28 April 2009

KingCast presents Jerry Brown: The Attorney General that Kelly Ayotte never will be.

State attorney general seeks reform of Maywood police.

3:26 PM | April 28, 2009
After a 16-month investigation that revealed “gross misconduct and widespread abuse” at the Maywood Police Department, state Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown today announced that he would seek a court order to impose reforms on the troubled force.
His comments coincided with the release of a 30-page report that detailed the findings of the investigation into the tiny department, which polices the densely populated square-mile city south of Los Angeles.
“The badge and the gun — they’re power. And that power has to be exercised with restraint under the law,” Brown said at a news conference. “In Maywood, this wasn’t the case.”

A veteran policing expert who oversaw the attorney general’s probe called Maywood “one of the worst” departments he had ever seen. The attorney general's office launched its investigation in April 2007, shortly after The Times published an article calling the department “a haven for misfit cops.” The article revealed that at least a third of the officers on what was then a 37-member force had either been forced out of previous police jobs or had had brushes with the law while working in Maywood. Mheh..... sounds just like...... New Hampshire!!!!

Read more.

Remember in Boston that they are reviewing five (5) distinct cases of police abuse, but in New Hampshire Kelly Ayotte and her minions act as if police abuse never occurs, and even come after people -- including Yours Truly -- when we point it out.

To hell with her and people who respect her, lead her, coach her and engage in her nefarious ways. Under her administration they even cancel Right to Know Commission hearings and fail to issue required annual reports pursuant to Statute. As a former Assistant Attorney General myself, I am appalled at her (in)actions.

27 April 2009

KingCast says "Goodnight, Bea."

No shit Sherlock she was quick with the wit, deadpan acerbic. Whether you dug her political bent or not, she was a top-notch curmudgeon. Thanks for all the laughs, Bea. It was truly Golden having you around, Girl.

KingCast presents: A walk in the park.

Well it was really a ride in the park, but whatever. Blue Hills Reservation to be precise, and it is one of the chillest MTBike haunts around. I hadn't been out in 2 years so the going was slow, but the going was good. I can't wait for round two later this week. It's a funny park, really chill packed dirt and mellow, then the next thing you know you're on a wicked descent with all kinds of sharp-assed New England granite in your face. This did of course lead to two downers, thankfully no endos :)

KingCast continues to applaud NH State Rep Peyton Hinkle as Cold Case bill (HB 690) moves toward passage with a public hearing on 30 April.

The Honorable Peyton Hinkle wrote me yesterday to inform me of this: The Cold Case Bill is set for public hearing April 30 at 2:15 in Rm. 102. I doubt it will be canceled like the Right to Know hearing, ha. Read the comments. Now coincidentally I have some work to do in NH that day so it sure would be nice if I could make a visit to provide my testimony about the Dow Murders and Gregory Floyd's unsolved murder of Liko Kenny, as well as the fact that Kenney's shooting of Bruce McKay was mislabeled as a murder when it was really either manslaughter or self-defense.

26 April 2009

Happy Birthday Liko.

We have not forgotten what you went through my brother, and we are pressing on.

M de Rham photo.

KingCast welcomes you to the "Hide the public information request" game show on Kelly Ayotte's heroes Bruce McKay and Gregory W. Floyd.

You know you have struck a nerve and thoroughly irritated the gub'ment when they just flat out refuse to give you stuff, some of it that they've already promised!

To wit: The dash cam video of Bruce McKay. Money delivered on 20 April, 2009, heads-up email sent 17 April 2009. Here's the background post from a year ago.

From Boston Magazine's John Sedgwick, who emailed me for information on numerous occasion as noted.
Once, it was said, he pulled over a 79-year-old woman for an expired registration sticker. After she tried to explain that she was heading home to cook dinner for her husband, he made her wait in the car for two hours.

Kelly, based on information and belief, McKay did this on 10 May 2007, the day before he repeatedly violated policy, law and Constitutional precepts with Liko Kenney and died when Mr. Kenney shot him out of reasonable fear for his life. As such, I hereby order you to provide me the following by next week as per RSA 91-A.

