30 April 2008

KingCast/Franconia Collective RSA 91-A request on Kelly Ayotte: All audio files from Bruce McKay's Tahoe on 5/11.

Dear Attorney Ayotte:

We need to close an evidentiary loop. Can you please provide to KingCast any and all audio files from Bruce McKay's Tahoe from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on 11 May 2007?

Thank you for your prompt attention in this matter.

VTY/KingCast & Franconia Collective.

KingCast analysis: Prosecutor Hilaire readily produces Troy Watts Ethics Complaint that Franconia erased from its files.

Okay, Rome is still burning. Perhaps the Franconia Collective can build it back stronger though, with some integrity. I told you back in this post about why it was so important that the town knew of the 2006 Ethics Complaint against Bruce McKay: It supplemented years of abuse and foreshadowed the potentiality of future abuse, as McKay violated at least six (6) major police procedures on 5/11 against Liko Kenney. A cop is seldom unethical once, folks. Once they go there they stay there.

But I'm getting read to dress it all down and when I dress it down it's gonna get ugly:

Remember how the Town of Franconia "released" McKay's background/complaints and whatnot last year and you had papers like the Concord Monitor editorializing "McKay file sheds light on why officer died?" And remember how just the other day Franconia Police Chief Montminy said that there was absolutely no memorialization in the files about the Watts complaint that pertained to this OC Spraying of Sarah and McKay's Court actions? Read his Affidavit.

To my knowledge I (with the help of the Franconia Collective) was the only media entity to stand up and say "There's more.... Rome is burning.... the Emperor has no clothes...."

Now read this post to see that the KingCast Right-to-Know lawfirm in the Public Interest is obtaining the "more" documents for display right here, where no other media outlet has dared to seek or publish them, even though they most certainly are Public Record. Nope, everyone else sat on their hands, as the town did all throughout the Reign of McKay. And when you sit on your hands in a situation like this.... people can and will die dammit.

PS: Kelly lied about the AG's office not being in receipt of a VERY crucial Ethics Complaint (cover page here) against Bruce McKay too, the one where he brandished that penis-shaped knife near a woman's labia without Probable Cause, according to Judge Peter Cyr.

PPS: When we reviewed the 5/11 Dash Cam video we could see the look of abject terror on Liko Kenney's face. We can and will produce the stills from that (and additional audio) so you can see that which the government tried to hide.

Girlfriend: "Chris what they did up there is no better than what the Catholic Church did when they overlooked the abuse of the children."
KingCast: "Well, yah....."

Worldwide support for KingCast in the fight against manifest injustice and the lies told by NH AG Kelly Ayotte and the Town of Franconia.

Sometimes it's hard for me to imagine a homicide case with any more lies and misrepresentations than the one in Franconia almost a year ago to the date, involving Liko Kenney, Bruce McKay and 3-time felon Gregory W. Floyd. Here's a comment from a person in the UK who is just bloody pissed off.

The Kenney case

Apr 28, 2008

Hi Chris,
Whats new on the Kenney Case? I came accross it on youtube and just cant let go and I have no idea why... you can easily see my comments under this name and under somesillysap on the youtube videos and a few blogs. I'm hoping it' because I'm about to have a massive lottery win and will be able to help fund the ongoing costs.

Living in [Blankety Blank] I've followed as much as I can via the blogs. I have no idea where you find the time for actually working the case as well as blog on it. I remembered this story making the news here at the time because they mentioned about Liko being Bode Miller's cousin and Ive been a bit of a ski junkie over the years but never though much of it as we got the same sanitized local Government provide version your press did at the time.

Id like to help donate to the ongoing costs. Like you, I give a lot of my knowledge and time for free. Most people I teach singing to could never afford to pay me what I'm worth to them. 9 out of 10 of my students get taught for free, my reward is their improvement and happiness. I'm not rich, I wish I was as I would cover all costs as this kind of corruption really sticks in my heart even though I've never had to deal with it myself. I see this is much deeper than just a bad cop but it's in the fabric of Authority that let him rule when they knew what he was like. If no one can see that 300 citations etc by one cop in 12 months compared to a dozen by the other two policemen in his town isnt something amazing I guess we may as well all give up and ask the former Communist Russia to rule the world, please.

