29 February 2008

KingCast endorses Clinton for President, One Nation Under a Groove!

Yah, I was at this fundraiser event for Clinton's candidacy (just joking it was not a fundraiser it was one hell of a party though!) a few years ago in NYC and I can safely say that this would be the Clinton to get my vote, with Bootsy for Veep!

Funk away...... One Nation Under a Groove movie and One Nation Under a Groove song.

R-U-B-B-E-R....F-A-N-S.... and Funkateers......

Related artist and song for those who know: The Spinners, "Rubber Band Man...."... "got the rubber band.... down around his toes.... and the he wiggle it up.... up around his nose!"

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28 February 2008

KingCast blast from the past: A prior RSA 91-A/FOIA victory against Ransmeier & Spellman and First Amendment firm Orr & Reno!

Okay. Hillsborough Superior South Judge Groff is about to hear the KingCast/Jesseman Action on 10 March, 2008, 08-E-093. That's His Honor at the Bench as I shake hands with Senior AAG Connie Stratton. I won that case going away; it was easy pickings after Connie and Kelly tried to run an ex post facto game on me. On a related matter Franconia counsel Dan Mullen's business partner Charlie Bauer tried to keep Deposition testimony from being published here in this blawg. He lost:

It turns out his client, now fired Jaffrey Chief Dunn -- who has entanglements with NH AG Kelly Ayotte on another bogus case (that of Jaffrey officer Aaron Deboisbriand) -- had laughed on the record about the possibility of me being gang-raped in prison.

Here is the blawg post about Judge Lynn slamming Attorneys Bauer and Orr & Reno's Maria Proulx in which his honor correctly ruled in allowing my media team that
"It's no different than WMUR coming in here...."

It's just another day with NH LE and their lawyers like Orr & Reno who talk a big game then either suck air (Bill Chapman in Franconia) or actively argue in open court (also caught on KingCast video) that Deposition transcript testimony should not be posted online. They don't go for the Real because they're not about the Real. Have they no shame?

So anyway, here's Lawyerman, where I open the mail in real time a few hours after Kelly and her henchmen tried to revoke my bail and put me in prison. They failed both times before former NH AG John Arnold, himself no KingCast fan, you got that right. Watch him in this short film Oreo, asking "who's funding this?" Oh, yah, I forget about that every few days then it all comes back. The look on my face reading Attorney Bauer's fun-pak in Lawyerman is priceless, so too is the look on my face in Oreo when Prosecutor Albrecht asks the Court to shut down this blawg.

Bauer hid material evidence with equal grace as a murderer who slips a fresh magazine into a dead man's pistol after shooting him in the head. Sad to say, as time wears on it is increasingly apparent that there's too much decency and shame missing from their game too often.

And for her part, Orr & Reno's lawyer Maria Proulx -- looking like Cousin It and seen avoiding my handshake in both photos -- actually stood up in Court and tried to get me sanctioned and said "He needs to learn a lesson."

With all due respect, no thanks, Counselor. I give the lessons to people like you.

KingCast watches 3-time felon Gregory W. Floyd cop a continuance in his criminal threats case; Littleton 08CR-23 to 15 April, 2008.

Okay. The last thing I want to do the day after my birthday -- which I share with Floyd, unfortunately -- is to go watch this lowlife at trial, but hey if that's what it takes, that's what it takes. I noted in this post back on 18 Jan that the Teflon Don of the North Country had waived reading at this arraignment. The clerk informs me that the motion was mutually assented but was apparently requested by Attorney Christie.

Who the hell is paying for Attorney Christie is what I want to know..... I know Floyds family may have some property so maybe they hit up that equity line o' credit. Whatever, it's All Good except that now AJ Boisvert has to wait longer for Justice, and Justice delayed is Justice denied. But it does give me more time to prepare a care package for the prosecutor and for the ATF for Gregory W. Floyd's repeated violations of 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) as KingCast and U.S. Attorney Mark Zuckerman discussed when he straight up vowed to approach the ATF.

Related Post: Gregory W. Floyd's multi-state rap sheet, and the YouTube audio from the hearing in which Judge Vaughn granted a Permanent Restraining Order against Floyd after he threatened gunplay against his neighbor AJ Boisvert.

27 February 2008

KingCast says the Franconia shooting tragedy is all about family, but most significantly about fathers, sons and government.

