30 July 2008

Dear Attorney Mullen: Did Franconia consider firing Bruce McKay or not?

I told some tool in the last post: Now to return to point, did Franconia town Selectmen discuss terminating that rogue cop Bruce McKay or not?

They are (as usual) tardy with their response, as I asked them on 22 July and I am -- at a minimum -- entitled to know if there are responsive documents or not. Read the comments.

As to the maximum I'll be checking Lexis today.

Bottom Line: I did not make Bruce McKay a bad cop. I did not make Gregory Floyd a shady character and multiple felon. I did not make NH AG Kelly Ayotte repeatedly lie about the facts of 5/11.

There are many lawyers, LE and other people of influence who entirely agree with me and their voices will indeed be heard.

Now with that I'm back to work.


Christopher King said...

Dan, did Franconia contemplate firing Bruce McKay or not?
Wednesday, July 30, 2008 6:20 AM
"Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
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Dear Attorney Mullen:

I'm not here to pussy foot the issue like 20/20. Did your client discuss terminating Bruce McKay or not?


At a minimum, they have to tell me that and if I don't hear from them on that issue, or on th other outstanding issue of the potentially inadequate response to my inquiry on the 2005/2006 Citizen Complaint, they will wind up in the RSA 91-A lawsuit against Martha McLeod next week.

Thank you in advance for your client's not-so-prompt response.

Christopher King, J.D.

IV. Each public body or agency shall, upon request for any public record reasonably described, make available for inspection and copying any such public record within its files when such records are immediately available for such release. If a public body or agency is unable to make a public record available for immediate inspection and copying, it shall, within 5 business days of request, make such record available, deny the request in writing with reasons, or furnish written acknowledgment of the receipt of the request and a statement of the time reasonably necessary to determine whether the request shall be granted or denied.

Anonymous said...

I don’t understand how you can continue to call Floyd a felon when you yourself are an indicted felon. Cast not a stone, Mr. King, when your house is made of glass. Regardless of what you think of Officer Mackay’s job performance, he actually was a decorated cop. What are you? Disgraced, indicted, suspended, disbarred ex-lawyer, whose sole purpose in life is to get back at others for his own failings. You are correctly, government must be held accountable. You are wrong however, to parade yourself as a crusade of truth, when in fact all you do is spin a web on untruths to propagate your anger unto others. It is you who are the failure in life; it is you who was held to a certain standard and was caught with your hand in the proverbial cookie jar; it is you who continues to call all of these people in your posts names; it is you who is the problem in our society. It is not government’s or society’s fault that you are a felon and got caught. Except it, take responsibility for it and when you do, perhaps you can effect meaningful change. I wish you the best of luck with the latter, I just don’t see how it could ever happen at this point in your disjointed life.

Christopher King said...

Oh, believe me I am working for positive change with that Complaint to the U.S. House that has you so set off.

You can't even recognize the Floyd has indeed been CONVICTED of three felonies, one apparently expunged, and I have been convicted of NOTHING, even as I stood ready for trial, having gone through voir dire.

I was ready for an all-white Jury of my peers to hear that case and the State ran away like a puppy that peed itself.

Just the facts.

As you would say, "except it[sic] You are wrong."


Meanwhile I hear that a bloke in Belgium, at FAQ on U.S. Judicial and Legal Corruption has NH at the top.

Surprise, surprise.

Wait until I share this story with him.


Here's some homework for you:

List each and every factually false statement you believe I have made, and I will then address your concerns in seriatim.


Christopher King said...


This entry has a subject line, in case you missed it.

Speak to it.

And while you're at it, speak to the email issue with Martha:

1. Are the emails to a public official on their public email account a matter of public record?

2. Are the emails to a public official on their private email accounts a matter of public record when those emails contain communications related to public matters?

3. Will the Court grant Injunctive relief to prevent the spoliation (expiration and/or destruction) of these emails?


BTW I see that I have missed a certified letter from the General Court; perhaps she is bailing out of the lawsuit and providing the emails just as did Senator Letourneau.

I'll find out about that soon.

Anonymous said...

And a nay on the indicted felon crap. Indicted, once, felon, never. No longer indicted, never a felon, so stuff it up yer yang yang. CK is a lot of things, but these no longer or never applied.

Any Proulx footage would be brighten my day. Bow wow.

Christopher King said...


We do have the Proulx footage of her running away from the KingCast cameras, grabbing at a courthouse door with a sign big as day on it that read:

"Use other door."

It's kind of off-topic for this, but in due course we'll break it out.

And yes, her hair did flow ever so nicely.

But she's not as hot as my girlfriend :)

dtl949 said...

Big Deal. So McKay was decorated. He also harassed fellow public safety personnel. Sounds like you have a hair across your butt for Chris. This isn't the place. He is trying to shed light on a total injustice. He should be applauded for it.