Do you have a Postal address we can send funds to?

I'm not one to jump on bandwagons and would normally back the Police but this was one of those guys if he was your friend he's probably one of the nicest guys in the world. If youre not, look out boy, coz ive got a badge and a gun that says I am the Law. I have friends like that, theyre not Police but some work in security at bars and are the same kind of hardnuts that shouldnt be doing that job.

Anyway, keep on doing the great work that you are and know that even accross the world people see and appreciate what youre doing.

Best wishes,
[Name withheld at present but great thanks to you my brother. One day through people like you we will have the money for an independent film for the non profit film festival to tell this story as it really happened.]

29 April 2008

KingCast notifies the Court of Bad Faith on the part of Defendants Ayotte & Franconia, renews Motion on Floyd Military Record.


Grafton County Prosecutor Rick St. Hilaire provides KingCast the "missing" Troy Watts Ethics Complaint against Bruce McKay.

So it was MIA over at Franconia according to Chief Montminy's Affidavit but Attorney St. Hilaire has it, and he says McKay brought it to him, so there should have been SOMETHING maintained at Franconia. Hate to say I told you so but I told you so. Actually I don't hate to say it. I'll be ordering all 65 pages of the information as soon as I have the money. That renta-car yesterday to Concord where we discovered you can hear sound all throughout the 5/11 video and more. No time to link to link right now, gotta' run. Will JPEG Attorney Hilaire's 4 pager to me soon, which also indicates that they have to decide what is public record on Gregory W. Floyd given that they are about to vigorously prosecute him for his latest criminal activities.

Just run a word search for Hilaire in the top left to get your background.

27 April 2008

KingCast is off to Concord to review the Original Bruce McKay dash cam video.

Honestly we have no idea what to expect.. What we do know is that we have an official ballistics report and my footnotes are seen at page one and two.

We also know you can hear sirens as McKay is about to violate Franconia pursuit policies, as Liko is pointing him to Tamarack. Our visit with the State Department of Safety was cordial but it was clear when our welcome was over, and they took copious notes of me talking throughout my review, you better believe it. I took no notepad, intentionally. Everything I need in captured on audio/video and you will know what we can do with that in a day or two and that's all you need to know for now. Same to you Kelly.

Frankly I'm tired as hell and you cannot possibly imagine what kind of a day it was, even just getting to Concord it was a parade of horribles offset by the beauty of a few, one in particular :) You will never know. But soon we may know why:

1. One cannot hear sound at all to the naked ear except the slightest bit of wind rush at 19:13:10 in this WMUR version:

2. One can hear sound on this WMUR version:
You can hear the wind rush as McKay accelerates and muffled voices at 19:13:10 and voices again at 19:14:20 and again at 19:15:30 when McKay is face-to-face with 3 time felon Gregory Floyd and still more at 19:15:40 as McKay bashes Liko's car and Liko raises both hands in shock and defense.

3. Unlike either of the first two versions, one can hear sirens at the beginning and hear McKay call in to Grafton Dispatch in this version.

Query, how can these three videos from the same source coexist?

I have no idea, and that's why I sued Defendant Ayotte, that's why the Court agreed and that's why we're off to Concord tomorrow. I gotta rent a damn car for this but it's worth the peace of mind to know that we have tried to understand as best we can what really happened out there on Route 116 that fateful day not quite one year ago. Every time I analyse any version I want to believe that McKay follows the expressly written departmental policies and does not overtake Liko, and does not bash him into a ditch and lets him go for later apprehension as dictated when the identity and address of an inspection sticker suspect (whoo-hooo Brucie go get 'em) is known.

But every time I get the same result that ends fatal just after McKay violates his last Official Policy -- using OC Spray when the suspect feels trapped, when another person is in the line of spray and (apparently) without any verbal command.

And then I have people who claim not to understand how Liko was in fear of his life when facing McKay, who violated his Fourth Amendment Rights at Fox Hill Park in 2003 and punched him in the face for no reason.

