14 July 2008

KingCast reminder: Gregory P. Floyd to face criminal theft charges on 12 August 2008.

Littleton - Gregory P. Floyd, who has had about three (3) distinct continuances on a simple theft charge, has been scheduled again for 12 August 2008, at Littleton District Courthouse according to the Courthouse clerk's office at 11:30 a.m. this morning. At the 2p.m. trial we expect to discover whether there is any truth to the rumour that his former employer, Wal-Mart, caught him in flagrante delicto on the Wal-Mart cam.

KingCast and the Franconia Collective will be there with bells on.


Anonymous said...


I have been reading your blog for quite some time now. You have a lot of interesting points that I have researched on my own. I am the type of person that does not take anything at face value. I consider people's opinions and then research for myself.

I do have a couple of concerns about your perception of Liko K. Don't get me wrong, I am not justifying the actions of Cpl. McKay. It is clear that he made mistakes (i.e. violation of police policies). However, I wish you would explain the "real" side of Liko K. Through the research that I have done, it is clear that Liko was an unstable person. His own family has taken restraining orders out against him, his family describes him as "troubled", "a loose canon", and his actions on the videos that I have seen are clearly unreasonable.

It seems to me that both Liko and Cpl. McKay made mistakes on May 11.
Neither of them deserved to die. Our country and everyhting you seem to support relies on our judicial system acting appropriately. When a police officer (or any person) acts outside their legal parameters, there is appropriate action through legal processes to hold the officer (or person) accountable. Liko was wrong to have shot Cpl. McKay. He escalated the situation by using deadly force when non- deadly force was used against him.

Again, I am not choosing sides. I beleive the actions of BOTH parties lead to the tradegy. I just hoped, given your experience in journalism and legal career, you would consider that Liko made mistakes. Reporting about all of the things Cpl. McKay did wrong on your blog is only reporting a partial story- not accurate journalism. Something you critize 20/20 for doing.

There should not be any photographs of Liko standing with his arm in the air ("Fix Franconia") or the constant perception that he did nothing wrong. He was wrong!! It must be accepted that he had a serious lack of judgment and took matters into his own hands. Both parties escalated the situation, not just Cpl. McKay.

Neither person should have died. I am just trying to say that I think it is inappropriate to portray Liko as a person who acted rationally.

As for Floyd... you perhaps may be right on track.

Thanks for listening.

Anonymous said...


I couldn't have said it better myself. You're correct on all counts.

I would, however, like to defend Chris in all of this. He sees the weaknesses in our system, and he's been the only voice against those distinct violations and resultant corruption. So, I tend to give him leeway regarding being one-sided. After all, he's an advocate, and doesn't really have to abide by rules of journalism. If journalists were doing their respective jobs in reporting this tragedy, Chris would probably move on to the next crusade.

Look, Liko was an obvious nut job, but McKay had the trust of the public and the badge to enforce the law for which he had enormous responsibility. I do agree with you on the "Fix Franconia" banner... Liko should NOT be a posthumous spokesperson for Liberty et al. But McKay should NOT be representing LE posthumously either. The proposed highway dedication was entirely inappropriate and a political move by the McLeods, Lynch and Ayotte. Disgusting!

I agree with your opinion, but I think Chris is correct in his effort to seek justice. Who else is doing it?

Christopher King said...

12:16 and 1:32

You both make sage points, and I agree with most of what you say.

I will add this:

If you look around in the blawg you will see that I don't take Liko Kenney to be an angel in any measure.

My points remain that his Constitutional Rights were likely violated in 2003 and nobody gave a damn.

And the same goes for 2007, except that Caleb Macaulay's Constitutional Rights were violated as well and there is the absolutely tenable argument that Liko shot out of fear.

Which is not murder, any way you slice it.

Witness the 3 phone calls Liko made to his uncle at the first stop that 20/20 failed to mention.

That's fear, folks.


And then AAG Strelzin siting there on National TV and saying that the "OC Spray obviously wasn't effective enough" while ignoring the seven (7) distinct pursuit and OC Spray policies that were manifest is repugnant to any notion of Fair Play and substantial Justice.

Not to mention the incommunicado status for 6 minutes, which is all enough to make me step up my game and finish the community sign up sheet for getting Gregory W. Floyd indicted under 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) and a warrant search conducted.

Watch the next post, up later tonight, probably before midnight.

-The KingCaster

PS: Yes Liko did overreact to things but the property dispute was mis-reported, that land was not his Uncle's it is joint, and the reason he choked the youngster who stole his gun was because the police ignored the situation, for example.

And that Uncle, Bill, is the very uncle who wrote with me to the NH House of Representative Speaker Terie Noreli requesting information and a special prosecutor.

Christopher King said...

Forgot to say:

To those who do not understand the legal difference between self-defense and manslaughter (voluntary and involuntary) it all hinged on mens rea, or one's mental state.

Anyone in their right mind would be scared as hell of Bruce McKay in that situation and previous accounts quoted by ABC News were that people did not trust McKay.