Anonymous said...

This is a first amendment blog, let freedom ring, let a hundred flowers bloo=m, let a hundred schools of thought contend.

Christopher King said...

dtl: Exactly. And as far as McKay apprehending the tools who shot and killed, probably murdered other LE back in the day, Jeremy Charron I believe it was. I've never taken that from him.

Read more.

He did a Good Thing.

But that does not give him carte blanche to violate policy and Civil Rights, and for that this case will wind up in the Congressional Record, befittingly.

Anonymous said...

Call it what you will - you are a disgraced lawyer who was indicted for putting grubby, unethical hand in the cookit jar. You are no less of a bad guy as Floyd. As for McKay, you or the goffy little worshipers who follow you on this site, are half the man he was. It sucks being you, but you're stuck with it. On aside note, you yell and scream about the 1st Amendment, but then you get all pissy when people like me exercise it and tell you that I see you for what you are - a sad sack of a man who got caught by the good guys.

Christopher King said...


Dude I'm not pissy with you and I am quite happy with my life, a fact which apparently disturbs you to no end. And despite what you say, there are many, many well-respected people who agree with me. You just sit your ass on down and wait to see when we file with the U.S. House.

Disturbed by your comments? Pah. I never pull comments from this blawg, unlike 20/20 and other major media that pulled comments that called it as it is:

An unlawful use of force by Bruce

I am very public about these issues but you won't even identify yourself because you are a coward.

And for what, about the 80th time, my hand was nowhere near any "cookie jar," hence the DISMISSAL of all charges, unlike Floyd was has been CONVICTED of MANY crimes.

And also unlike disbarred and convicted lawyer Michael McLoughlin, who is now of counsel with Floyd's lawyers, Shaheen and Gordon.

There's your hand in the cookie jar.


Now if you could just get enough Ritalin to focus:

Did Franconia consider firing Bruce McKay or not?

Anonymous said...

Interesting how caustic the comments as you near the date for Ms. McLeod's own voir dire, eh? She'll absolutely crumble at depo. Also, astounding how illiterate some of the comments are… revealing, this business of blogging.

One never understands the training and experience that when implemented CAN reveal information, given the fact that someone is lying. Chris, I’ve said it before: these people are stupid, stupid, stupid. I admire your tenacity and courage… keep it going my good man.

Christopher King said...


Oh it's getting epic. As usual, there are hurdles. Gotta settle a case for one of the lawyers I work for. Got a flat tyre on the bike had to find another one which was almost impossible because its vintage rubber. But whatever the case, by tomorrow close of business I will email Miss Martha and her counsel and ask them for that final answer, because next Friday I'll be standing at Grafton County Superior with lawsuit in hand.

Just spoke with this guy again yesterday, who was out west investigating an interesting story. We're gonna' hit some more tennis on Sunday and he says things are still on with the media concern that he's working with to give the townspeople (from all opinions, mind you) an open forum.

Anonymous said...

7:17 AM,

Talk about a spin, dude!

You are putting King's troubles in the category of Floyd's, "I'll put a bullet between your eyes" and "I killed that kid"?

Are you on crack or something???!!!!

Anonymous said...

5:06 PM,

Get over yourself and your own views. Why do you think King is still here? huh? Because people want it and he ain't goin' away. Call him whatever you want. You aren't changing anything!

Life isn't black and white and neither are people. Sharon Davis can pretend that McKay chased Liko that day because he was a "black and white" kind of cop but he was far from it. He was all in the gray areas, man. He chose who he wanted to go after and he did it with finesse - a master. He could be the good guy and he could be the bad guy. Like most of us. Only he got to carry a gun and badge, with the license to use them. Dangerous job to let someone like him have.

Christopher King said...

4:53, 5:06

Hell yeah it was a dangerous job for him to have and that's why they considered firing him.

Then he went on meds and they called him cured, and that's how the town got its current name, "Frankenconia."

Anyway, in today's post I ask would-be Senator Martha McLeod if "no" is her final answer.

Anonymous said...

Im as unbiased on this as you can get... Im a slightly racist, white collar, white Australian watching this all happen from across the world. All I can figure on Mr Anonymous and his comments is that he appears to be ignorant of the facts that Chris King has produced in this case or he is in fear of them and is trying to use ridicule to throw Mr King off course. Is Mr Anonymous a member of the group that knows they should have fired Bruce McKay? From the moment I started learning about this case Ive been amazed at the continuing attempts to cover up local government and police knowledge of this officers disgraceful tactics as a Law Enforcement Officer...
Chris King has been incredible at his ongoing attempts to get the truth out there and dealt with properly. NH Authorities want it all swept under the carpet, we all know that privately they are terrified of the truth coming out. That they share the responsibility for the two deaths that occured because of their missmanagement of this officer. A blind man could also still see that the AG has never honestly looked at and admitted the true facts when it comes to Floyds murder of Liko Kenney, its all there in black and white to see.....
Id never heard of Chris King before this case and like many, think he would get further, faster by tempering some of his comments... which I see he did with Mr Anonymous, but without Mr Kings tenacity this case would be dead in the water so how he sees fit to act and react is as always, up to him....
I challenge Mr Anonymous with the same challenge as Mr King did..
List each and every factually false statement you believe Chris King has made.....I imagine your list will be very short or non existent...
Have a nice day.
Randy Boscoe,
Adelaide, Sth Australia.