KingCast gives some long overdue daps to the Queen of Soul.

In the Jill Scott New Year's post I mentioned the Queen of Soul but it occurred to me that I had no YouTube action for her so here's a quick medley I'm checking out as I'm reading "Opening Day" (the real Jackie Robinson story) by Jonathan Eig.

I say a little prayer (live 1970).

Until you come back to me.
Spanish Harlem.
Bridge over troubled waters (Aretha does her Monk imitation on the ivories and she's quite good).
Do right woman do right man (James Brown on the intro). I think Dionne did it first but whatever. Aretha the World will always love you. We just want to love less of you. You can do it. BTW she's 18 or so in the picture :)

26 April 2008

KingCast addresses Court misunderstanding with Renewed Motion for Reconsideration on Kelly Ayotte withholding Gregory W. Floyd's Military record.

The Court, by and through a 24 April 2008 Decision on pending Motions for Reconsideration, basically ordered Defendant Ayotte to produce another homicide protocol (manual) for inspection to determine whether it should have been provided to Petitioner KingCast. As it was not produced in anticipation of litigation or trial I don't see how Defendant Ayotte can refuse to provide any or part of that document. It probably directs officers to take fingerprints of all guns and clips in a homicide case, I'll betcha'.

But also the Court denied my request for reconsideration on Gregory W. Floyd's military records. I believe that the Court did not fully understand the argument because His Honor may not have known that Defendant Ayotte was in possession of said documents as noted in tomorrow's Motion:
"Items 1, 6 and 7 were in our possession and not released by our office; and Items 2, 3, 4 and 5 were in our possession and released by our office." Attachment 1...... The records are available to the general public but the general public is under no obligation to retrieve them from the U.S. Government if the State Government has them already, and Attorney Ayotte admitted directly to KingCast in written correspondence that she had them.

Read the Motion.

That's the KingCast position. I think it is sound but I am open for comments and suggestions, as always.

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KingCast/Marvin Gaye stubborn kinds of fellas
KingCast correct about abusive McKay in 31 May 2007 post, almost a year ago.
Query, one thing I never figured out: Was McKay fired from Haverhill or not?

KingCast told you so post on Revere Sgt. Ervin Franklin regarding Officer Daniel Talbot's death at 1:30 a.m. with beers in public, at the schoolyard.

Now that KingCast countenance is clouded by contemplative consternation and news from Columbian Cokane about Sgt. Franklin. Nice Nashua sunset over the neighbor's crib yah. It was better on the blades but alas I didn't feel like rolling back to the top of the street for the really good view, another day.

Does Ervin just look like a real jerk or what?

Anywhoozer, just as I told you so about Gregory W. Floyd being a dangerous instrumentality whom I believe murdered my brother Liko Kenney, I also told you so back in December about Sgt. Ervin in this post and I quote:

11 December 2007
KingCast Revere Mass interlude from Franconia: What was Sergeant Ervin Franklin doing at the scene when Daniel Talbot was shot and killed?

Now look at him, about to be fired as my buddy Columbian CoKane reports in the comments section that Erivn's actions are pretty sketchy that night, running off the scene and ALL OF THAT. From Cokane:
When the shots rang out that killed Talbot, he ran from the scene, flagged an on-duty Revere cop to drive him home and never reported the incident. When asked about his presence at the scene and what went down by State Police investigators, he lied. Makes one think, What does Sergeant Franklin have to hide?

But that's not all, let's go for the bonus round:
Franklin and a friend (Todd Randall) were involved in a two-car accident on Route 1 in August of 1995 and fled the scene on foot. Read the last paragraph. The two men were soon to graduate from the police academy, but resigned from the force following the incident. Franklin was re-hired after going through the police academy again in May 1997. Unbelievable.

Note, Don't get it twisted: I've not had one bad word to say about Officer Talbot or Manchester, NH's Michael Briggs. I just want to know what happened. Is that too much to ask as an American? And in Revere, where are the toxicology reports on ALL OFFICERS INVOLVED?