To wit: It has been four six months now since I pinged the ATF's Roy Chabra, Esq., for any comment on whether the Feds will pursue Gregory W. Floyd's obvious, repeated and patent 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) violations. This one is a bit more grey area as to whether I'm entitled to anything, but what I most certain am entitled to is a response. Too much to ask, I guess. I know it was too much for the Grafton County Superior Court to ask for a response from the Feds ten (10) years ago 'cos they never got one. Read the 1998 Docket sheet in State v. Floyd 98-S-242.

To wit: The audio-videocam from the cruiser of the hater pig who said he was "gonna' teach me a lesson" about how quickly I could accelerate my trusty Bavaria. Remember, when he turned on the blues the digital audiocam fired right up, so there is a record of how he approached me and perhaps you can even hear me politely ask "is there a problem, officer?" I Sent my request and complaint in on 9 April 2009, so it's not exactly stale yet, but I'll give a holler to the traffic division and make sure they are earnestly working on that PUBLIC INFORMATION. Of course I also told them point blank I am going to video the trial if there ever is one, but there probably won't be when I'm finished with this clown.

KingCast: As a former AAG with respect for law enforcement, I demand the same from them. And that's the name of that game.

25 April 2009

KingCast affiliates hard at work, making beautiful music.

Thanks Mike, that's some wonderful electronica, good ethnic, good beats, all of that. Your card says it all:

Making Technology Work for Humans. Nice.

KingCast presents: Clark Little, waveforms part 1.

I'll drop some of these from time to time. Here is Clark Little's website. Wonderful stuff from Hawaii.

24 April 2009

KingCast tells Emmi: This is a Man's World... but it wouldn't mean nothin'.... without a bicycle :)

Hey Emmi, great news on your NPR Boston piece today, thanks for sharing that on your blog.

For those of you who don't know, Emmi is an image consultant (It's a Man's World) who is featured at 1pm today probably on WBUR for "being brave," because she learned how to ride a bicycle as an adult, no easy task. Nice. I, of course, have a nice new bike to ride as well. Nice. Bike is Good. I kind of like bicycle more than motorbike, even. See "BMW is spoken here."
It was honestly the scariest thing I’ve done in a long, long time. Think about this - layered on top of the normal butterflies that come with being interviewed, I had the bonus of having to stay upright on a bike that clearly wished me dead. It was my goal to ride gracefully while dodging the entire population of downtown Boston and also to sound witty, remember not to swear, all while wearing the bikerophone. I found out the bikerophone which turns out to be a fancy term for helmet that was designed for someone with a Charlie Brown sized head, had a tendency to slide over my eyes and obliterate my field of vision. At one point during our ride I had to make the decision between sacrificing myself or an off-leash poodle. I am happy to report that the poodle remained unharmed and I managed to land on my feet although the bike did go flying. (For those keeping score Bike 36, Emmi 1) Now I can rest comfortably knowing that NPR has audio of me muttering things like “don’t hit the people Emmi, don’t hit the people.”

21 April 2009

KingCast: Headwear and attitude suggested by DEVO!

Yah, if anyone is guilty of De-Evolution it's NH AG Kelly Ayotte, that's for certain. Whatever, I'm out for a morning ride and off to work, just waiting for my latest Bruce McKay video to appear at my doorstep, yah.

Gregory Floyd: He was a Mongoloid, with an Uncontrollable Urge (posted by Timmy Ramone!) to criminally threaten and to kill or murder 43/44 people, according to his own stupid hater mouth.

Of course Kelly Ayotte was too busy riding her MTBike to inquire as to who these 43 people were. Amazing.

18 April 2009

A headset built for a King!

Yah I'll have to order one up from Chris King this week. I bought a used but mint condition 2003 Trek Fuel 80 to replace the Sugar. The guys at the bike store were cracking up, like "Wow, was it ever RIDDEN??" It's decontented next to the Sugar (cheap-assed Shimano brakes) but at the price point I got it, I can thrash it for a year, sell it or trade it in and move up to a new Specialized Epic, with the brain rear suspension. That's a bad-assed bicycle folks.