As such, it is obvious that the worst that Liko would have been convicted of is voluntary manslaughter, and that's hardly a life sentence. In fact, once all the relevant information had come out at trial, including the 3 panicked phone calls to his uncle, he might have been convicted of involuntary manslaughter or even walked on self-defense because of the extreme nature of McKay's lawlessness.

BUT --- and there's a big but:

Kelly must have Liko committing MURDER because otherwise you've got more questions raised about the legitimacy of Floyd killing someone who committed manslaughter.

Get it?

I get it.

So too will a lot of statesmen this fall, and there's not a damn thing that Kelly Ayotte, Jeffrey Strelzin and ABC News can do about it.

KingCast: Always about the little people no matter where they live, where they are from, or what sex, colour, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

Not buying it, Chris.

If I were a member of the jury, and paranoia, NOT fear were placed into testimony by the prosecutor, I would only then consider manslaughter. Then you’d have by reason of insanity as your only defense. That would be a tough one, given the probable fact that Liko may not have been under medical review.

Otherwise, I don’t know of a single person who would be afraid of that pansy McKay, and as a result, murder would have to be the charge. Yes, he had the badge on his side, but he was probably the biggest coward alive, as evidenced by the wussy way he sprayed Liko (take THAT, you bad boy!). Further, I don’t know of a LE who would turn his back on a person after having doused him with OC! Cowardly AND stupid!

Y’see, I think there’s a good possibility Liko was afflicted with Paranoid Schizophrenia (perhaps drug-induced), don’t you? I have a good friend who is a classic case, and when he goes off his meds, watch out… bad decision-making time! And I think that was all it was; a tragically bad momentary decision on Liko’s part. Most of us don’t grab a GLOC when confronted by the likes of that dunderhead. Yes, I know; there’s history there. But I think that former incident between the two of them only further underscores his paranoia. What lucid human being questions a cop that way when he asks for license and registration? There were a lot of minor confrontations between young people in that area and McKay. I don't know of anyone who really wanted to cooperate with McKay's Barney Fife way of conducting LE.

Nah, Liko murdered the cowardly cop, and Floyd murdered Liko… simple. The rest of it regarding the corrupt politics and violations of the law, I’m 100% behind you on that. I hope there’s a big blowup over the AG’s and AAG’s handling of the case, and the Chief, town attorney, and McLeods all go down in a cloud of dust, too.

Get it?

I get it...

Anonymous said...

I hope this young man gets himself on the right course. This could be turned into a positive for him.

Anonymous said...

McKay was mean and not a pansey. Many were afraid of him not just Liko. McKay was a dangerous cop.

Christopher King said...

6:34, 8:51, 9:14

For some reason Yahoo wasn't posting your comments or I would have chimed in earlier.

On McKay trust me people feared him. And I mean even Liko's friends who are of pretty good size were telling me look, Bruce was a fairly big boy and I know for fact he stood a 6'1" boy up against a wall just for saying "I hate him" once.

So not just the fear of Bruce but the fear that he could bring someone else along for the ride and needlessly beat Liko again.

And again, by the rationales given by Judge Cyr McKay violated Liko's Constitutional Rights back in 2003 and in 2007.



What young man? Caleb does have a World of things to get through right now and we are all pulling for him. If you're talking about me, thanks for the compliment but no spring chicken am I =^.)

In the end, I am going to continue to do the right thing, and everyone will see that in the coming weeks.


Anonymous said...

Some may have feared him, but make no mistake about it - McKay was a COWARD! I know people out of respect for law enforcement toe the line with an idiot like that, but the man was a wuss!

Once again... just look at the video of him spraying Liko. In a boxing ring using that move would make the round last less than 20 seconds. He was an unathletic, cowardly bully.

'Nuff said...

Christopher King said...


Concurring and dissenting.

He was a wuss in many ways and I've said he did that spray so effeminate style it's ridiculous.

But to someone sitting in a car who has had McKay call in his henchmen on prior occasion to beat you down and after that Tahoe bash and set back off the road and outta' sight next to that loader you gotta' be wondering WTF is he gonna' do next.

Not to mention Liko and Caleb had motioned and called out to Floyd, who did nothing to help them.

20/20 of course totally ignored them motioning to Floyd, which is NOT what a murderer would do.

I'm sure it felt like a setup.

It sure looked that way, too.


Anonymous said...

Wow... never thought of that aspect. I guess you have info that the rest of us do not. There was actual collaboration between the Floyds and Liko? Hmmmm. No wonder you have made this a crusade. It still doesn't justify that Glock outburst. Good work, Chris...

Christopher King said...


Yah they cut Caleb off when he starts to describe it to the investigator.

Read everything important in this 7 July 2007 post.

Page 654: "Most of the cars drove by, but I asked that guy (Floyd), I'm like sir, could you just stick around to see what happens just as a witness." Again at 673: "I said hey, Sir can you just stay here a minute because I was scared.... We had eye to eye communication (because Floyd Jr. was driving) I said sir can you stay here and they stayed there for a second." And at 674 "I 'm pretty sure he heard my voice 'cause like I..." (Marshall cuts him off)."

BTW did you know that Bruce McKay never told Liko his name in 2003 when Liko asked him?

Adds to the terror.