The lawyer for Franklin publicly stated that the officers were all drunk. But anything else going on? A lil' wacky-tobbacky? Bolivian marching powder? Give up the tests, guys.

BTW Northeast Shooters Forum kicked me off of their board for talking about this and Bruce McKay. They can kiss my ass, too ha-ha-ha to you tools, looks like I was right. Again.

KingCast musical interlude that has nothing to do with this post but it's cool as hell:

The Spinners, "It's a shame." This was middle/late Motown at its best, produced by Stevie Wonder. This is what I grew up on putting vinyl on the table. What a song, them negroes was sangin' and sangin' and sangin' and the orchestration was hootlarious so over the top oh yah =^.)

KingCast watches his U.S. Attorney FOIA request on Gregory W. Floyd slip into a black hole: 0306 0320 0002 6615 3269

Run this number in the USPS website and see whatcha' git:

0306 0320 0002 6615 3269..... "Processed in Dulles VA.... no further information is available......"

Huh? Did the Empire make off with it?

I know they got my FOIA request because I watched them read my blawg posts as noted herein. Their 20 day window is drawing to a close so now I gotta' call them on Monday and see what's going on, make sure they have it, blah, blah, blah.....

So KingCast goes back to work at 5:05 a.m. on Liko Peter Kenney's birthday with a bit more analysis of "Expert shot" Floyd......

Update: Notice of Bad Faith sent 26 April 2008.

"I shot at a tree. I shot at it twice and I hit it, both times" said Floyd (admitting an 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) violation right then and there). "I can show you where that is. I'm an expert shot and I don't miss what I shoot at."

I dunno about all that Mr. Never-Been-to Vietnam, but we do know you can certainly hit the broad side of a barn, the toolbox in it, Liko's Windshield from the south as well as the window at the McKenzie house which is a good 90-100 degrees in a clockwise direction. How the house bullet gets there we don't really know but there's no reason for Floyd to have been missing high and wide like that if he's right up on Liko and Caleb, talking to Liko as Floyd claimed he was.

Think about it, people. Think.

No, Floyd started shooting from a bit of a distance and before Liko and Caleb even got to McKay, as noted in this post, which again comports with what Caleb witnessed but just didn't hear it when he said
"That guy I thought pretty much had the gun pointed at us before we even got on the road."

Then he murdered Liko, put Liko's second clip in his gun, ejecting a round as he did, put it in his pocket and got his hero's coronation from Kelly, who threw the fingerprint evidence away because she has to be lying that there is none. That's about as much sense as anyone can make of this case, and that's what I'm going to the FBI with when we receive our U.S. Attorney FOIA results. Those FOIA requests are just about overdue now on Vietnam Floyd and soon we will finish with the video inspection.

25 April 2008

KingCast Birthday present for Liko Peter Kenney pt. 1/2.

Part 1 is the meeting scheduled for Monday, 28 April 2008 to review the original Bruce McKay/Tahoe dash cam video from 5/11. As noted in the comments section via email from Attorney Marta Modigliani, the hardware used is the outmoded VHS (not digital) "Eyewitness" series from Kustom Signals. Looks like Montpelier VT went digital in 2003.

The VHS player itself is a Panasonic PV-9662 VCR, an ancient 4-head with good reviews.

Thus begat a weekend of more study =^.)

Part 2 will come when we finish reviewing the video to the best of our capabilities next week. Consider it the gift that keeps giving because we have Brian Jesseman's lawsuit to be refiled in Grafton for misappropriation and false light invasion of privacy and the RSA 91-A lawsuit against the Secretary of State for failing to provide emails that are clearly a public record.

Both of those lawsuits are already well-briefed and I defy anyone to say they are not strong, to say the least.

Remember, folks Justice takes time and money: Michael Isreal's cases took a total of four (4) years.

Liko Peter Kenney,

KingCast and The Franconia Collective, with members all across the World, have your back my brother.

KingCast says of course the NYC Police were acquitted in the killing of Sean Bell because police almost never do any wrong in America.

Here is the BBC coverage.