Hi Russell Cumbee, it's that annoying blogger Christopher King to tell you SB 154 is being re-introduced this fall; I'll be there again :)

M de Rham photos

Remember the "Press the Eject and Give me the Tape" post? Well here it is, the live audio, after which the bill was set to re-introduction. No worries; I'll be there again because the simple fact of the matter is that the House has already spoken on this:
The committee unanimously supports that when the local communities feel that the time is right, an appropriate section of state highway should be dedicated to the fallen police officer, Corporal Bruce McKay. Vote 15-0.

Sho' 'nuff, dig. Check it out. You got that right. Straight up and stuff. Show you right, 'bro. Trippin'dicular. Solid. Gnarly. Rad. Like, OMG. Word to the Mutha'. Word up. Namaste.

17 April 2009

KingCast prepares to show the World how Bruce McKay handles minor traffic issues with a 79 year-old Franconia elder.

Dear Attorney Modigliani:

Enclosed please find a money order for $155.00 and a self-addressed FEDEX envelope for return of the CD/DVD of this grand event. Please email me as to the turnaround time but I would anticipate receipt by 24 April, 2009. Thank you.

Good Afternoon Mr. King:

I have confirmed that the cost for redaction is $125.00 (an hour’s work of time to redact the tape) plus an additional $30.00 to transfer the redacted version onto DVD, for a grand total of $155.00. If you would like this work to be done, please remit a check to “Treasurer-State of New Hampshire ” and forward it to my attention at 33 Hazen Drive , Concord , NH 03305 . Upon receipt, I will have the work completed and available for you to pick up, or if you prefer, I can mail it to you.

Please advise how you would like to proceed. Many thanks.

Marta Modigliani, Esq.
Office of the Commissioner

PS: Delivery confirmation #0308 2040 0001 0385 2729

16 April 2009

KingCast presents: Protea III.

There wasn't much available light this morning so maybe I'll try this on the weekend when I have more time to wait. Here's the KingCast Protea Collection.

KingCast says, "BMW is spoken here."


The "new" one is mine, BMW #6, and the "old" one is Davey's. Liko can't drive either one of them because Gregory W. Floyd murdered him, after Liko shot Bruce McKay out of fear for his life, IMO. And we all know from Kelly Ayotte's own official report that Liko's car NEVER struck McKay until AFTER Floyd started shooting, and that my friends is an Indisputable Truth.

Anyway, the old one started right up after 5 months of sitting in a Boston winter like it's nobody's bit'ness. This is how it ran 1.5 minutes after startup, a steady and forging Teutonic rhythm-track idle all the effin' way. Effin' "Kraut wagons," you gotta' love 'em 'cos they are the best, hands down, Italians a very close second. Anyway, a valve adjustment and some fork and crankcase oil and she's good to go. See you soon Davey. We have work to do.

And money to do it with.

15 April 2009

KingCast to the rescue!

Well once again the power of camera will help an innocent bloke get some relief from the courts and stuff. Monday I saw this cat standing on the median of I-95 with what appeared to be radiator steam coming from the front of his whip. On passing I saw the fire so I parked upstream and ran back and told him to push the car back from the fire, which at this point was just underneath the engine compartment.

Naturally before we could get the car out of the damn way, the fire lept up to the engine compartment and whatever fossil products it was dripping so we were in essence no dragging a trail o' fire southbound on the median. All I had in the Bavaria was a jug o' water, and that wasn't going to cut it so we waved down a trucker who had a fire extinguisher and that was that.

At least now the guy has pictures to show the dealer who just sold him the car!

Now this is funny because there's an idiot name quiet man who likes to trash talk me and accused me of making up stories about two lives I helped save, one because I threatened to sue a hospital when they stalled on getting my Aunt Doris to a real hospital (Cleveland Clinic) from the rinky-dink hospital in Orville. The doctors told us without the helicopter life flight she was a goner. She enjoyed the last 10 years of her life in Columbus, Ohio, much of it watching me deal with the same brand of haters I deal with now.

Two because I helped save another life when I realized a guy wasn't drunk on St. Patricks day 1983 but was really having a seizure so my friend and I pulled him out of his car, he gave the old coot CPR and I called the medics.... not from a cell phone but from a PAY PHONE I had to run my ass off like a 1/4 mile sprint to get to.