Anonymous said...

Comments from the former penal colony welcome here at Kingcast. Good on ya, mate!

Christopher King said...


Dear Mr. Boscoe,

I think you may have written once on prior occasion. Good to know that you are still following.

If you email me at:


I will tell you what the upcoming media event is all about and who is sponsoring and hosting it.

As to whether I could temper some of my comments, remember I didn't start off salty, as noted in this morning's last clear chance post to Martha McLeod. Read the letter I sent her a year ago, arguing for Civilian Review Boards.

20 August 2007

KingCast presents: An open letter to State Rep. Martha McLeod in Franconia shooting tragedy.

I sent it on 10 July 2007. The header is in the comments section.

Dear Representative McLeod:

Please allow me to introduce myself as someone who has dedicated this phase of his life to seeing something positive come out of the tragedies of 5/11.

My film maker and I are well into production for what will initially be a short piece highlighting the need for MANDATORY Civilian Review Boards and we will want to use this piece to raise awareness and to generate support for such a bill.

Believe me, after our days of production in Concord and in Franconia I can tell you the piece will be quite compelling.

We are securing funding for that right now (never an easy thing because we're not selling anything except Justice) but I know we can make this happen. Film editing takes a lot of time. A lot.

Meanwhile, please review this blawg post:


.....and recognize that we press the government for answers, as we should do in a free society.

Christopher King, J.D.


The film making process is most certainly still underway. Now more people are involved.

And so is Martha, in a Bowfinger sorta' way she will be the star!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
7:17 AM

Who said he said those things? Are those on tape?

Christopher King said...


LE has documented the first comment, let me see if this document from this post refreshes your recollection.

The other comment was heard by a Civilian.

Not to mention the Affidavit I have filed in Grafton County Superior where he threatened to send a woman home in a body bag because he knew where she lived and what route she took home, and many many more.

Anonymous said...

RSA-91A isn't a fishing trip. If you want the minutes of a meeting, ask for and pay for them. It isn't a smorgesborg. Tell them the dates, they pull the records. Simple.

If you cannot even produce the date... you are fishing.

Christopher King said...


I don't know the exact date, just have a very strong and reasonable belief that it happened.

If they have the records then they owe them to me.


Kind of like the complaint written by Troy Watts that I asked for that took a year to find, even after they had given me other documents from Sarah's file and Chief Montminy wrote an Affidavit saying he couldn't find it anywhere, then it majestically popped up.

Of course it popped up immediately after Prosecutor Hilaire gave it to me, with no problem.

You're getting testy. Looks like you know I'm right and you can't stand it.


Anonymous said...

Dear Randy Boscoe, of Adelaide, Sth Australia. Enjoy your life on the other side of the pond, my friend. Like King Nutso here, stateside, you have no juice, nor does he. Nice try though!

In the end, King Nutso can scream from the tallest bell tower on earth, he knows in his heart that he is driven by hatred for the AG for the fact that she took him to task for being a corrupt attorney in NH. Plain and simple. He can piss and moan all he wants.

As for the case facts, they've been picked over and scrutinized by people with far more knowledge and expertise than King Nutso, thus far, the only person who can't seem to figure it out is him (and now I guess you). Also, why is it that Kinig Nutso can rant and rave all he wants, calling others liar and murders and when someone steps up and outs his motive for what it is, his little minions (yes that you Johnny Aussie) get all upset. Clearly, he can dish it but not take it, but this is the course he has chosen. Let him sail it then.

But like I said in my opening, stay in the land down under and do whatever it is you people do there. Aside from Nicole Kidman, I think of much else.

Anonymous said...

Tsk..Tsk...Mr. King
(No..I'm not the anonymous that you've been dealing with), but anonymous none-the-less. How can you justify being for peace, justice, and honor and you make a comment like "all white jury". YOU are now making this a race issue ...when in reality, this system you believe in so much should secure YOUR belief that you will be treated fairly and equally. Afterall, isn't that what you are fighting for?? You seem to be creating and stirring up a problem that you are supposedly fighting against. Choose one Mr. King, you can't have your cake and eat it too. You need to realize...you are not the only one involved here that has experience, intelligence, balls, passion, desire, and an interest in the truth.