UPDATE: "I could have been Sean Bell." Exactly. And any one of us could have been Brian Noakes in Corvallis, Liko Kenney in Franconia or Michael Isreal in Hamilton, Ohio. Sometimes we extract some measure of Justice by working together. Just real people trying to get to and fro.

Let's get real: First, Police have the toughest job in the World. As a former AAG and even as a private practice attorney involved in litigation for them and against them, no one is going to tell me otherwise.

Let's keep it real: Sometimes they make mistakes, and when they do, the government, from the top down (it was a bench trial of course) almost always protects them, coddles them unless the conduct is sooooo extreme as to shock the conscience. Think of the rape and sodomy of Abner Louima, with a side of Perjury to boot.
After the verdict a spokesman for a police union, Patrick J Lynch, told reporters it proved that police officers could expect "fairness" when in court.
He said that Bell's death had been a "tragedy", but said that for police officers out on the streets there "is never a script - they deal with circumstances as they come" and sometimes made mistakes.

KingCast says 50 rounds ain't no mistake. They were shooting to kill. And as I recall from reading early accounts of this tragedy they were plainclothes officers trash talking Bell and his friends and when they opened fire Bell having only a vehicle to defend himself with, tried to ram a car and do whatever he could to stay alive. Mr Bell was no troublemaker, he was a hard-working father and lover.

Here is a comment from Sean Bell's father, William Bell., and here is a solid comment from someone who is probably an LE in that story:
All police officers are trained before being issued a gun. No where does the training call for an officer to empty and reload his side arm without first assessing the situation before continuing to fire. These guys followed and attempted to execute the occupants of that car. No backup was called prior to the shooting. Why couldnt they box in the car and wait for backup? They deserve to hang. No ones life is worth more than another. No special treatment for cops.

As far as it not being a race issue…i think no one knows what its like to be black or hispanic in this city unless they are black or hispanic. Racial profiling is real. Whites dont believe it because they are not the victims of it.


Similarly, a rogue cop like Franconia, New Hampshire's Bruce McKay "made mistakes" forever and got away with bloody murder, look at his legacy, and the NH Goverment, led by Attorney General Kelly Ayotte, is there to try (and thankfully fail) to name a road after him. Then they cover for a dangerous instrumentality named Gregory W. Floyd, whom I believe murdered Liko Kenney after Kenney, forcibly backed into a corner with a 3-ton Tahoe and a can of mace -- all against Police procedure -- shot McKay. Then Floyd goes home with Liko's Kenney's live round in his pocket and the AG tells us they have no fingerprint analysis that could tell us whether Floyd actually was the one who loaded that clip in Liko's gun.

Thankfully we have won the right to inspect the original dash cam video to see if that provides us any more information in this tragedy and we will be going that just as Liko would have turned 25 years of age.

KingCast says thank goodness for genetic non-discrimination bill, but gives boos to Clarence Thomas on race discrimination.

I give credit where it's due and rail when that's due. I gave Big Ups to Prosecutor Robert Gainor for nailing Gregory Floyd for Criminal Threats and I throughly enjoyed rapping with him during the breaks. And here today, I do not see a downside to the Genetic non-discrimination bill. I do see a downside in the U.S. Supreme Court's 6-3 decision on a Batson appeal overturning a Jury Verdict tainted by racism in the prosecution of Thomas Miller-El. My main Jurisprudential brother from New Hampshire, Justice Souter, put it down like this:
"The very integrity of the courts is jeopardized" by racial bias in jury selection, examined aspects of the selection process in unusual detail and concluded that the state's "attempt at a race-neutral rationalization" for what occurred "simply fails to explain what the prosecutors did."

When the evidence is "viewed cumulatively," Justice Souter said, "its direction is too powerful to conclude anything but discrimination."

So the downside? That Uncle Tom Clarence Thomas who voted with Scalia and Rehnquist. It's naff. I'd been meaning to blawg this case for a while but it just didn't fit in until today. Be sure to read the comments on the Clarence post because while not intended, they actually delve into police abuse and other mayhem and tragedy in New Hampshire. Blogs are funny that way.