Well folks this post will be one in the making for a while, but it is the REAL. And no one else has ever posted it as I'm about to. Watch this space.

Think about what each of the parents pictured here have accomplished. Most of them have raised families without police chiefs worried about automatic weapons and all of that. Some have not reached those accomplishments, so they tell Sam Stephenson and NH AG Kelly Ayotte's posse that they fought in Vietnam, then they play games with Liko Kenney's gun, lie in an investigation and subsequently create imminent fear of bodilly harm to their neighbors, resulting in a Permanent Restraining Order and an obvious violation of a standing 10-year Order of Good Behaviour. Links to follow.

Liko Kenney I got your back, bro.'

Meanwhile, Brian Jesseman's father Jeffery Jesseman is working with responsible people in the community like Carleen Quinn and Mark Lindberg to try to craft something positive out of the deaths of Liko Kenney and Bruce McKay, but getting met with certain 'built-in headwinds,' as Thurgood Marshall would say.

Meanwhile, Brian and I filed Case no. 08-E-093 in Hillsborough South to see who misappropriated his likeness in the Union Leader, and put him in a False Light Invasion of Privacy, claiming he actually supported HB 1428.

Peace, Aloha Namaste.

26 February 2008

KingCast supporter and Ohio State Senator Eric Kearney welcomes Barack Obama to Ohio for a pivotal primary against Hillary Clinton.

I do not know Barack Obama. Never met him. I do know Senator Kearney though, because back when he was an associate with Strauss & Troy and I was an editor for the Cincinnati Call & Post he wrote a recommendation for me to get into law school. We speak from time to time and while our lives have taken us many miles apart it's always good to hear he's working hard for constructive change. He held a fundraiser for Senator Obama exactly one year ago and is active this week as well, speaking tomorrow at Clermont College near Cincinnati.

He's got the money and the power.... but he's also got the grey hair :)

Besides, I didn't go to law school for any of that. I went to law school to make First Amendment History for the disfranchised, and here's some YouTube audio/video about some of that.

KingCast and Justiceforkids say: Love ya' Man, thanks for everything. Liko Kenney thanks you too.

KingCast rest and relaxation time: More than this, the Postman rings twice.... banned in Boston like Milan Kohout.

With some discovery battles set forth in one case I don't publicly discuss, with today's lawsuit filed with Brian Jesseman against the Union Leader, and with Senator Tarr's office taking the helm on the matters of Robert Taylor legislation, I can actually relax for a few hours. So the creative muse suggested Postman Rings Twice -- a quick but excellent read, and I stumbled across one of my favorite Roxy Music songs (at least from their synth/mellow era) "More Than This." I went with the pic of Bryan Ferry's insanely hot girlfriend from the 80's who actually is the one wearing the helmet on the cover of "Avalon." Photo courtesy Robert Mapplethorpe.

Bryan Ferry is now 62 years of age. Ouch.

Related info: Postman Rings Twice was banned in Boston, just like International Mobius artise Milan Kohout.

KingCast and Brian Jesseman v. Union Leader, NH Hillsborough South 08-E-093.

It's in there. And as I noted in this post, not only did will the tool who used Brian's name end up facing a case of Misappropriation of Likeness and False Light Invasion of Privacy, the actions are also criminal in nature. Read RSA 638:1 carefully. I'll find out about the proposed temporary Order later today, meanwhile I have a conference call scheduled with opposing counsel Greg Sullivan right about.... now.

Okay. Had that talk, and unlike some evil attorneys I've dealt with (Read: Ransmeier & Spellman's Charlie Bauer -- seen here in a My Cousin Vinny send up, and Prosecutor Bill Albrecht) he's a reasonable man who obviously knows I know the law and what needs to happen here. And next I will be communicating with a company called Silvertech, who maintains the Union Leader's Internet files. When I have that communication I will most likely be armed with some sort of Court Order compelling the UL and its agents to cough up the Goods.

Just look at Brian's front porch will you? How could somebody be so stupid as to try to say that he supported Martha McLeod's properly-failed HB 1428 for Bruce McKay Highway.

UPDATE: Hearing set for 9:00 a.m. 10 March 2008.

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KingCast: Civil Rights with a vengeance; it's all about the yoots.

KingCast asks why is blood toxicology so important for firefighters Cahill and Payne but not for the Revere police with slain officer Daniel Talbot?

I'm just sayin'.

Here's the Talbot history, and here's the Cahill/Payne post.

