09 November 2008

KingCast welcomes the Montreal Gazette to the Franconia shooting tragedy.

Dear Editors,
That was a nice article.

Stay tuned because U.S. writer and Boston Strangler investigative writer Casey Sherman is writing a book about this. Coincidentally as noted I'm friends with one of Casey's prep school friends who taught me how to REALLY come down the mountain at Loon back in 2003, then I was ready for Cannon Mountain, which is one of my favorite mountains, icy as it be.

Franconia and the surrounding areas area is one of the most beautiful places in the world.
I am fortunate enough to have met some of the people you interviewed for your story in my year plus investigation of the 5/11 tragedy and the events that led up to it and the events that followed, and four items demand your attention, the same items that a group of us in the Franconia Collective will be bringing to the attention of the U.S. House.

1. The town cannot and will not heal until there is full disclosure.

2. The events did not occur as reported and that's why the AG's office and State police never ran any forensic tests and are withholding the tests conducted on Bruce McKay's clothing and Liko Kenney's clothing that would prove that Gregory Floyd lied about his actions. Floyd's son stated that Liko Kenney's car only struck McKay AFTER his father shot and hit Liko's car, and Floyd initially twice said he never spoke to Liko Kenney before shooting him. I have the interview files.

Read more about Bruce McKay's legacy ....and a related case from Canada about abuse of authority, remember Manish Odhavji?

The rest of the letter is in the comments, but everyone needs to read the seminal post regarding the "investigation" that you can see right here and here.


Christopher King said...

3. Neither NH AG Kelly Ayotte or the town of Franconia conducted any investigation into the actual stop itself, even though it has since been proved that Bruce McKay violated 8 pursuit and OC spray policies .....that would have placed anyone in fear, much less Liko Kenney who had already told McKay "I am a mental health patient" when Bruce apprehended him in 2003 without probable cause. The other cases from Fox Hill Park, an area I know very well, were dismissed when the LE used the same M.O.

4. Democratic State Rep Martha McLeod probably would have won her seat in the Senate given the Democratic upsurge were it not for her flawed and deceitful tactics in trying to pass failed HB 1428 Bruce McKay Highway. The community made sure to slam that in committee, and I have filed a Right-to-Know lawsuit in Grafton County 08-E-192 that you can follow at my blawg, which is Chris King's 1st Amendment Page, linked through http://kingcast.net.

She never told her constituents or the members of the Franconia Recovery and Reconciliation Committee anything about the measure and they found out at the last minute before a hearing.

The primary issue for McLeod -- whose husband is a Franconia town selectman -- is that she refuses to provide her emails on the matter, which does not comport with case law, most notably Kidd v. Department of Justice 362 F.Supp.2d 291 D.D.C.,2005 (letters to a Senators produced pursuant to FOIA request).

Enjoy the blawg and email me for more details. This American Life came out and I set up all kinds of interviews but they decided not to run the story. Run a word search on my blawg for "This American Life Epiphany" to read more about this case. The public hearing will probably be in January or February, 2009.

Very truly yours,
Christopher King, J.D.

Anonymous said...

Just checked in since I haven't been here in a while. Glad to see you are stirring the same old pot, annoying the town of Franconia, and playing "broken record" as usual Mr. King.
It reminds me of this quote...."IT IS USUALLY FUTILE TO TRY TO TALK FACTS AND ANALYSIS TO PEOPLE WHO ARE ENJOYING A SENSE OF MORAL SUPERIORITY IN THEIR IGNORANCE" --(Thomas Sowell) Gee....souds spot on hmmm?? Nobody wants you here Mr. King. When will you beging to understand that? And as far as your comments in an earlier post about the FPD still using the Tahoe and how much of a shame it is that they didn't retire it out of respect....same could apply to you riding around on a dead man's motorcycle. Idiot.

Christopher King said...


Just checked in to offer the same old ad hominem bullcrap, I see.

Nothing on substance whatsoever.

Query, is the Montreal Gazette at fault for covering these issues too?

And hell yeah Franconia should have retired the Tahoe. What dead man's motorcycle are you talking about, fool?