24 April 2008

House Counsel David Frydman ignores request for Fraud Counsel or Interim Study and says they have no emails on HB 1428 because they were deleted.

Yah I'll JPEG his 22 April 2008 letter to me early this evening (dang forgot it at home but I do have the Montminy Affidavit and AG Fingerprint responses) but for now he:

1. Said "an individual legislator's emails are not a public record and not available pursuant to a Right-to-Know request," and that "[Speaker Noreli] deleted those e-mails after reading them and they are not longer available in the office's computer system."

2. He did not address the request for Fraud Counsel so I will send him a copy of this post asking for a response to that request.

3. He did not address my request to file this post with the Interim Study Committee so this post also therefore asks for a substantive response to that.

Here is what Bill Kenney and I sought; read it in the comments.

The problem with his response is that it cites no legal authority whatsoever. Now then, compare generally the $42,000 question in Pulaski County v. Ark. Democrat-Gazette, Inc., 370 Ark. 435, 2007 Ark. LEXIS 436; 35 Media L. Rep. 2089 (2007) (except in this case none of the emails incoming or outgoing are "personal" so they are ALL public records); see Concurring and Dissenting Opinion at Pulaski County v. Ark. Democrat-Gazette, Inc., 371 Ark. 217, (2007), Brian D. Lamy v. NH PUCO, 152 N.H. 106 2005, rehearing denied 2005 N.H. LEXIS 92, Hawkins v. NH DHHS, 147 N.H. 376 (2005), Ark. Ins. Dep't v. Baker, 358 Ark. 289, (2004), Judicial Watch, Inc. v. United States DOC, 29 Media L. Rep. 1146, (2000).

It further appears to stand in opposition to HB 1408 which had already been in motion well before she deleted the emails.

Obviously it was introduced prior to HB 1428, probably about 20 bills earlier if I were to take a wild guess. And whether they are deleted or not, I want them. Generally we know that the files are still obviously available on the hard driver/backup/mirror so then the only questions is can the Speaker show by clear and convincing evidence that the public interest is best served by not disclosing the record as clearly outweighing the public interest served by disclosure of the emails. These are public emails to public employees in their official capacity about a public issue involving public monies Attorney Frydman so I ask you to evaluate your response to me by the end of April, 2008. After that point I may file suit at any point in time.

III-a. Governmental records created or maintained in electronic form shall remain accessible for the same retention or archival periods as their paper counterparts. Methods that may be used to accomplish this requirement include, but are not limited to, copying to microfilm or paper or to durable electronic media using standard or common file formats.

III-b. A governmental record in electronic form shall no longer be subject to disclosure pursuant to this section after it has been initially and legally deleted. For purposes of this paragraph, a record in electronic form shall be considered to have been deleted only if it is no longer readily accessible to the public body or agency itself. The mere transfer of an electronic record to a readily accessible “deleted items” folder or similar location on a computer shall not constitute deletion of the record.

So then is it your position Attorney Frydman that you can just delete the files and avoid providing them to me? This is a crucial issue and I find it hard to believe that Speaker Noreli would just delete these emails. Further if she deleted them they should still be in the deleted items folder. I would wonder why the Speaker would go to the lengths of further deleting them from the deleted files that would seem ridiculous in light of the fact that there is an interim study going on; shouldn't emails from the public have been made a part of the file?

I like my chances in Court on this if I chose to file an Action and I may do just that when Defendants Ayotte and Franconia give me the money they owe me from 07-E-268 but first I will await your further response, and of course Kelly's check when Judge Vaughn gives her an amount to pay, which will likely happen in early May or even late April.

KingCast says let's take a look at some of the dirtbag pigs that Dan Mullen's firm, Ransmeier & Spellman, represent.

Actual transcript page from King v. Martin J. Dunn. Here is the actual text of what Marty thought was funny. This is a man who is supposed to you know, enforce laws against rape, mind you.
"Hear is sumpten fur ya to thank 'bout you coconut head racist. Ya better save yer food stamps cus youl need money to buy protection where yur going. You 'bout to be Bubbas Bitch. Better get dat vasoline ready."