I mean, like, we know all the police were drinking that day and night, starting at Margarita's ...... so how much? Any other unmentionables, like cocaine or marijuana? A man is dead, people are charged, and inquiring minds want (read: deserve) to know.

KingCast: It's not rocket science, just good common sense.

25 February 2008

KingCast sees Franconia stuck on stupid on Warrant Article 2 and still inviting Civil liability as they did by ignoring complaints about Bruce McKay.

Okay. Many years ago, and well before the Franconia shooting tragedy that left Liko Kenney and Bruce McKay dead and 3-time felon Gregory Floyd on the loose to terrorize his neighbors, "Ms. B" warned Franconia about liability after McKay terrorized her with a knife near her labia, without just cause.

But the beat goes on as Franconia Selectman candidate Jeffery Jesseman sets to the "Good, the Bad and the Ugly" in today's blog post at his website. The issue is that the town is ignoring Primex Insurance's warnings that they are subject to liability for not having appropriate life squad personnel on an ambulance transport. Writes Jesseman:
Carleen [Quinn] introduced documentation from Primex that stated the town would not be covered by liability insurance under circumstances where state law was being broken by the Life Squad during ambulance transport. Both Carl and Rich recognized this and agreed, there was a liability issue. So far so good I thought, the light has come on.

But the light was quickly dimmed. Selectman Carl Belz then said they should "instruct" the Life Squad not to do transports without 2 EMT's. But of course that's already that law. So Candidate Jesseman then writes:
As Carleen unsuccessfully tried to point out, the Life Squad already has these instructions in the form of a state law that comes with penalties of up to $1000 per instance and the possible loss of their transport license. The threat of the state's penalties didn't deter the Life Squad from breaking this law in the past.

What a ridiculous set of circumstances for the people in Franconia to live under. I sincerely hope that people take a look at things out there and pull that lever, or push that chad for Jeffery Jesseman next month. I think he knew right then and there as pictured at last month's FOIA/RSA 91-A Right-to-Know hearing as we spoke with Sugar Hill's "Careful Son I'm Quickr'n'you" Phil Blanchard that he had to make a difference in Franconia and New Hampshire life and politics, and I respect him immensely for so doing.

Meanwhile NH AG Kelly Ayotte lied to me about the AG's office being on notice of Ms. B's Complaint. It doesn't get any dirtier than that.

Namaste, my brother.

KingCast proposed ORDER in KingCast & Jesseman v. Union Leader.

That video capture is from KingCast short film Lawyerman, where I pet a puppy named Lassie about 5 seconds after this action shot, and went on to secure the right to publish and broadcast Deposition testimony online. Anyway, I walked into the courthouse this morning bright and early (i.e. 8:03 a.m) only to discover that there would be a 30-45 day wait for requested relief on the issue of evidence preservation. As that is clearly an issue with the State Defendants regarding the fingerprint evidence as noted in yesterday's post, I will return to file a Motion for ex parte relief tomorrow.

Here is the proposed order, it's pretty simple.
This matter came before the Court on January 26, 2008 pursuant to a Complaint for Declaratory Judgment. The issue in the underlying case is an attempt of the Complaining Parties to obtain the Internet Protocol (IP) address and other contact information of some person or persons who allegedly issued false online statements to the Union Leader in a public discussion room. It is essential to the case that the evidentiary trail be maintained.

As such, Defendant is hereby ORDERED not to purge or to otherwise destroy or alter any back up files, mirror files, hard drives, paper printouts or any potential discovery in this matter until it is resolved to the satisfaction of the Court and all Parties.

Tomorrow morning I'll walk back into the Courthouse to file on my return from CT, as I have to go down there to get another CR 250R for my crazy Canadian posse. It's KingCastic!!! Newsflash: Them bikes are FAST. Fast streetbikes don't scare me. A CR 250R, even in stock form with about 50 two-stroke hp., does kinda' scare me. You need really watch what the hell you are doing on those things, or you'll soon be OFF of that thing, potentially bleeding. Really.

24 February 2008

Czech Newspaper does KingCast with International, persecuted First Amendment Artist Milan Kohout.

I can't read this link, but I'm sure they are bloody pissed off and used the KingCast courtroom pic and put a link to this page as well. Here's the back story about the Boston Pee Dee doing their finest to set the course of First Amendment Freedoms back by 50 years.