Christopher King said...

I really love the part "nobody wants you here."

You mean to say "nobody who is friends with me wants you here."

Your Sowell quote is smack on, as applied to you.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

2 brief paragraphs and it's all about Liko Kenney to you AGAIN.

Christopher King said...


Nah, it's all about the lack of responsible LE as manifest through Liko's case.

You sure do hate you some Chris King, though.


Anonymous said...

The campaign to insult and intimidate proves one thing...
You're doing something right !
And the status quo is getting worried.

Christopher King said...


I know, right.

That's why the Memorandom Contra Motion to Dismiss goes out in the FEDEX tomorrow morning. I don't even have the time to get all the Attachments together but I'm going to drop it right now, drop it like it's hot, drop it like it's hot....

And supplement later.

If the court throws it out it will just head upstairs anyway.

And if they throw it out we'll know that New Hampshire just doesn't give a damn, and it will be clear.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

If that's all you got out of the Montreal article you truly are a moron.

NH cares they just don't care about YOU, so keep answering yourself in here,wanna be.

Anonymous said...

This sums it all up an email containing this statement by Mr. Watts:
"I spoke with Liko's parents in Hawaii on several occasions, and they SEEMED to want to help,BUT IT JUST NEVER HAPPENED"

More powerful than any statements you have come up with in over a year. NO PARENT turns their back on their children NONE, and by virtue of Mr. Troy Watts one sentence in the email sent to you that is exactly what happened.

We all know the results 5 months later Liko Kenney shot and killed police officer Cpl. N. Bruce McKay on May 11, 2007.

Christopher King said...


Nah, what says it all is the number of times his parents and other community members tried to get McKay fired, and NOTHING EVER HAPPENED.

I see you're up early and on my jock, as usual, Bill.

Scaredy-cat woo-woo meow.

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...


Wannabe what, wannabe citizen?

That I am, boy.

You obviously care a lot so I guess that makes you a fool, then.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

You're a wanna be, you figure it out.

Christopher King said...

Blah blah blah blah blah.


Anonymous said...

coming from a self admitted whore in every sense of the definition, you have no room to be talking about anyone BOY.
chris king wrote:
"She's jawing about the fact that I, as a subordinate, provided some afternoon lovin' for a horny, vibrator-prone Caucasian female manager at her request."

Like I said you have absolutely no moral fiber..........BOY


Christopher King said...

I was just doin' what the boss lady said to do.

If I didn't you would say I was being an insubordinate negro.


Anonymous said...

Christopher King said...
"I was just doin' what the boss lady said to do.

If I didn't you would say I was being an insubordinate negro."

Like I've stated repeatedly you always lay blame at someone elses feet for your actions. You aren't the victim that you want me and everyone else to believe you are.
Negro? I've never used the term Negro in my entire life, Iknow us white boys all look alike to you, but you are wrong once again.

Christopher King said...

Iknow us white boys all look alike to you, but you are wrong once again.

.....Dude you look nothing like my brother-in-law. He looks like an English-Welsh immigrant; you look like somebody's rectum.

-The KingCaster.

PS: When my sister asked if I had any apprehension of her marrying a Caucasian brother I said:

"Does he love you?"


"Do you love him?"


Then good, I need to get back to sleep.

Anonymous said...

why are you sleeping with your sister

Anonymous said...

chris king wrote:
"Dude you look nothing like my brother-in-law. He looks like an English-Welsh immigrant; you look like somebody's rectum."

Rectums another area of your expertise I hear. Obviously that comes from felating your superiors over the years.

Christopher King said...


My sister called me from Dallas at my apartment with my girlfriend in Shaker Heights during law school.

Speaking of sisters, I heard Gregory Floyds young and old bagged your sister in a wicked three-way.

Damn you get it all twisted every time :)


Christopher King said...

Hi Bill Christy,

You can have the entire day to rant and rave in here because I have work to do, and I respect the opportunity to work in a positive corporate culture, now that I have filed the Memoranda in Franconia I will attend to these matters.

Go threaten me with something else, you idiot.

-The KingCaster.