Thankfully ain't no Bubbas packing my ass and I'm free to keep investigating police abuse, like that which Bruce McKay manifest toward Liko Kenney and many others.

Guess what? He was one of Kelly's buddies. Take a look at her official press release, then take a look at what really happened. Kind of makes you wonder if she's issued any other press releases that obfuscate the Truth......

KingCast says it's a Good Thing the McKenzie's weren't in the barn on 5/11 or Floyd could have killed 45 people instead of 43.

Just think about it, they could have been standing in a locked embrace in front of that there toolbox and Floyd, who started shooting at Liko Kenney before he ever ran into Bruce McKay according to Gregory W. Floyd's own son, could have yet more kills to brag about. In the alternative, he could have got them in the house as the flattened McKay slug on Connie's floor indicates. What an asshat.

KingCast shares a poignant post by a U.S. Veteran about the Franconia shooting tragedy.

I was going through my old posts and read a comment, back on the 3 June 2007 "How exactly did Shooter Floyd acquire Bruce McKay's service pistol" post, reproduced in its entirety in this comment section, that speaks volumes. Here is the excerpt:
"i used to live in franconia when i was a kid....i do know small town cops. and thats pretty much how they always treated us. bully you into screwing up. chase you when they should just call it in. like mckay didn't know where liko kenny lived right? couldn't have just followed him home called for a witness then handled his business. its not like the kid was asking for a get out of jail free card here. just another set of eyes so it wouldn't just be his word against a police officer. i live in vermont when i am at home. and i am pretty sure that asking for a witness is not all that much to ask for. especially when this kid had had serious issues with him in the past.... i really hope someone from an outside law agency takes a good look at this. its ripping the soul out of one of the coolest towns in NH."

The Serviceman was right. Read the Franconia Policies uncovered by KingCast v. Ayotte, Grafton Superior 07-E-268. I know I took some heat for mentioning another Serviceman in this blawg but my point remains the same: They are going and dying over there for liberties we seldom have secured right here in the land of the free.

KingCast presents Kelly Ayotte in Profiles in American Justice: A hypocrite and liar.

Kelly Ayotte and Jeffrey Strelzin knew all about the scary side of Gregory W. Floyd and kept it hidden for absolutely no lawful reason, while telling us everything negative she could about Liko Kenney, even when no convictions were involved.

If she had presented us Floyd's CORI and his false military statements the whole World would have said "WTF you let that guy go in one day?"

Floyd CORI pages one, two and three

No, she knew all of it and closed the book pronto so that people -- like me -- wouldn't delve into it.

Same way she tried to take me down 3 years ago and I busted that up, pp. one and two.

KingCast reviews the Franconia/Chief Montminy Affidavit, Attorney Troy Watt's Ethics Complaint on Bruce McKay is conspicuous by its absence.

I'll scan it today but here the quick and dirty on this issue now that I am half-way done, with Attorney Hilaire due next.

1. NH AG seized files in May 2007 and may have taken the 2003 Arrest Report on Liko Kenney, that's why I got it from the AG's office and not them.

Funny that excuse was not provided by Attorney Mullen in this WMUR video from last summer so I guess the town must have forgotten that the AG's office and State Police seized documents from them. At 43 I know my memory is going too. Heck I forgot about that video =^.)

2. Attorney Troy Watt's Complaint is MIA. Not good. Did the AG's office seize that, too? I'll have to inquire of Kelly.

3. Dashboard video of McKay OC Spraying was already provided to KingCast (after months of requesting it and filing a lawsuit).
Good now that the Defendant has finally responded Judge Vaughn can apportion the cost to all Defendants to pay KingCast because litigation was necessary. It's ain't a ton of money but it's more than I had, and it was money well-spent. I have no regrets.

Montminy Affidavit: one, two, three, four, five.

KingCast says Kelly Ayotte and Jeffery Strelzin may be lying again, claim they have no fingerprint evidence on Liko Kenney's gun.