Český umělec vyvolal v Bostonu "mediální smršť"
Milan Kohout
Posílám zprávu ze čtvrté části mé performance „Oprátky na prodej“, která byla součástí festivalu „Tremor“ dne 9.listopadu 2007 a při které jsem reagoval na krizi bankovního systému, způsobenou neuvěřitelnou chamtivostí bankovních zlodějů a zbohatlíků a za kterou jsem byl v Americe postaven před soud, píše Milan Kohout.
K tomu: Lekce tržní ekonomiky ZDE.

A americký právník Chris King otevřel blog věnující se tomuto případu, ve kterém navrhuje, aby se do případu vložil federální soud.....

Go on Mr. Prosecutor, roll the dice. I dare you. I'll have a meeting of the U.N. at your front door before you can say "what the hell happened here?"

Related post: Covering First Amendment oppression of artists like Mr. Kohout and Robert Mapplethorp since undergrad, twenty (20) years ago at the Cincinnati Contemporary Art Center.

KingCast: Civil Rights with a vengeance.

Grafton Superior Judge Vaughn may issue a ruling soon on KingCast v. NH AG Ayotte/Franconia/Montminy in Franconia shooting tragedy coverup FOIA case.

In this picture-only post I noted that Judge Vaughn has been busy as all get-out. In addition to him being busy in general, in specific there have been ongoing legal battles with Defendant Ayotte actually arguing that KingCast is not entitled to fingerprint evidence pertaining to whose prints are on the magazine of Liko Kenney's gun, as noted in this post, and in Piper v. United States DOJ, 294 F. Supp. 2d 16 (2003).
Exemption 7(C), 5 U.S.C.S. § 552(b)(7)(C), did not shield from disclosure a photograph of a smudged fingerprint that had been enhanced by the FBI and a related memorandum.....Whether this contradiction is blunder or subterfuge, the Court will not inquire at this time. The Court orders the FBI to release document 206.

And Defendant Ayotte certainly can't get away from the FACT that Gregory W. Floyd started shooting at Liko's car immediately, as our cameras have carefully noted the presence of the windshield bullet hole that her official sham report discusses dismisses in one quick sentence. He then, by his own admission, executed Liko "within four seconds," so any notion that Defendant Ayotte claims Floyd spoke with Liko prior to shooting is an absolute lie. Let me say it again:

NH AG Kelly Ayotte is responsible for positing a material lie in the investigation of the Franconia shooting tragedy between Liko Kenney, Bruce McKay and Gregory W. Floyd.

That having been said, His Honor did recently issue a Decision denying Dartmouth College's Motion to Dismiss against a lawsuit filed by the alumni association, a case I watched for a while before ours on 10 Jan, 2008, so in the rotation of things I'm sure he's working on it.

All of us are on pins and needles right now, you got that right because whatever his rulings are, its going to be a remarkable case both now and in the appeals that are likely to follow from any or all Parties.

And with that, I'm back to preparing for an 8 a.m. filing tomorrow for the Jesseman/KingCast v. Union Leader lawsuit, and preparing for the first organizational meeting on the Robert Taylor's Law legislation with Senator Tarr, State Rep Verga and Gloucester Mayor Kirk. Its going to be a fascinating week.

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All prayers, Peace, Aloha, Namaste.

23 February 2008

KingCast thanks the Firegeezer guys for this musical moment: Wild Horses.

Oh, this link is a hoot. Or a hoof. Click on the noses to start and stop. I like using the fella' on the left as like a snare drum while the other ones harmonize.... Here's Mick and the boys with their version -- acoustic, 1971.

KingCast presents the Truth about firefighers Cahill, Payne and proposed Robert Taylor's Law to protect tenants.

Note: Imageshack sucks, so the pictures I had of the actual fireball are no longer hosted. You can see their shadows creep across the screen though, nice.


In the tragic Tai Ho fire investigation (See Boston Herald Story) Boston Fire Commissioner Roderick Fraser has challenged the Board of Inquiry over the toxicology reports of fallen firefighters Paul Cahill and Warren Payne. Ordinarily I would applaud without reservation, but there's someting more going on here that the mass media and public don't know about.

But I do.

See, when you want the truth about a situation involving firefighters, ask a firefighter involved in the tragedy, because he'll set you straight quick, fast and in a hurry. Details of my interview with Firefighter X from the rescue squad that day will follow tonight in the comments section, but in short you should know that while it is obviously improper to be drunk on the job (Cahill), and while trace amounts of marijuana and cocaine were in Payne's body, there's no causal connection between those facts and their deaths.