Christopher King said...


You try to twist, but the point was that I knew that an all-white Jury was indeed still a Jury of my peers, despite people like you who say I play the race card.

As the non-chosen jurors filed out they looked at me, smiled and said "good luck."

David Horan, the former lead prosecutor of Hillsborough South, said he's never seen anything like it.

"They loved you and the State knows it."

So then the State bailed and all charges were dismissed.

Or did you miss that part?

Good night.

Christopher King said...

Call David up and ask him if I'm lying, dammit.


There you go, bro.

Christopher King said...


You are a tool and nobody gives a damn what you think. You have followed me around for several years and posted to me on this blog under several different aliases, talking a whole bunch of crap every day.

Plenty of people with serious LE experience agree with me 100%.

Have a good night, though.

I did.

Christopher King said...

KingCast pointer:

This post obviously struck a nerve.


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, I was a little behind in getting caught up with your ongoing fight. Keep it up!! You should startlisting the LE folks who support you to prove these naysayers wrong. Let them fight among themselves!!

Semper Fi!!!!

Christopher King said...


It's okay -- I've been pretty busy myself and thus I'm barely caught up too!

The naysayers will see the LE who support and agree with me in due course.

Some of these naysayers have absolutely no credibility whatsoever, going so far as to totally switch their viewpoints on theories of liability after months and months -- long after they knew the facts of the case.

I told them recently on another board that it's fine if you absolutely hate my guts. It's a free country and you can be as deceitful, dishonest and disingenuous as you like =^.)


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Anonymous,
Im not all upset at all and my life is on both sides of the pond having married an American and spending quite a lot of my life there as well .. you may not have heard of all the other well to do Australians but one in particular has a massive say in the running of your country, he would probably be one of the five most powerful men in the US... If you dont know of Mr Rupert Murdoch, look him up....

Actually youre the one sounding very upset.

Your reply reads very much like the words of Gregory Floyd himself. Is that you Greg, is that why you choose to post anonymously? Im sure that you, I mean he, follows Mr Kings blog in the hope that he goes away. If I had killed someone and gotten away with it I sure would hope someone wasnt trying to keep the case open....
Hmmmm, where theres smoke theres usually fire and I sure smell something burning........

What Im not interested in is Chris Kings motives related to this case. That has nothing to do with the facts of the case itself. People like you seem to be. You want to bring up other issues and bring it into this to discredit the facts. Im just interested in the facts of this case as they stand and the truth coming out and being dealt with. Not what made Mr King angry last year or last week. Its not personal for me like it seems to be for you, Im still smelling smoke.

Yes other people with greater knowledge have picked over the case and strangley enough thats where Chris King finds his facts... he didnt research it himself, he didnt have to.. the problem is that the conclusions dont match the evidence..... do you get it now?
That has happened in the past on other cases, history shows that the reason this very strange event occurs has a name... Its called a cover up......
So far all youve given us is a personal attack on Chris King. You havent once said "actually a kid playing baesball smashed the passenger side window in Likos car not a bullet fired by Gregory Floyd"... because Gregory said the window was down and he was talking to Liko..... and obviously Bruce Mckay fired the shots that hit the barn and front windshield of Likos car before picking up the casings and throwing them over to where Gregory Floyd was standing....because Gregory Floyd never fired a shot before he verbally warned Liko to put down his gun while standing next to Likos car....
Talk about the facts of the case, not personal attacks on Christopher King or his past, that has nothing to do with what happened between Liko and Bruce and Gregory.

Christopher King said...



I did not "research" the case myself, I left it to the government, then I researched the government.

I didn't like what I saw.


Anonymous said...

King Nutso - how pathetic of you to pretend to be some bloke from down under, so you can give the impression you have supporters. Funny, but transparent! Nice try. At the end of the day you are still an angry,unfulfilled man, who I know would not have th sack to say what you say about Floyd to his face. Coward, I say, coward.

Christopher King said...

7:21 "Quiet Man."

Did you take your meds this morning?

Apparently not.

When did they let you out anyway?

One Cuckoo's nest but you landed squarely in it. Go on back to Topix with the rest of the losers.

You've got a board for your venom, get to it!

PS: I'm angry about our government yes, but quite fulfilled as a human being also.

What a concept.

If you need me to 'splain it to you just order up some fresh rooibos and we'll have tea and crumpets.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how you never deny that you pretent to be someone else to post comments to your bolg. Dude, you truly are pathetic.

Christopher King said...


Hey you dumb bunny some things aren't even worth responding to.

If someone ran a forensic search of this blawg and the posts they would clearly see that I have never posted as anyone else.

Run along and play with the other idiots at Topix. Pick dingleberries for lunch.