Those of you coming in from liveleak watch the linked movie and read the lawsuit affidavits from area Law Enforcement, a private investigator and me. Bruce McKay terrorized those he did not like, and his wife got a TRO on him and moved to a safe house around the time she gave birth to their only child. I am a former Law Enforcement attorney and this case stinks, that is why two lawyers are now suing the town and a former town selectmen admitted that Bruce McKay was out of control and not being policed properly himself.
First off, newbies should read this documented set of lies that Kelly and other LE have told about Floyd.

Next: Is this the shell game again?

In this 18 April 2008 post I reminded Defendant Ayotte that she was quite tardy in her RSA 91-A responses to me on the fingerprint/guns issue. She had responded a while back and asked for her usual 30-45 days or whatever. Meanwhile in response to a similar request in Court (read the Interrogatories and RFPs here) she issued a Motion to Strike my request, claiming that that material was not relevant to the RSA 91-A Action as filed.

Today I get a letter dated 18 April 2008 that does not reference my original RSA 91-A request 2 months ago for these materials but only cryptically says
"I have reviewed the April 18, 2008 email you sent us. This office does not possess any documents, beyond those already provided, which are responsive to your request."

So we're supposed to believe that they conducted no fingerprint analysis and/or maintained no fingerprint files.

And we're not supposed to wonder how in the hell Gregory W. Floyd wound up with Liko's live round in his pocket.

Who the hell writes a Memorandum Contra over documents they don't have? Think about it. They just say "We ain't got nothin' the point is moot."

Who the hell conducts a homicide "investigation" without fingerprinting the guns in a situation like this? That would fall below minimum standards for police efficacy but then so too does letting Floyd go home with a live round in his pocket. What were they too busy giving him attaboys to search him? What a bunch of tools.

Remember: Trooper Cooper said it was important.

Or does Troop F have the fingerprint analysis and Kelly and Jeffery are playing the shell game? Strelzin is good at that (read more) but in the end I revealed that they had a mountain of information about Gregory W. Floyd that they withheld from the public. Information that shows him to be a dangerous man, as AJ Boisvert will tell you. As Liko Kenney cannot.

This case stinks to high hell and I will be going to the FBI on it after the Feds respond to my pending FOIA request which is almost due. Time for a public records request to Troop F to cover my bases.

What a cesspool. I feel dirty wading into it but wade I must. The talismanic kabuki dance continues unabated. All these LE can't tell you how Floyd walks away with a bullet in his pocket, and they claim they worked with what, 50 LE in total and there's not a fingerprint analysis to be found? Smells like coverup to me.

23 April 2008

Ignorant tool at Nashua Telegraph forum calls KingCast racist, but we set the record straight.

Here's an unenlightened individual trying to dispute the fact that the Union Leader issued a racist editorial about Jesse Jackson and me that they later pulled from the website -- but not before I got a copy:
"Pulling the race card results in loss of all credibility for this King character."
Yah, right.
You see my response click on the thumbnail. Well not my response but that of one Chris Hookway. He and his wife Jackie are both well-respected friends of mine in the education field (she's an education specialist and case manager over at Alvirne High School) and we were business partners for a nonprofit HELP Organization when Kelly Ayotte and her merry band of pranksters went after me. I beat them like they stole something but it gave me a Real Clue into her lack of integrity, yah going after me with Ex Post Facto laws.

KingCast: You got a question, I got the right answer and if I don't I'll get it from the online community that the government hates but can't stop. Justice Brennan correctly wrote of "built in headwinds."

I bring my 'A' game. Kelly and Franconia have brought substantially less than that.


And then it just struck me: KingCast is a public law firm, for the public interest.

Read the comments to this post about Liko's clip that might have been in his gun but was more likely in Floyd's pocket, which would explain why Liko's live round was also found in his pocket. But of course there's no need to reopen the investigation for the murder of Liko Kenney. And cows fly on Saturday.

Here is the revised Notice of Bad Faith.

Spokescow.org and KingCast public service announcement: Spay and Neuter your pets please.

Everyone who reads this blawg knows I love the cats, dogs of all shapes and sizes and colors and animals in general, even crazy talking birds and cows like Bossie. But you have to watch overpopulation to keep innocent animals from suffering. Read more from Bossie at Spokescow.org.

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