Hint: In the first picture, that's a flashfire caught at that exact moment that Firefighter Payne died. Read the comments for more on this.

So this means the city needs to shell out for all of the benefits owed to the families, and meanwhile that doesn't excuse the lack of a contract between the city and the firefighters' union for more than a year, either. That having been said, if there is substance abuse occurring on the job then that most certainly DOES need to be addressed, but the current policy is woefully inadequate, as noted in the comments.


Firefighter X and I continued our discussion into the Gloucester tragedy in the Lorraine building (owned by 80 Middle Street Partners, LLC), and naturally talk turned to the Taylor legislation supported by the Gloucester Times as proposed by Crnilovic & Phillips Law Office, where I worked on that case, drafting legislation now pending before the Senate. There's an organizational meeting on 28 Feb. 2008 at the Mayor's office on that, with State Senator Tarr and Representative Verga.

In sum, he's all about that legislation, particularly because it puts the consumer in a position to enforce the law right up front because it would require a landlord to inform a tenant of the code violations/lack of inspection more than 30 days out.

"In Massachusetts the fire department doesn't do the inspections," said Firefighter X. "So the cities are left to try to deal with it.... We need to be in there to make it right."

KingCast: Civil Rights with a vengeance.

22 February 2008

KingCast presents: State v. Kohout, Case No. 0801CR 000569

22 Feb. 2008 -- 9:00 a.m.

Cross-post: BostonNOW.

The ongoing saga of International Mobius artist Milan Kohout continued unabated today in Boston Municipal Court in room 511 before Judge Sommerville. The State refused to dismiss the charges against him after he metaphorically offered “nooses for sale” to criticize the Mortgage Industry while standing before Bank of America. See in order of publication, KingCast blawg post #1, BostonNOW coverage by James O’Brien, and KingCast blawg post #2.
“I am not a regular noose merchant,” chided Kohout over lunch. “My motivations were that the banking industry is causing crisis and suffering…. it was a completely cynical plan for them to make money because they knew people would default after the teaser rate…. and the plan was to sell the mortgages the next day anyway.”

[KingCast says: Having closed 200 of these loans, now I see the Big Picture and it was indeed heinous. See the recession post.]

“I’ve done events like this in China, even… crowds so big they clogged a main street and the police just stood there and smiled.” In point of fact, he is on a first name basis with Vaclav Havel for his involvement in the the Velvet Revolution of the Czech Republic.

Mr. Kohout’s attorney has filed a Motion to Dismiss the action, to which Commonwealth Prosecutors must respond before Trial Date of 7 March, 2007.
“The First Amendment is not a mitigating factor, it is an absolute defense,” said Pyle, when asked about the ridiculous statement issued by the Prosecutor’s office that they would “consider the First Amendment in mitigation…..” Pyle said “They are required to dismiss cases when there is a protection afforded by a First Amendment Right.”

The Motion, portions of which KingCast may JPEG over the weekend, correctly argues that the State can’t even meet a prima facie case because he’s not a transient vendor. He doesn’t sell goods and he doesn’t carry on his business in a tent, booth or other structure.

“I am very concerned about the chilling effect on other artists and protesters,” added Pyle.

Fun Fact #1: Mr. Kohout covered his sign and proclaimed “Nooses for Free!” when accosted by Boston’s finest. Apparently they failed to make the distinction.

Fun Fact #2: Time for a drink in solidarity with my new First Amendment brother.

KingCast: Civil Rights with a vengeance.

21 February 2008

KingCast and Brian Jesseman present: Filing Day to discover who lied to the Union Leader.

Okay. I love the UL Editor's use of the word "forgery" on his own accord, because that's what it is. Might even be criminal as well as civil; I'll be looking into that. Okay. I provided some of the law right here. And then I showed you the Motions right here.

ELEKTRA ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, INC. v. DOES 1-9 2004 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 23560 (U.S. SDNY 2004), Laface Records, LLC v. Does 1-5, 2007 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 72225 (U.S. WDSD Michigan, Sept. 27 2007).

Now I'm off to Court in 15 minutes to file.

KingCast: We're here to help.

