" tickets, huzzah! Off to the Ritz for a gala affair with the Mattapan CDC; a Good Weekend to All :)

PS: Yah, I'm riding the 650R.
PPS: Well just got back home and I was pleased to see my friend and Publisher of Ethnic Online, Leonard Webb and his lady, Editor-in-Chief, Kaye Long. Everybody was there it seems, even Mayor Menino!

Yes, sorry about the grain, my real camera will be back from the factory Tuesday, a free fix for the dreaded CCD failure.

15 October 2009

KingCast announces a great day for Robert Taylor's Law and an appeal on the litigation Schulze v. 80 Middle Street on Breach of Contract.

This is a recent post on S 8013, set forth by Senator Bruce Tarr after I brought him the rough draft. He testified yesterday that this is a "matter of deep concern." The video I just ran from my MacBook so it's only 2 minutes and jumpy as all get-out but the Senate Judiciary Committee was impressed with the presentation by Robert Taylor's best friend Jim Dinsmore and me. Read about today in the comments, including a nice chat with Mass AG Martha Coakley and State Rep Renny Cushing.

Also, the Court re-wrote the law in granting Summary Judgment on the Breach of Contract claims of our Plaintiff, Shanna Schulze. My comment on that will appear in tomorrow's paper and it is basically thus:
Yes we plan an appeal on the breach of contract and promissory estoppel claims given the clear mandates from the high court's body of decisional law that you have repeatedly referenced in Times stories. We don't know how the court could have applied that law in a manner to find that the defendants were not liable in contract for providing an uninspected building to tenants.

I am here now to testify on S 8013 to make certain more innocent people are not harmed by unscrupulous landlords.

Joint statement from Ana Crnilovic, Esq. and Christopher King, JD.

Sent from my iPhone

14 October 2009

Hey KingCast, "What do your 42 U.S.C. 1983 victories for Michael Isreal in 1998 have to do with Casey Sherman's 'Bad Blood?'"

Well as I say, Civil Rights Law is a complicated area that I know my way around pretty well, despite what some say about my legal acumen, he-heh..... It's important to be experienced in successfully litigating and prepping these kinds of cases for Attorneys like Friedman and Gilbert when I was in law school before you comment on them.

Here then, is Isreal v. Hamilton. Before an all-white jury reviewing the fate of a black man, I won the traffic/assault/resisting case and settled the Federal case after that.

My point here is that some tool I schooled in this post wrote me to say that Liko Kenney would have been facing felony charges for fleeing from Bruce McKay out of his fear. I wrote him back in this seminal YouTube post about the Chronicle show to tell him that Bruce McKay would have been facing Constitutional challenges under Brendlin v. California for his treatment of Caleb Macaulay, and in fact Caleb has until 5/11 2010 to file such charges. I don't think that he will, only because he's so injured by the entire event, but the case can certainly be made.

Remember the best documentary film ever? Read the KingCast classic posts "Thin Blue Line #1" (from 27 May 2007) and "Thin Blue Line #2." I know a certain set of students and faculty/administration is reading them right now, details to follow.

Read the comments for more about Kelly Ayotte and the Franconia "investigation" but any tool can look at the picture and see that Gregory Floyd started shooting at Liko Kenney's car WELL BEFORE he ever spoke to him, LOOK AT THE PLACEMENT OF THE SPENT CASINGS and remember the windshield bullet, therefore Try Gregory Floyd for Murder.