The point of all of this is that ordinary citizens can do extraordinary things if they just get present to their surroundings. Sometimes things are on fire and folks don't even notice it, or worse yet they try to censor or burn the writings themselves that only serve highlight the problem, yah.

-Guy Montag

14 April 2009

Three Dog Night and KingCast have a chance encounter with a panhandler.

This is interesting because as you watch the panhandler you should know that I was going to give him money, even though I worked on an Indianapolis Star story on panhandlers back in 1990. That story showed many of them don't even keep the food you give them, but based on our editor's records as a panhandler poseur he made as much as a first-year reporter, LOL.

I loved that song as a child, and still do. Sorry I missed the cow bells at the intro.

Happy Birthday to probable murderer Gregory W. Floyd and to the KingCaster, who just won't quit.

Yah, I remember a year ago tomorrow when Gregory W. Floyd showed his ass real good when he got convicted for criminal threats against AJ Boisvert. Remember, a conviction in every decade.

KingCast: The only conviction I have is the one that tells me Gregory W. Floyd murdered Liko Kenney, who had shot Bruce McKay out of fear for his life.

"When you gonna' quit it, King?" someone asked me last year about the exposure and fact-finding in the Franconia Shooting Tragedy.

"When I'm damn good and ready," I told them.

Anyway, the Beatles have a song for the jailbird and me, and no it isn't the Birthday Song but rather, "You're Gonna' Carry that Weight." Listen up. Floyd..... you're gonna' carry that weight, a long time -- even though NH AG Kelly Ayotte fancies you "a hero" you're just a dirtbag murderer and I can't wait for Casey Sherman's book to hit the stands in late summer so more people can see that. We share a birthday but nothing else 'cos you're a damn common criminal. Oh yah, oh, right.......

PS: Paul McCartney could rock a bass guitar. Even in the Wings, his little fun on Silly Love Songs had the rear-view mirror shaking all about this morning. Nice.

KingCast presents: The Rites of Spring.

Ahhhh.... you know it's not springtime at my sister's house until she bakes a little lapine cake for my nieces, both of whom coincidentally may appear in a production of Le Sacre du Printemps. He kind of looks like a rodent-rabbit, but it's All Good!

13 April 2009

KingCast laughs as Indianapolis Star produces 20 year-old story on wireless eavesdropping!

On or about 5 August, 1990 I interviewed a spy who discussed with me the intricacies of wireless eavesdropping (which is not the same game as it once was, in fact I'm not sure if you can eavesdrop digital). I did then memorialize said conversation in print, and the IndyStar library called me on Friday to let me know they are sending out a hard copy because, get this.... it was BEFORE THE ADVENT OF THEIR ELECTRONIC DATABASE. Hahahahaaaaaa.....

As I remember the layout it will be odd to post it for a JPEG (it's like a huge above-the-fold story) so I'll have to copy it and cut it up -- actually engage in some good ol' fashioned cut and paste, the kind the young whippersnappers know nothing about, before there was a Mac Plus LOL.

KingCast presents: The Westport golf course boathouse.

Yah, I used to wait tables there. Now I eat there. And I tip well. Namaste.

KingCast jam for Bernie Madoff: Depeche Mode “Everything Counts” a/k/a “Grabbing Hands.”

It really says it all. What a complete bastard.

12 April 2009

KingCast gets the Led out.

WARNING: Turn the volume on your computer waaaay down. I can't stress this enough :)

Got a long drive ahead of you? Think you might fall asleep? Some Led Zeppelin will help you get on past the GW, yah. Misty Mountain Hopping, 5:00 a.m. with the KingCaster. Also, I think I've finally figured out how to get the stupid head unit configured off from the "display" settings, and I can program it according to speaker size and where I want the sound to apex. For more on the system, click here. Nice.

11 April 2009

KingCast presents Art as it happens part trois: Gregory W. Floyd sics his mongrel on KingCast!!!