UPDATE: Foiled!!! Got snagged updating a State Senator, State Rep and a Mayor on our meeting on the 28th for Robert Taylor's Law, then when I thought the coast was clear, got hailed to Gorham Notch to retrieve an '07 Honda Rubicon for my customer. Like they actually expect me to WORK there instead of just glad hand. So as tomorrow is spent in Boston catching up on artist Milan Kohout's First Amendment Case, I will file it at 8:00 a.m., Monday 25 Feb. 2008.

UPSIDE: Got to rap for a while with Brian on the way back to Nashua, as well as some other folk in Franconia but that's all on the Low.

20 February 2008

BostonNOW covers artist Milan Kohout's pending criminal case as being potentially Unconstitutional under the First Amendment.

I don't think its potentially Unconstitutional, I think it's blatantly Unconstitutional. Well sports fans, it's good to know that SOMEBODY out there is paying attention to the Constitutional things that matter, as I noted in this post. One day the guy's peacefully assembled and petitioning his government (and big business) for redress, and the next day he's facing criminal charges. Nice.

I blogged about it here and at Boston Now yesterday, and now today here's The BostonNOW story, with ACLU audio interview.

KingCast says "May Justice never be eclipsed in Franconia by NH AG Kelly Ayotte."

Let's get real. Franconia Selectman Candidate Jeffery Jesseman is getting real, as noted by his new campaign flyer.

KingCast says Boston Mobius artist Milan Kohout should seek a Federal Court Injunction against First Amendment oppression here in Boston.

Enough about Judge Somma. Let's get back to things like the Civil Rights of people in Franconia/North Country and on the Streets of Boston. KingCast says this is a no-brainer: Milan Kohout was a proactive force in liberating the Czech Republic in the bloodless "Velvet Revolution," as noted by Czech U.N. Ambassador Martin Palous, appearing in Artist Kohout's experimental artists class at Tufts University.

According to Palous, part of the underground culture included "philosophical lectures and debates." The totalitarian regime tried to suppress these activities, Palous said.

Spot the difference, then, between that regime and Boston: Artist Kohout was using Nooses to protest unscrupulous and predatory lending policies as Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama is discussing, as noted in this post. The Nooses were clearly not "For Sale" (do you SEE a cash register?) but were a metaphoric representation of the situation mortgagors are finding themselves in. Having closed a couple of hundred residential loans myself in 2004-2005, I understand his anger. Somehow, and for some reason, the Boston Pee Dee took his signs, and charged him with Transient Vendor Unlicensed c101 : 008 -- an antiquated law, applied in an Unconstitutional manner as you can see in the legal commentary in the comments.

See Dunigan Enterprises, Inc. v. District Attorney for North..., 11 Mass. App. Ct. 254 (1981), holding that a Federal Court may enjoin law enforcement authorities from pursuing "a deliberate pattern and practice of constitutional violations" (Lewis v. Kugler, 446 F.2d at 1350), and from enforcing a constitutional statute in an unconstitutional way.

There is a press conference about this matter scheduled for 9:00 a.m. Friday, 22 February 2008 at the McCormack Building
Room 403, One Ashburton Place, Boston. Reporters to the courtroom are welcome and I wouldn't miss it for the World.

KingCast says you can "threaten" to call a press conference about whatever you want to talk about. I taught a few people in Law Enforcement, including NH AG Kelly Ayotte all about that as noted in the short video: "Arraignment Press Conference," and indeed went on to win my case as should Artist Kohout. But I don't watch that video often because it still sends chills up my spine to know that someone in government hated my message so much that they would try to pull that crap. Same thing here.


Mobius is an International constellation of artists that appears poised to exhibit strength through its membership. Mr. Kohout's press release and more case law is in the comments.

Nothing new for KingCast; I was covering Unconstitutional application of laws twenty (20) years ago in Cincinnati, with Robert Mapplethorpe and Dennis Barrie at the Contemporary Art Center, as noted in this post. I love black and white, and in fact was just sharing my favorite picture, and likely the "best" picture I'll ever take with a friend of mine the other day:

19 February 2008

KingCast presents songs for Gregory W. Floyd: Buju Banton and Barrington Levy "Murderer."

Buju Banton, Murderer.

Honorable Mention: Barrington Levy, Murderer.

Related post: KingCast provides Gregory W. Floyd's rap sheet to Illinois State Senator and United States Presidential Candidate Barack Obama.

Just my opinion, based on fact.

Try Gregory W. Floyd for Murder.