Well, not really, he only allegedly threatened to call his dogs on a meter reader who was subsequently too scared of Floyd to identify him at trial. This doggie was captured somewhere on the road from the cockpit of the Bavaria.

PS: The police and Sheriff's department officers say that Floyd threatened them with physical violence, too. And of course he was convicted of disturbing the peace some years ago and was convicted last year of criminally threatening AJ Boisvert. A conviction in every decade, noted Prosecutor James Vara last month. But of course Kelly Ayotte cleared him in 24 hours in the likely murder of Liko Kenney, despite his ADMITTED "anger management issues."


09 April 2009

KingCast presents : Art as it happens part deux.

Again, dollar for dollar I'm quick on the draw and damn good with composition, even with a shitty little point and shooter. I was the only media to cop a still photo of Floyd from this angle. It's pretty badass, especially that floor indicator, like... "2nd floor... going down.... prison level.......clogged drains, raw sewage, broken beds, rat and human feces to the left......"

It's from this post.

This is a good family portrait as well, I really wanted the focus on the momma, who was wearing a supremely stern countenance, yah. So as usual, Mickey deRham was ready with the heat, as they walked by I said "get that," and blam, she was all over it.

PS: The real art in my life is what's hanging on the walls anyway; I haven't show you any of THAT.

08 April 2009

Live on YouTube: KingCast slams NH Senator Rob Letourneau in SB 154 Bruce McKay Highway II hearing.

M de Rham photo

Remember the "Press the Eject and Give me the Tape" post? Well here it is, the live audio, with that rude, unenlightened person perpetually trying to interrupt Yours Truly.

Also I'm probably not buying that park bench. Instead I'm going to make a sports donation for youth this year, on 5/11. Then every year after that, until they plant me, there will be a KingCast award, no less than $250.00, probably $500.00, for the best high school essay on the importance of the First Amendment and/or open government. Entries will be due on or before 5/11 and the winner and runner-up will be announced on July 4.

I have spoken, loudly and eloquently enough, thank you. And oh, I put my money where my mouth is.


07 April 2009

KingcCast presents: Art as it happens.

Art, it hangs out wherever I am. Gotta' have art. Protea shot at macro with Canon Powershot S2 IS. This is one badass camera, take note you tools who used to crack on me when I didn't have a real camera for a while. It's All Good. Now I have a real camera again and I take better pictures than 95% of you jackasses anyway.


So Davey Kenney and I were wondering, "what else will Gregory W. Floyd go to prison or jail for?"

Remember KingCast was proved correct when that dirtbag "I've killed 43 people" Greg Floyd went packing off to prison last month. Now the question that needs answered is what about his pending trial for his assault on the police officers almost exactly one year ago, when that murderer (IMO) also lunged at yours truly with a deadly weapon, and what about his pending sentencing for his conviction on the criminal threats against AJ Boisvert, whom he threatened with a gun.

Davey was telling me that one of the dates is..... get this.... 5/11. I'll call the court.

I called: 5/11 is sentencing for resisting and disorderly conduct from 5/15 2008; meanwhile his bullshit appeal from his proper conviction for criminally threatening AJ Boisvert was slammed; the matter was remanded for sentencing date not certain.

Watch the short film "5/11: Injustice on Stilts" here.

Some cyberspace tools think Kelly Ayotte is in the clear, no more damage will come her way because of her coverups. They are quite wrong. She may retain her position, but people across the World will know what a deceitful "public servant" she really is.

05 April 2009

Dangerous Negro Apparel: Because smart is the new Gangsta!

Dangerous Negro Apparel huh. Well having been called a "Dangerous Black Man" -- before being duly compensated for such statement because it implied PHYSICAL THREATS instead of INTELLECTUAL PROWESS -- I can really dig these brothers.

"The Gangster Paradigm is played out," they say.

I couldn't agree more. KingCast is the new P-I-M-P, in ways my haters will never even know. Got the nice day job, keep pushing the knowledge in the evenings and weekends, whenever and wherever dammit.

Trivia: What highly esteemed Ohio Legal mechanism wrote about me:
"King is a philosophical orator."

Answer: It doesn't matter. What matters most is that being a philosophical orator is something that they don't want me to be.